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Cosmetic problems like hair fall, hair breakage, hair damage, and scalp issues are something that everyone experiences either temporarily or permanently. Hair is one of the first things to be noticed in a person's looks, and therefore, it becomes mandatory to keep it in its best condition. Hair oil has been a key component of anyone who has long, luscious, and healthy hair. Hair oil of different kinds like coconut oil, onion oil, olive oil, etc. has been a necessity when it comes to keeping the hair healthy, as it contains components that protect the hair from damage as a result of repeated washing and exposure to the harsh rays of the sun as well as the pollutants present in air and water. From the root of the hair to the cuticle, hair oil provides nourishment that keeps the scalp and hair strands healthy. It not only provides a protective layer on the hair strands but also keeps the scalp strong which in turn strengthens the hair by stimulating the hair follicles. This is possible because of the various nutrients and vitamins present in hair oils of different kinds that are derived from hundreds of natural and organic herbs and fruits found in nature. It is interesting to note that every hair oil has its unique uses that work well with different types of hair and skin. Zivame brings you a variety of hair oils that you can choose from, like Parachute Advanced Onion Hair oil, Emami 7 Oils in One, Dabur Almond Hair Oil, Parachute Advanced Aloe Vera Coconut oil, etc. As everyone's hair type is different, one has to try a few before sticking to the one that best suits. In this article, you will find every detail necessary to take the best care of your hair. So, choose the right one for you from the wide range of hair oil available on Zivame. less

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Hair Oil Online

It is recommended that you know your hair type and skin type before trying different kinds of hair oils present on the market. Hair growth oil boosts hair growth and stimulates hair follicles to improve the growth rate of the hair and keep the scalp healthy. Zivame is here to provide all kinds of hair care oils best suited for different kinds of hair, from rough and coarse hair to dry hair, and there is hair oil available for all the hair problems one might be experiencing.

The necessity of Hair Oil

With the advancement of the cosmetic/beauty industry and today's fast-paced lifestyles, people tend to opt for the shortcut way to keep their hair and skin looking good. Although products that provide instant smoothness to the hair like hair masks, hair creams, and hair waxes made of chemicals may be the most convenient way for anyone, hair oils do take the top spot for keeping the hair healthy in the long run. Hair oil serves several purposes like protecting hair from regular wear and tear, protecting hair follicles and also helping in scalp health. Hair oil is also known to protect the hair from a condition called hygral fatigue, which is the result of constant swelling of the hair follicles that eventually leads to the hair becoming brittle and frizzy.

Regular usage of hard water combined with chemical-laden products like hair conditioners and shampoos damages the hair. Polluted air and water tend to dry out the hair and rip it off its natural oil. This could be through the chemicals in water like chlorine and fluoride to kill the bacteria. The constant usage of hard water often ends up drying the hair because of the harsh chemicals and makes the hair lacklustre and coarse. Hair oil protects the hair from the regular exposure to harsh chemicals in water, shampoos, hair products like hair spray, detangling serum hair oil, etc.

Types of Hair Oil

  • Coconut Oil – Coconut oil for hair is the favourite of Indian women, and it has a very good reason to be so. Coconut oil is probably the most versatile oil known in the world. It is one of the best conditioners for hair, as it is saturated fat and contains medium-chain fatty acids, and can penetrate deep into the layers of the skin. It deeply nourishes and hydrates the hair from the roots to the tips and can be used for its antibacterial properties.

  • Sesame Oil – Some people are a victim of dandruff, which is most likely due to bacteria and fungus present on the top layers of the skin on the scalp. Sesame oil helps treat the issue by providing moisture and hydration that prevents dryness and flakiness of the scalp. Sesame oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids and, interestingly, acts as a sun-blocking agent that helps protect the hair from the sun's harsh rays and prevents hair weakness.

  • Almond Oil – Almond oil is a deeply nourishing oil that helps keep the hair soft and shiny. Almond oil contains biotin, an important vitamin for keeping the hair and nails strong. Applying almond oil can help keep the hair soft and strong at the same time. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that keep the scalp and hair follicles healthy.

  • Argan Oil – Argan oil is often used as a substitute for chemically made hair masks to keep hair soft and tangle-free. It is an age-old beauty product that has been used for centuries by women of different countries and cultures and is famous for its deep-conditioning properties. It contains phenols that fight the hair's frizz and brittleness and makes it deeply hydrated and shiny. The benefits of argan oil are many, and it is suitable for people with every type of hair.

  • Castor Oil – Castor oil is a little thick in consistency compared to other oils meant for hair, but there is no doubt that it is considered one of the best oils for hair growth. Castor oil for hair growth helps by strengthening the hair strands that often fall due to breakage or weak hair follicles. The main use of castor oil is the strengthening properties that make it ideal for those with weak and brittle hair that is prone to breakage.

  • Essential Oil – Essential oil is the concentrated form of oil made out of a fruit or herb and needs to be diluted with a carrier oil of any kind. As essential oils are concentrated, they are potent and are capable of providing a high dose of nutrients and vitamins to the hair. These can be different kinds like rose essential oil, lavender essential oil, neem essential oil, etc. These can be added to coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, or any oil.

  • Olive Oil – Olive oil is one of the most popular oils for hair and skin for its hydrating properties. It helps keep the hair moist and strong, as it acts as a great substitute for chemical conditioners that are usually applied to moist hair after shampoo. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties that keep the scalp and hair follicles healthy and, as a result, boost hair growth and smoothness.

How to choose the right hair oil?

As everyone has a different hair type and condition of the scalp, one must be aware of their hair type as well as skin type, whether one has oily skin, dry skin, or changes depending on the weather. Here is a list of hair types that require specific nutrients in different hair oils.

  • Dull hair – Dull hair is often the result of over-exposure to water with chemicals and requires nutrition. Hair oils made of bhringraj oil like Indulekha Bhringraj and Kama Bringadi are excellent for nourishing the hair to tackle dullness and lacklustre. Indian women have used Bhringraj oil for centuries. It is an age-old beauty secret for hair and has been mentioned in the Ayurveda for its hair benefits.

  • Dry Hair – Dry hair results from over-usage of hair products like shampoos, chemically made hair conditioners, hair sprays, etc. All the chemicals present in hair products and hard water are the main reasons for the hair getting dry and brittle hair that has obstructed growth along with dullness and frizz. Coconut oil for hair like Parachute Advanced Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair is a safe bet for treating the rough, dry, and coarse hair that requires deep nourishment and hydration that will reach into the deep layers of the scalp and the hair.

  • Hair Fall – Hair fall can result from various reasons such as weak hair follicles, which can happen as a result of too many types of chemicals being used inevitably present in hair products like shampoo and hair creams as well as hard water. The hair strands tend to become weak and fall off, or in many cases, the hair is too weak to handle any pressure and ends up breaking. Hair fall, thus, can happen due to weak hair follicles and weak hair strands. In both cases, hair requires nourishment and strength. Mamaearth Onion Oil and Wow Skin Science Onion Hair Oil helps with hair fall by nourishing the hair strands and follicles and preventing hair fall.

  • Scalp problems – The scalp is an important factor in the overall health of the hair and its growth. As we apply all sorts of chemicals to the hair, it does not only affect the hair but also the scalp and can result in various kinds of hair and scalp issues. The most common scalp problem is dandruff, and either it is too oily or too dry. It is important to provide nourishment with the correct pH level to keep the hair and scalp healthy. Vedix Ayurvedic Vapra Root Stimulating Hair Oil for Dry Scalp and MCaffeine Naked and Raw Coffee for Scalp and Hair Oil are a few hair oils that are excellent for treating scalp problems like dandruff, itchiness or imbalanced pH level.

  • Unmanageable Hair – Unmanageable hair results from dehydrated hair that curls in an ununiformed manner and ends up in tangles. When it comes to unmanageable hair, it becomes necessary to add oils that have nourishing and hydrating properties to prevent tangling and prevent the hair strands from sticking to each other. Hair oils like Parachute Advanced Coconut Oil and Navratna Ayurvedic Oil with Almond Oil are one of the few oils that will help with making the hair tangle-free and manageable.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hair Oil

  1. Can we apply hair oil for 24 hours?
  2. Hair oil does not harm even if it is left on overnight or for 24 hours. However, one needs to know their scalp type, whether oily or dry. If it is oily, then 24 hours is not recommended, as there is a chance of the pores getting clogged. Keeping hair oil for 24 hours can also end up clogging the pores of the forehead by spreading down to the face. In the case of a dry scalp, keeping the hair oil for 24 hours will not cause any issues if a limited amount of oil used.

  3. Which oil is best for falling hair?
  4. For hair fall that is caused due to breakage or weak hair follicles, the hair strands and hair follicles need to be healthy and flexible to endure pressure from pulling and tying. Castor oil, bhringraj oil, and coconut oil work best as these are hydrating and nourishing oils and help keep the hair strands strong and flexible. Oils derived from castor, coconut and bhringraj have shown visible improvements in hair fall by hydrating the hair strands as well as keeping the scalp healthy, thus, preventing hair shedding and hair fall due to breakage.

  5. Which hair oil makes hair grow faster?
  6. Hair growth can slow down due to less nutrition being provided to the hair. For boosting hair growth, hair growth oil like onion oil works best, as it has the necessary vitamins and follicle-stimulating compounds and helps grow hair at a faster rate in a shorter period. Another reason that hair oil helps with hair growth is that massaging hair oil on the scalp improves blood circulation and stimulates the hair follicles.

  7. Can we use hair oil daily?
  8. For those with dry scalp or dry and brittle hair, using hair oil every day can be helpful to keep the hair strong and nourished. Using hair oil daily for people with dry skin on the scalp will keep the hair and scalp healthy and strong. However, those with oily scalp might want to limit the usage of hair oil from daily to every alternate day, as it might end up clogging the pores. Daily usage of oil by those with oily skin can end up having clogged pores on the head which can cause pimples on the forehead.

  9. How long should you leave hair oil in your hair?
  10. The amount of time that is ideal for leaving it on the hair will depend on the type of hair as well as the convenience. Hair oil can be left on for 24 hours without any problem to the scalp or hair, as it is a natural conditioner. Twenty-four hours are enough to hydrate the hair. What one should also keep in mind while determining the time of the oil to be left on the hair is the skin type. The skin on the scalp is not very different from that on the face. And so, someone with dry skin can be recommended to keep the oil for a longer time. It will help nourish the scalp deeply if used regularly.

  11. What happens when we don't apply oil to hair?
  12. Regular usage of hard water and chemicals like shampoo and detangling serums can eventually rip the hair off its natural oil and make it dry, brittle, and lacklustre. Hair oil prevents hair from drying and provides flexibility to the hair strands which is helpful for those that tend to have hair fall due to breakage. When the hair is not oiled for a long period of time, it loses its moisture and thickness which gives the hair a malnourished look.

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