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Triumph Sports Bra

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Buy Women's Triump Sports Bra on Zivame

Triumph Sports Bra Online

A good quality sports bra is mandatory for all women who are involved in any sports or fitness regime. It is not just an accessory that you need while working out. Sports bras have been proven to be performance enhancers. Remember to wear it whenever you are planning for some work out or sports. It can provide protection to your body and also ‘up’ your game. A lot of technological enhancements has occurred in the realm of athletic clothing for women and the Triumph Sports Bra is a case in point. This bra is more than just for support and comfort.

Here are the reasons why the Triumph Sports Bra is a must-have for every woman athlete:

  1. Medium/high impact sports bra - You can select between a high or medium impact bra according to the type of activity that you are involved in. If it is some form of light exercise, then you can opt for a medium impact sports bra and for activities like running, cycling, boxing, you would need a high impact bra for preventing bounce.

  2. Moisture-wicking fabric - Triumph high impact sports bra, Triumph racerback sports bra etc. are made up of insta-dry material that soaks up sweat and dries quickly. The fabric is anti-microbial as well. This prevents the growth of fungus and bacteria and therefore there is no body odour as well, however strenuous your work out pattern is.

  3. Removable cookies or pads - The Triumph Sports Bra comes fitted with pads or cookies that are removable and this adds to the fit without compromising on modesty.

  4. Easy put on style - Triumph bras are slip-ons, adding on to the ease of use.

  5. Fabric blend - These sports bras retains your shape and adjust themselves to stretches due to their elastane blend, which is ideal for sports activities. It also gives a snug feel and extreme compression

  6. Prevents bounce - Triumph sports bras minimize breast movement to a great extent. Breast movement can be painful and inconvenient while participating in any form of physical activity. Triumph sports bras hold everything in place without causing discomfort.

How to get a perfectly fitting sports bra

Sports bras are tighter than your regular bra but when you are buying one, remember that you should be able to breathe comfortably and deeply in them. The band should not be moving when you are raising your hands. Your breasts should not be bulging, especially by the underarm or the top of your breasts. If the fabric of the cup is getting wrinkled, try out a lower size for a comfort fit. Ensure that you are feeling supportive and not breathless or uncomfortable. It should also not dig into your shoulders.

These pain points are carefully ironed out in Triumph Sports bras as it has high-tech fabrics that deal with both moisture and bounce effectively, yet giving all the support during any sports activity

More Varieties Of Bra On Zivame

Try out the various options like the everyday bra, strapless bra, the racerback sports bra for the ultimate fit for your perfect and comfortable workout.

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