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Let your fitness goals be the only thing on your mind as you work out in a hassle-free manner with the highly functional and supportive Sports Bras from Jockey. Minimizing the amount of bust movement during a workout is critical to prevent soreness and sagging of your bust, and our versatile range of sports bras help you achieve just that! Say goodbye to the pain and discomfort with a wide variety of sports bras that are designed keeping different activity levels in mind. They range from low-impact variants suitable for yoga, pilates, or strength training, medium-impact variants that are ideal for cycling or hiking, and high-impact variants for high-intensity workouts like aerobics and running making Jockey sports bras a must for your workout wardrobe! less

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Shop for Jockey Sports Bra Online on Zivame

The Fit Life With Jockey Sports Bra

When we think about getting fit, the first thing that comes to the mind is exercising, be it running, yoga or taking up a game. But before doing so, you need to get the ideal activewear or sportswear for women, as it will help in achieving fluid body movement without chafing. There are many brands of activewear available online, but one of the most reliable brands is Jockey. Jockey sports bra minimises discomfort caused by bust ligaments due to its bounce prevention construction, ensuring a comfortable workout.

The Speciality About Jockey Sports Bra

Jockey brand is known for providing assured comfort in lingerie, sportswear and sleepwear. The company has innovated in designing stylish lingerie while maintaining quality, comfort and fitting. You can’t go wrong with a Jockey sports bra for women’s sportswear. With these bras, you can enjoy the look with guaranteed fitting, compression and quality.

The Jockey sports bras are typically seamless to avoid the odd cup line through t-shirts. Jockey sports bras have an option of removable padding thus you can customise as your comfort and the activity you are indulging in. Inspite of being non-wired, these activewear bras provide optimum comfort, and the wide straps offer complete support. Jockey sports bras are made of soft cotton fabric with an elastic band that gives you amazing body fit.

You can find the range of Jockey women’s sports bra available in all sizes and colours at Zivame easily. So, whether its an evening at the gym, yoga class with friends or a brisk evening walk with neighbours, we have you covered with Zivame’s Jockey sports bra collection.

Types of Jockey Sports Bra

Let me tell you more about the various styles that you should consider during your next Jockey sports bra online shopping spree:

  1. Racerback Bra - If you are into jogging, gyming or any other strenuous physical workout, these bras will be very useful for you. Jockey women’s sports bras provide optimum comfort and support to the busts while allowing stress-free movement of the body. The comfortable racerback design is made of a smooth and soft fabric gives it the perfect fit and look. You can explore the collection of Jockey’s racerback bras at Zivame available in different designs and prints.
  2. High Impact Sports Bras - As the name suggests, these Jockey sports bras are perfect to be worn for any physical activity. These bras consist of moulded and smooth seamless cups that accentuate the shape of busts without showcasing any cup line through the top. These bras are padded, adding more to the comfort and flexibility. They provide adequate coverage to avoid displaying the cleavage and also ensure no bounce while working out. These are the bras that serious athletes’ wear. So, if you are looking for the one bra for all activities, this is it!

Get fit with Zivame’s Activewear

The designers at Zivame after continuous research, have introduced a stylish, smart and comfortable collection of activewear. They have also partnered with brands like Jockey, Enamor and Amante to ensure you find what you are looking for.

Keeping comfort at the forefront, the brand focuses on quality products that take care of your spending in the right place. From abstract patterns to stylish prints, colours palettes and styles you can find it all at Zivame. So, explore the extensive collection of lingerie, sportswear, gym wear, nightwear and much more at Zivame.

FAQs on Jockey Sports Bra

  1. Are Jockey sports bras suitable for sagging breasts?

    A. Jockey sports bras are designed keeping in mind the need for optimal support and comfort for all breast shapes and sizes. These bras have straps wider than regular bras, which provide you with more support and lift. They also have the option of removable padding so that you can customize the lift and comfort you want for your bust.

  2. How comfortable are Jockey sports bras?

    A. Jockey sports bras have been innovated to let you enjoy quality activewear with guaranteed fitting, compression, and quality. These bras are designed to help you achieve fluid body movements during physical activities such as running and jogging and their StayDry technology allows you to stay fresh and comfortable all day long. The Jockey padded sports bra with their bounce prevention construction minimises the discomfort caused by bust ligaments, wire-free designs that don’t dig into your skin, wide straps and an elastic band that provide optimal support without digging into your skin, and label-free product design which prevents chafing are what make Jockey sports bras so comfortable.

  3. Which Jockey sports bra is best for running?

    A. Sports bras by Jockey are innovated to provide comfort while maintaining quality, design, and fitting. These bras designed to provide you with optimal support when you take up any strenuous physical activity such as running or jogging. They are made using combed cotton and elastane which doesn’t require you to make constant adjustments throughout the day, and Jockey’s StrayDry and StayFresh technology allows you to feel fresh even after breaking a sweat.

  4. How will a Jockey sports bra fit?

    A. Jockey sports bras are designed according to standard industry sizes. You can measure using a simple tape measure at home or to buy Jockey sports bra online, use Zivame’s online Bra Size Calculator to find out your size for Jockey sports bras. A Jockey bra should fit you perfectly without causing any spillage, and its straps and bands should not be digging into your skin. Jockey sports bras are made using combed cotton fabric and elastane, making them fit you like a glove. These bras have wide straps, a broad elastic band, removable padding, and label-free design, making sure they fit comfortably on you.

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