Sports Bra

Fitness is not about being in good shape but about being confident in your skin! But did you know one in every five women put off exercising due to their bouncing breasts? Studies reveal that your breast can bounce up and down up to 19 cm while exercising. Painful indeed! Especially if you have a heavy bust. Hence, the solution is wearing a perfect-fit sports bra! Sports bras squeeze and support your muscles, but still allow your body to move freely. A sports bra for gym is a workout attire that firmly supports your breasts while exercising or running daily errands. Zivame's gym wear bras are made from strong, comfortable, and quick dry fabric, providing excellent support for your breasts. Discover various styles, including racerback, full-coverage sports bras, and quick dry slip-on bras, all at affordable prices. less

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Sports bra - the best workout gym bra for active women

Nowadays, many women care more about staying healthy and fit. When you're active, it's important to take care of your breasts. That's where a sports bra for girls and women comes in handy. Wearing one during workouts is a must to avoid hurting your breasts. Breasts are mostly made of glands and fat, and without good support, they can lose their firmness and sag. A sports bra wraps around your breasts to make them comfortable during activities. It has molded cups that fit each breast, making it stronger than regular bras.

Zivame has sports bras in different sizes and styles to make your workouts easier and more satisfying. Whether it's a light or intense workout, choose a gym wear bra with specific support that matches your activity.

At Zivame you can find comfortable, breathable, and stretchable sports bras for gym with various levels of padding, coverage, intensity, and support.

Benefits of Wearing a Sports Bra

  • Maximum Support for Gym Workouts: Zivame's range of sports bras for girls and women is specifically designed for high-impact activities, making them the ideal choice for women's gym sessions.

  • Comfortable Women's Sports Bra: Zivame's sports bras prioritise comfort, ensuring that women can engage in gym workouts with ease and confidence.

  • Stylish Gym wear Bra for Girls: Explore Zivame's collection of trendy and stylish sports bra for girls, combining fashion with functionality for a chic gym look.

  • Sports Bra for All Sizes: Zivame offers sports bras for girls and women in a wide range of sizes, ensuring that every woman, regardless of body type, can find the perfect fit for her gym routine.

  • Moisture-Wicking Gym Bra: Zivame's sports bras feature advanced moisture-wicking technology, keeping you dry and comfortable during intense workouts at the gym.
  • Explore Zivame's sports bra in the running range to discover the perfect blend of style and functionality, tailored to enhance your gym experience!

    Types of sports bras for women

    There is no one-size-fits-all concept when it comes to women's sports bras. While some require high-impact sports bra , especially the ones on the bustier side, a medium-impact tight sports bra works best for one with a smaller cup size.

    Racerback Sports Bra:

    Elevate your gym experience with Zivame's High-Impact Racerback. Its Y-shaped design ensures maximum support, making it perfect for intense workouts. This gym bra, tailored for women, minimizes breast movement and provides ultimate comfort, making it an essential addition to your active wardrobe.

    Padded Sports Bra:

    Discover unparalleled comfort with Zivame's Padded Sports Bra. Engineered for women, this sports bra combines support with a gentle touch, making it ideal for gym sessions. The padded design enhances shape and confidence, ensuring you feel secure and stylish during your workouts.

    Seamless Sports Bra:

    Embrace seamless perfection with Zivame's Seamless Sports Bra. Designed for women seeking a smooth fit, this sports bra eliminates chafing, making it an excellent choice for gym activities. Its seamless construction offers discreet support, allowing you to focus on your fitness goals with confidence.

    Front-Zip Sports Bra:

    Revolutionize your workout routine with Zivame's Front-Zip Sports Bra. This innovative design, crafted for women, combines style and functionality. The front-zip feature ensures easy wear, while the sports bra's support is tailored for gym enthusiasts, offering comfort and ease for all types of exercises.

    Plus-Size Sports Bra:

    Zivame understands that fitness is for everybody, and that's why we offer the Plus-Size Sports Bra. Specifically designed for women with diverse body types, this sports bra provides maximum support during gym workouts. Experience comfort, style, and confidence, regardless of your size, with Zivame's inclusive sports bra collection.

    How to choose the right women's sports bra online

    Choosing the right sports bra is crucial for a comfortable and effective workout. Zivame offers a variety of gym bras designed for women, ensuring optimal support and style during physical activities.

  • Size Matters:
  • Ensure your sports bra fits snugly by choosing the right size from Zivame's extensive range. A well-fitted sports bra provides maximum support, minimising discomfort during workouts.

  • Activity-Specific Design:
  • Select a Zivame sports bra tailored to your workout routine. Whether it's high-impact activities like running or low-intensity exercises such as yoga, Zivame offers gym bras with specific designs for optimal support.

  • Fabric Choice for Comfort:
  • Zivame's sports bras feature breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics. Choose a gym bra with these qualities to stay comfortable, dry, and focused on your fitness journey.

  • Strap Style for Support:
  • Consider the type of activity and your body's needs when selecting the strap style. Zivame offers a variety of strap designs in sports bras, ensuring the right balance of support and comfort.

    Difference between regular bra and sports bra

    A sports bra and a normal bra serve different purposes. Regular bras have versatile designs such as push-ups, full-cup, underwired, or demi-cups that are good fits for everyday wear and offer the desired coverage. Sports bras for gyms are specifically designed for physical activities, sports, and exercise. The key distinctions lie in the level of support, construction, and material, with sports bras providing enhanced support, minimizing breast movement during exercise, and often featuring moisture-wicking fabrics for added comfort. Normal bras prioritize aesthetics and daily comfort, while sports bras prioritize functionality and support during active pursuits.

    Sports bra for gym based on workout

    While there are endless options for selecting the best workout bras, the one that fits your bill solely depends on its purpose and the activity level you engage in.

  • Low-impact Sports Bra: Ideally suited for teens, smaller breast cups, and those looking for a sports bra for daily wear. These comfortable sports bras allow less intense activities like Pilates, yoga, walking, and stretching.

  • Medium-impact Sports Bras: If you are actively performing aerobics, strength training, or cycling you require a medium-impact sports bra that keeps your breast firm and secure and provides support.

  • High-impact Sports Bras: These types of sports bras are tailor-made for athletes, heavy-busted women, or those engaging in highly intensive training sessions, jumping, or running. They offer full coverage and compact support for your bust profile to avoid spillage, movement or bounce. This helps in keeping the body posture upright while working out.
  • Why choose Zivame sports bras?

    Zivame is a one-stop destination for purchasing the best workout sports bra for gym. You can seamlessly walk through its versatile collection of high-impact, low-impact, and medium-impact sports bras featuring varied designs, vibrant colours, and padding. These sports bras for gym are custom-made with breathable, moisture-wicking fabric that gives ultimate comfort during workout sessions.

    FAQs on Sports Bra

    1. How do I know what sports bra to get?

    On Zivame or other online platforms, you can skim through a versatile range of ladies sports bras with varied designs, colours, impact levels, and coverage. The one that best fits will depend on the purpose and activity level you are engaged in.

    2. Do sports bras lift breasts?

    Wearing a workout sports bra reduces the chances of sagging breasts and improves body posture. With its wide shoulder straps and underbust elastic band, the sports bra uplifts your breasts and evenly distributes the weight.  

    3. What is the right age for a sports bra?

    There is no right age for wearing women's sports bras. But as soon as you hit puberty, it is best to use a non-padded sports bra to maintain the elasticity and breast shape.

    4. Does a sports bra hide nipples?

    While you are opting for a no-nipple show, check out Zivame's collection of encapsulation sports bras that have light to heavy padding that firmly holds your breast and renders additional cushioning for the nipples.

    5. How long is it OK to wear a sports bra?

    From performing high-intensity workouts to daily wear, you can wear fancy sports bras all day long. But make sure that you select a comfortable sports bra that isn’t too tight to make your breasts feel uncomfortable.

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