Activewear For Women

The value of exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle cannot be emphasized enough, and selecting the right kind of activewear can truly make a world of difference to your workout sessions. You get that necessary boost of confidence and comfort. Enjoy your workout in a hassle-free manner and let your fitness goals be the only thing on your mind as you sweat it out in style with Zivame’s eclectic collection of highly functional and supportive activewear. The functional design of our activewear essentials provides you much-needed flexibility, mobility, and support to prevent pain as well as enable fluid body movements. The lightweight, breathable, and stretchable moisture-wicking fabrics keep you cool and dry, and the antimicrobial treatments of the activewear fabrics help prevent odor during workouts, especially in hot and humid seasons. Create your complete activewear ensemble with great ease and a huge variety to choose from as you mix and match individual pieces from a wide range of options in sports bra , high impact sports bra , leggings , tank tops, jackets , joggers, shorts, etc. in the trendiest of hues, patterns, sizes and styles from Zivame. Empower yourself with our expertly curated and meticulously created activewear specifically designed according to different activity levels. So, whatever be your way of keeping yourself fit, low or medium-impact workouts like yoga, pilates, cycling, or strength training, or vigorous high-intensity workouts like aerobics, running, or Zumba, Zivame’s activewear collection is your one-stop solution to all your activewear needs. less

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Latest Activewear Collection

Buy Activewear for Women

Whether we're playing our favourite sport or working out at the gym, having a few sets of activewear in our wardrobe is essential. Activewear for women is one of the most versatile and chic ensembles to own. To be precise, activewear can be described as clothing that can be worn for workouts, sports and other outdoor activities. Yoga pants, leggings and tank tops are some common types of gym clothes for women that most of us may already own. 

A few years back, many of us might have worn comfortable yet random sportswear and hit the gym. But gone are the days of jogging on the treadmill wearing a boring t-shirt and trousers! Today’s in-demand activewear is available in premium fabrics and a variety of designs and patterns loved by women across all age groups. 

Considering today's active lifestyle and the increased emphasis on staying fit, activewear for women is now a wardrobe essential and is here to stay. Another reason why many of us prefer investing in activewear is that it is versatile clothing. It is a fashion statement and not solely meant for working out or staying active. Activewear can be worn for a post-workout cup of latte, a casual catch-up with the bestie or even just as loungewear!

Types of Women’s Sportswear

With style comes variety! Here are some of the most popular women’s sportswear you can find easily at Zivame!

1.Tops and tank tops

Tops are one of the most important types of women's sportswear and are available in myriad designs and colours. When buying a gym wear top, make sure it is made of good-quality fabric meant specifically for sweaty workouts. 

One of the most popular varieties of tops, tank tops are usually part of most gym outfits for women. A tank top is a sleeveless top that is often worn as an undershirt under outfits and can be slipped on as activewear too. They make an excellent choice in terms of design, comfort and breathability as they come with moisture-wicking technology and are meant to keep us feeling cool and dry. 

2. Sports bras

We cannot talk about women's activewear and not mention sports bras. They are the most essential part of any gym outfit for women. A sports bra provides optimum comfort and exceptional support when working out in a gym or exercising outdoors. But, it is important to pick the right kind of sports bra to get the desired support and comfort. 

A 100% cotton fabric is not recommended for sports bras; we should instead opt for more moisture-wicking fabrics. What makes sports bras different from regular bras is that these are tighter to prevent excess movement of the bust and yet flexible enough to allow comfortable breathing. Additionally, they are made from fabrics and technology that allow for better moisture wicking, keeping us dry and sweat-free during any activity.

Sports bras come in various types that are suitable for different activities of varying intensity levels and we can choose one depending on the activity we indulge in and add it easily to a women's gym suit. Here are the three types of sports bras available at Zivame:

  1. Low-impact sports bra: This is an essential part of most gym wear sets for ladies and is perfect for low-intensity workouts such as yoga and stretching. Low-impact sports bras offer minimum support and are extremely comfortable to wear. 
  2. Medium-impact sports bra: These bras offer stronger support and more compression. They prevent the breasts from bouncing around during medium-intensity workouts. For those of us who opt for cycling and spinning workouts, medium-impact sports bras are the perfect choice to pair with women's gym suits
  3. High-impact sports bra: Offering the maximum level of support and compression, high-impact sports bras eliminate unnecessary movements of the chest significantly. Workouts involving aerobics and running demand higher support and a high-impact sports bra provides the perfect amount of comfort and support during such vigorous exercises.

3. T-shirts 

Comfortable clothing is the secret to a great workout and we couldn't agree more with the statement! A comfortable t-shirt keeps us feeling energetic, fresh and, most importantly, sweat-free during workouts. 

We often notice celebrities and influencers donning a basic t-shirt as a part of their activewear. Long, oversized or cropped, there is no dearth of t-shirt styles to choose from. Most of us women cannot get enough of these t-shirts as gym clothes for women as they can be styled with almost all sportswear outfits. 

4. Jackets

Who doesn't want to look like a celebrity walking out of the gym, right? A stylish post-workout jacket is an essential part of a gym outfit for women these days. It can be styled perfectly with gym pants for women or women's gym suits and is comfortable to wear. And boy is it versatile! We can wear a gym jacket during a morning run or a late-night jog. These jackets add a stylish layer to our activewear if we want to hit a cafe after the workout or run an errand straight after we leave the gym. Zivame's gym jackets come in trendy colours so we can team them with a snazzy pair of leggings or even a party outfit.

5. Joggers

Joggers are some of the trendiest and most comfortable pieces of sportswear for women. Zivame has joggers in a variety of colours, patterns and fabrics so we can mix and match to create the trendiest gym wear for ladies. Available in cotton-feel, elastane-blended and stretch fabrics, joggers are an integral part of every woman's sportswear wardrobe.

6. Gym shorts

Gym shorts are also known as sports shorts and are a perfect mix of comfort and style when it comes to women's activewear. Sports shorts for women are made of soft fabric, are lightweight and keep us cool during a rigorous workout session. Whether it's squatting, relaxing at home or running, sports shorts for women are perfect for all types of activities. 

How to Choose Activewear For An Occasion

When it comes to women’s gym suits, it may be confusing to know where to start. The question of whether to choose comfort or fashion is the most important dilemma, but ideally, a mix of both is the key. Whether it is a pair of compression leggings or an oversized t-shirt, what we wear when it comes to gym clothes for women immensely affects our level of motivation and performance and even chances of injury. 

So, here are some suggestions on how to put together the perfect gym outfit for women based on the intensity of the activity and the level of comfort and support required.

  • Zumba and other dance exercises

A pair of stylish track pants or gym pants for women paired with a sports bra is the perfect choice of activewear for a Zumba or dance workout. These gym wear items are trendy and we can also add a t-shirt to the outfit if we want more coverage. 

  • Yoga

For an effective yoga session, a tank top with sportswear tights can make for the perfect gym wear set for ladiesNote that even for yoga, a sports bra is a must. This combination will allow for fluid movements and the sportswear tights will allow for more flexibility as you move. Even if you are performing yoga outdoors, this combination of activewear will keep you sweat-free and feeling fresh. 

  • Gym workouts

A gym suit for women with a matching sports bra and tights is perfect to wear when we're hitting the gym. Opting for breathable fabrics will keep the sweat away during intense workouts. We must also ensure that we opt for stretchable fabrics when it comes to gym suits for women as these will allow for more fluid movements. Activewear made of polyester or blended fabrics such as nylon and polyester is best suited if we're going to engage in high-impact activities.

  • Sports

Sports shorts for women teamed with a sports bra and a t-shirt make for the perfect activewear when we're playing sports such as football or basketball. The fabric used in sports shorts for women will reduce the risk of chafing and will allow for increased mobility. A sports bra ensures our breasts stay in place and a sports t-shirt will keep us sweat-free. 

Now that we know why different activities need specific sets of activewear, we can make smarter outfit choices when it comes to gym wear for ladies and gain the most out of our workout sessions. 

Importance oSportswear for Women

Besides adding style and comfort, sportswear benefits women in numerous other ways. Wearing activewear during a workout or other activities helps us perform to the best of our potential. Whether it is the style or the fabric we opt for, good quality sportswear enhances our workout by providing the ultimate support for our bodies. Here are some key benefits of using gym wear

  • Allows for better breathability

A good workout equals a lot of sweat and all this sweat can cling to the skin, making us feel sticky and uncomfortable. Activewear is generally crafted with moisture-absorbing fabric that allows our skin to breathe. Besides being comfortable to wear while working out, activewear for women helps us regulate our body temperature and avoid overheating. 

  • Provides optimum support and protection

Compression clothes, sports bras and other kinds of gym wear for ladies support our bodies during vigorous movements. High-impact activities like running can put a strain on our muscles and may cause aches or even injuries. The ideal gym wear set for ladies will hold the muscles in place, helping us remain not just safe but also comfortable during vigorous movements. 

  • Facilitates better blood circulation

Another reason why activewear is important is that it enhances blood flow during workouts. Compression sports bras and leggings stimulate the flow of blood and help provide much-needed oxygen to your muscles so you have a more effective and less tiring workout. Sportswear clothes also help in post-workout recovery and in decreasing fatigue. 

  • Enables better performance

Our performance is largely affected by how we feel. If the sportswear outfit we choose makes us feel confident, we will display more determination during a workout. Merely having smart activewear in our wardrobe will make us more likely to wear them and go in for a workout session. Having a few comfortable sets of gym suits for women in our wardrobe can make the idea of working out more appealing and hence turn it into a habit. 

  • Reduces pain and discomfort

Before planning a good workout, we must pick the right pair of activewear, especially when it comes to sports bras. Wearing the right sports bra is essential and helps reduce the strain on our breast tissues. This avoids aches and pains in the bust during the workout and later, and it also keeps us feeling more comfortable. 

Tips to Choose the Right Women's Activewear

Here are a few pointers on choosing the best sportswear outfit:

  • Fabric: While it’s very important to choose our clothes based on comfort, we should also make sure that our choice is functional and gives us maximum support. Choosing activewear that has moisture-absorbing qualities will absorb the sweat and keep us feeling cool and dry during our workout.
  • Comfort: Comfort is absolutely the key when it comes to activewear for women. Ill-fitting sportswear will not just cause discomfort and irritation but can also lead to injuries. Choosing our activewear based on what we feel comfortable in will make a whole lot of difference. Being confident in what we wear helps us focus better on our workout instead of feeling self-conscious.
  • Durability: We do not have to spend lots of money on long-lasting and comfortable sportswearThe right kind of activewear is often extremely durable and lasts for a long time. Saying no to cheaper alternatives is ideal as they will wear out soon and we will end up purchasing new sportswear every few weeks. 
  • Flexibility: Choosing activewear that is flexible is a good idea. Tights, yoga pants, sports shorts for women and even joggers that are neither too loose nor too tight are great for dancing or completing a good leg day at the gym. These gym wear items should be flexible so that our movements are not restricted. 
  • Activity: Choosing activity-based activewear helps in better performance and more flexibility. For instance, yoga pants or gym pants for women are good for yoga and stretchable leggings will improve our dance form.  

Why Choose Zivame for Women's Sportswear

When it comes to sportswear for women, Zivame is truly a one-stop destination to buy all kinds of activewear at affordable prices. Whether it is sports shorts for women, sports bras or compression tights, Zivame has a wide variety of options in all sizes. 

Besides activewear, Zivame has a superb collection of innerwear and nightwear for women. Additionally, we offer many benefits to our customers such as various modes of payment, cash on delivery, free shipping and returns, as well as discreet packaging. If this doesn't sound exciting enough, we encourage customers to try our products in the comfort of their own homes instead of in uncomfortable trial rooms. Customers can always return what they don't like, making the experience of shopping for activewear on Zivame seamless and fun. 


1. Which fabric is the best for activewear?

Activewear for women specifically made with a blend of polyester and nylon is best for physical activities and workouts. This type of fabric wicks away sweat very quickly and yet remains lightweight, breathable and durable. Such activewear for women fits your body like a glove and moves seamlessly with it, allowing more flexibility to complete different workouts.

2. What clothes should women wear to the gym?

The perfect gym wear for women includes outfits you feel most comfortable in. When buying gym wear for women, it is important to invest in a good sports bra that will give you the right amount of support for your workout. Additionally, activewear entailing a pair of well-fitting gym wear leggings paired with a tank top, crop top or t-shirt makes for the perfect gym wear for women.

3. How many days can we wear the same gym clothes?

If we allow our sweaty gym wear to air dry completely, we can wear them again. However, they must be washed after two or three usages. However, gym wear accessories such as socks and sports bras should ideally be washed after every use as they tend to absorb the most amount of sweat.

4. What is the difference between sportswear and activewear?

Activewear and sportswear are different different types of attire for women with an active lifestyle; while they may seem similar, they are not. Sportswear is a term referring to clothes designed for sports purposes only while activewear covers a broader spectrum and includes clothing designed for sports and workouts, which can also be transitioned to casual wear. We can head to a casual day out, run errands and hit a cafe post-workout in our smart and stylish activewear and not look out of place. 

5. What should you not wear during a workout?

Many of us opt to wear cotton sportswear during workouts but these tend to get sweaty and wet and, hence, feel heavy. Hence, 100% cotton sportswear must be avoided. It is important to pick breathable activewear when it comes to workouts. We must avoid wearing clothes made of rubber-based material that raises the body temperature during workouts. Additionally, we must avoid including worn-out sneakers, ill-fitting clothes, normal bras, jewellery and makeup in our activewear outfits.

6. What is a good brand for workout clothes?

If you're planning to buy activewear for women, Zivame is your best bet. With a wide variety of activewear for women to choose from, Zivame will have you spoiled for choice with a variety of options in sizes, fabrics, colours and patterns. What's more, Zivame offers superior-quality activewear for women at discounted, super-affordable prices. 

7. Is activewear for women supposed to be tight?

Tight activewear for women helps in lifting pressure away from the muscles and helps in better circulation of blood throughout the body. Research suggests that activewear for women that has compression qualities helps in increasing blood flow and lymphatic flow, which helps in better performance during workouts and sports activities as the muscles get more oxygen. Having said that, activewear for women that is too tight or small in size will not solve the purpose and would make you feel uncomfortable and restrict your movements. 

8. How long does activewear for women last?

Good-quality activewear for women is a wise investment. Typically made of blended polyester and nylon, activewear for women can last for years with the right usage and care. Since it is stretchable in nature, activewear for women will maintain its elasticity for a long time.

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