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The value of exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle cannot be emphasized enough, and selecting the right kind of activewear can truly make a world of difference to your workout sessions. You get that necessary boost of confidence and comfort. Enjoy your workout in a hassle-free manner and let your fitness goals be the only thing on your mind as you sweat it out in style with Zivame’s eclectic collection of highly functional and supportive activewear. The functional design of our activewear essentials provides you much-needed flexibility, mobility, and support to prevent pain as well as enable fluid body movements. The lightweight, breathable, and stretchable moisture-wicking fabrics keep you cool and dry, and the antimicrobial treatments of the activewear fabrics help prevent odor during workouts, especially in hot and humid seasons. Create your complete activewear ensemble with great ease and a huge variety to choose from as you mix and match individual pieces from a wide range of options in sports bra , high impact sports bra , leggings , tank tops, jackets , joggers, shorts, etc. in the trendiest of hues, patterns, sizes and styles from Zivame. Empower yourself with our expertly curated and meticulously created activewear specifically designed according to different activity levels. So, whatever be your way of keeping yourself fit, low or medium-impact workouts like yoga, pilates, cycling, or strength training, or vigorous high-intensity workouts like aerobics, running, or Zumba, Zivame’s activewear collection is your one-stop solution to all your activewear needs. less

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Latest Activewear Collection

Women Activewear

Ladies activewear comes in various types such as leggings, sports bras, t-shirts, etc. Zivame offers all these types in all sizes, from extra-small to plus size activewear. They are made from breathable and moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry during workouts. Moreover, they offer desired support and flexibility to your body, protecting you from injuries while letting you work out freely. So, if you want to know more about the best activewear for women, read on!

Types of Ladies Activewear

Women activewear is of different kinds to let you enjoy your workout optimally. Some of the examples of different types of activewear are as below:

  1. Women’s sports bra

    A sports bra is the most essential activewear that every woman needs. A sports bra offers good support to your breasts and prevents them from sagging and losing their shape. You can choose from low impact to high impact sports bras, depending on the kind of workout you follow. Besides, they come in multiple sizes to fit different body types.

  2. Leggings

    Leggings like gym leggings and ankle leggings are stretchable and fit seamlessly onto your legs to offer a shape without being too tight or discomforting. Leggings come in sweat or moisture-wicking material to let you indulge in exercises like cycling freely. Leggings are generally full length, but options like Capri style and above ankle length are also available.

  3. Gym Shorts

    Nothing can beat shorts when it comes to comfort and breathability. Suitable for hot and humid seasons, gym shorts are ideal for any sort of workout activity.

  4. Gym T-Shirts and Tank Tops

    Gym t-shirts and tops are also made from sweat-wicking material that offers both comfort and breathability. They additionally possess antimicrobial or antibacterial properties to prevent odor-causing bacterias and inflections. On the other side, Gym tops include options like tank tops and sleeveless t-shirts suitable for workouts in summers.

  5. Gym jackets

    Never let anything get in the way of your workout with gym jackets! Ideal for winters, gym jackets not only come in attractive style but also keep you going when it's cold or windy.

  6. Yoga pants

    Yoga pants are somewhat similar to leggings; they snug your legs completely while offering flexibility and comfort.

  7. Joggers

    Joggers are also known as track pants which are made from thick material, ideally suited for winters. Joggers make an excellent choice for outdoor sports activities.

How to Choose Activewear

There are specific things to keep in mind while buying activewear online or otherwise, to make the best choice. The below particulars will help you select the most suitable activewear for yourself.

  1. Material

    Activewear is mainly made from nylon and spandex material to make them breathable, stretchable and comfortable. Whenever buying any activewear clothing, opt for a sweat-wicking or moisture-wicking fabric that has antibacterial properties to keep you cool and dry during workouts.

  2. Size

    To get the most out of your activewear or gym wear, you need to invest in the correct size. The better the fit, the better support you will get. Therefore, always make sure to check the size chart and pick the most appropriate size to fit yourself.

  3. Weather/Season

    Do you know, it's also essential to keep in mind the season, according to which you should wear the activewear. For summer seasons, go for sweat-wicking and breathable fabric that can keep you dry. For winters, choose options like full-length leggings and gym jackets to keep you protected, comfortable, and going.

  4. Workout Type

    Activewear is made according to the workout you follow. For example, if you are into high-intensity workouts, opt for a high-intensity sports bra and leggings. But if you are into light exercise and physical activities, then low-intensity activewear will serve the purpose well. So, choose accordingly.

  5. You must be sure by now that activewear clothing is crucial for an excellent workout session. They offer your body the right kind of support and comfort, boosting your confidence and satisfaction levels. Explore the premium range of activewear sets for women online at Zivame and make the right lifestyle choices now!


    1. Which fabric is best for Activewear?

      The best activewear sets are made of a blend of nylon and polyester. These materials are lightweight, durable, and breathable. They wick away sweat from the skin. The fabric sits close to the skin and therefore moves with you. These also dry very quickly and don't feel heavy on the skin.

    2. How to choose Activewear?

      When it comes to choosing activewear, there are a few things to keep in mind. The fabric of women's activewear should be such that it is stretchy, does not restrict movement, and wicks away sweat from the skin. The products should feel lightweight, stretchy, comfortable, and should be durable. Never choose extremely tight gym leggings or sports bras as these restrict blood circulation.

    3. What clothes should women wear to the gym?

      Any woman going to the gym should invest in a good sports bra first. A sports bra gives you the support you would require for intense workouts. Talking about gym leggings, it is best to go for leggings that fit comfortably and aren't too tight. The waistband should be comfortable and not too tight either. Based on preferences, one can wear either t-shirts or tank tops. This is the most basic gym attire.

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