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You may be using the greatest shampoo, hair mask, and conditioner available, but did you know that one crucial product offers major multifunctional advantages for your hair? That is, without a doubt, hair serum. The hair serum is a multi-tasking hair solution that detangles, conditions, repairs overnight, and protects against heat damage. It's a leave-in conditioner that quickly tames, hydrates, and nourishes your hair, making it easier to maintain. Moreover, the wide range of hair serums suitable for different hair types that address different hair concerns makes the product even more effective. And if you are wondering how to source the product, you may find a wide range of the best hair serums at Zivame. You may find all the solutions for your hair care needs from Berina to Biotique and from hair fall control serums to damage control concerns. Learn more about the various effective hair serums available on Zivame and read on to know all about hair serums, their benefits, and the wide range of hair serums offered by renowned brands on Zivame. less

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What is a hair serum?

Hair serums, like skin serums, are created with active components that allow them to permeate deeper into your hair. Hair serum is a silicone-based styling solution that coats the hair's surface to enhance shine, smoothness, moisture, and protection from humidity and pollutants. Serums function on the skin's surface, whilst oils nourish the scalp. Hair serums aid in replenishing lost lipids, which helps avoid cuticular damage. However, it's critical to apply the serum evenly throughout your hair, especially in the areas where it's most required. Applying hair serums in the right way helps in maximum absorption of the hair serum so, here’s more on how you can apply hair serums appropriately.

How to apply hair serum?

For optimum results, make sure your hair is moist and clean. Place 1 to 2 drops of hair serum in your hand and massage it between your palms for around five seconds. Begin applying at the ends of your hair and work your way up to the central regions. As much as possible, distribute the substance evenly. Also, avoid adding a serum to the roots since this can make your hair seem greasy. After that, brush your hair from the centre to the ends using a wide-tooth comb to help spread the serum evenly. As normal, style your hair. You may touch up your hair with a serum throughout the day if required. Once you know about hair serums and how to apply them, you would wonder why you need hair serums right? Well, here’s why it is so essential for every hair type

Why is hair serum necessary for all hair types?

For all the right reasons, hair serum has become an integral element of our hair care routines. Shampoos, while effective, might cause the hair cuticles to be exposed. Because conditioner doesn't do an excellent work of sealing your cuticles, a layer of serum is required. Serums should be a component of your hair care routine if you can't live without heat styling your hair. They protect your hair from heat damage by adding a layer of protection. Hair growth serums are also beneficial to your hair's structure and overall health. However, you must apply hair serum based on your hair care requirements. Here are the best hair serums to choose from.

Types of hair serum

There is an array of hair serums that are created using a different base. Some are oil-based, water-based, sprayed, some are silicone-based. Here is the assortment of the incredibly valuable hair serums that you may find on Zivame

  • Oil-based hair serum -: One of the most effective oil-based hair serums is “Tnw The Natural Wash Black Seed Hair Serum”. This hair serum is enriched with essential oils that give you silky, lustrous, healthy hair. Black Seed Hair Styling Serum is an Anti-Frizz Natural Styling Serum that absorbs quickly and leaves hair feeling hydrated. This procedure nourishes dry, damaged hair, softened, and revitalised. The Hair Serum contains essential oils such as Kalonji (black seed), Fenugreek seed (Methi daana), Grapeseed, Argan oil, Banana, other naturally potent ingredients. Moreover, it's paraben-free..

  • Spray-based hair serum-: Spray-type serums are the ideal solution for on-the-go use. They give you a salon-like hair finish whenever and wherever you want it. As a result, they're ideal for taking on trips. The "Inflame Woman Hair Spa Spray" is similar. This spray serum protects your hair from pollution, frizz, and dryness three times..

  • Water-based serum -: If your hair is fragile, a water-based serum is your best bet. It leaves your hair glossy and silky while without weighing it down. The “Biotique Mountain Ebony Vitalizing Serum for Falling Hair” is the intense hair growth serum enriched with mountain ebony, glycyrrhizin, long pepper, and the euphorbia tree to promote healthy hair development. It strengthens hair from root to tip, leaving the scalp toned, rejuvenated, and free of dryness and irritation..

  • Silicone-based hair serum -:Silicone-based hair serums smooth and shine your hair instantaneously if your hair is fragile and brittle. Classic Hair Serum by Brillare is a pure, self-volatile combination of hair smoothing oils and natural actives. Designed to detangle and style your hair after every wash, this hair serum is non-sticky and non-staining..

Although hair serums can work wonders for multiple hair concerns but some serums focus more on a particular concern like dryness, dandruff, hair fall, thinning of hair and hair colour protection. Here’s how hair serum can effectively solve different hair concerns.

Hair serum for every hair concern

  • Hairfall reducing serums- The serum will aid in the control of unruly ends and the reduction of hair loss. Simply massage the serum between your palms and then gently apply it to the strands with two fingers in a pressing motion. An amla hair growth serum would be a fantastic alternative to try for this cure. Professional O3+ Damage Remedy Hair Serum is an excellent treatment for hair loss and damage. It leaves hair silky and smooth after everyday use, and it is paraben-free.

  • Dandruff control serum - As the name implies, this one aids in eliminating apparent flake. It hydrates, soothes, and calms itchy and irritated scalp while regulating flakes, resulting in a healthier scalp and attractive hair and a renewed sense of well-being. Brillare Dandruff Control Treatment Combo For Itchy, Flaky Scalp is a good example. Heavy Moisturizing Shampoo, Intenso Creme, and Oil Shots are designed to moisturise and minimise hair frizz. The active components work together to hydrate the hair shaft and make it more manageable. Furthermore, it prevents moisture loss from hair.

  • Colour protection serums- A light serum containing pure almond and cashew oils can be used to nourish and repair dry or damaged hair. They resurface the hair cuticle to prevent breaking and seal in colour and curl. Biotique serum, which is designed with mild, ayurvedic components, can help to improve hair texture while also protecting colour.

  • Tangled hair - Detangling hair forcefully might cost you plenty of hair loss. Use a serum to detangle the hair gently and prevent rough, tangled hair. PowerTresses Hair Serum by Goshlife is a multi-beneficial hair serum. This serum, which contains grapeseed oil, biotin, amla, aloe vera, hibiscus, olive, and Gotucola, controls hair frizz, reduces hair fall, makes hair soft and shiny, detangles hair, improves hair growth, and is also safe for chemically treated hair, is enriched with grapeseed oil, biotin, amla, aloe vera, hibiscus, olive, and Gotucola.

So, you have a wide range of hair serums that can solve various hair issues. And if you need some more reasons to buy a hair serum, here are some more key benefits of hair serum that will give you strong reasons to use a hair serum

Benefits of hair serum

  • Prevents Damage - Hair can be harmed if dyed or over-styled using hot equipment. Hair serum can assist in restoring moisture to strands that have lost their natural oils and sealing the hair cuticle, which has been damaged due to various factors, including overuse of chemicals, pollution and styling.

  • Adds lustrous shine - The most fundamental advantage of hair serum. In a matter of seconds, it may transform your hair from dry and lifeless to silky and lustrous. And if your hair is currently looking good, things will get better!

  • Smoother, detangled hair - As you might expect, because hair serum makes your hair feel much smoother, it also makes it simpler to comb through. Whether you're combing it while it's still damp after a shower, getting hair ready for a blow-dry, or just removing tangles at the end of the day. Incorporating hair serum into your daily regimen will make this often thankless process much simpler and more fun. It also prevents you from pulling on the hair strands and straining the hair proteins, which can cause long-term damage.

  • Reduces Frizzy hair - Frizzy hair is a big annoyance. We're inclined to declare that they're the bane of our life regarding hairstyling. However, before you grab the hair spray, think about how a hair serum might help nourish and control frizzy hair. Consider hair serum as the first line of protection and hairspray to be the last touch. To tame any stray hairs, add a pump or two to your hands, massage it between your palms, then run it through the lengths of your hair.

Several renowned brands have brought in innovative hair serums that effectively provide all the benefits mentioned above. Here are some of the best brands to look for when buying hair serums, shampoos, conditioners and hair cream.

Buy hair serum based on brands

When buying hair care products, do not settle for anything but only the best. Therefore, Zivame brings the most renowned brands that offer the most effective hair products.

  • Berina - Berina' is another term for 'Best hair care solution,' which offers high-quality goods to suit the demand and desire to improve the appearance of all hair types. You may like the Berina hair coat on Zivame that protects the hair from UV rays and humidity and prevents damage.

  • Biotique - Biotique utilises advanced Ayurveda to cure many hair problems. Made from natural ingredients, Biotique products are sure to enhance the health and appearance of your hair. You may fine Biotique hair serum, Biotique Shampoo, Biotique Conditioner and Biotique hair oil on Zivame.

  • Brillare - Brillare brings absolutely natural hair care products that provide deep nourishment to your hair. The hair care products focus on specific concerns like the hair serum is specifically detangled, smoothens and styles the hair. The brand also offers shampoo and hair masks online to revitalise rough, damaged hair.

Inflame, O3+, and Tnw The Natural Wash are all famous hair care brands that are incredibly successful in curing numerous hair concerns giving your hair the shine you desire. So, on Zivame, choose your favourite among the products mentioned above and brands to make your hair silky, damage-free, and, in short, healthy and beautiful.

FAQs on hair serum

  1. Can we use hair serum daily?
  2. Yes, you may use hair serums daily or when required. You may use it after every hair wash and before going out for a more manageable hair.

  3. What is the correct time to apply hair serum?
  4. You may use hair serum every time you wash your hair, when you need to style your hair or when your hair feels rough and dry.

  5. How do I choose the best hair serum?
  6. Choose the hair serum according to your hair type and the hair concerns you want to address.

  7. Is hair serum better than oil?
  8. Maybe all your hair needs are some additional care and nourishment, which a hair oil or serum may give. Both work differently on hair and may solve various hair concerns.

  9. Can we apply hair growth serum on oiled hair?
  10. Yes, you may apply hair growth serum on oiled hair also. Take a pea-size hair serum and apply after towel drying the hair, even if it is oiled.

  11. Is hair serum safe?
  12. Yes, hair serums are safe. Some brands use completely natural products to give you effective hair serums, and others use tested ingredients that do not cause any harm instead provides multiple benefits.

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