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Women have always adored their sleepwear for the comfort factor. Whether loose-fitting cotton maxi nighties, pyjama sets, or chemise (slip) sets, cotton suits online , everyone has their favourite nightwear. However, the ever-evolving fashion world has also brought a revolution to our sleepwear section! Now sleepwear isn’t just limited to being only comfortable; they are stylish, saucy, and oh so sexy! Yes, we are talking about lace nighties. Laces are feminine fabric and loved by women of all ages, so why shy away from adding sexy lace and frills nighties to your wardrobe? Lace nightwear can add the much-needed charm to your bedtime routine, and with variants like seductive transparent lace nighty, dramatic bridal nighty, or sensuous lace and frills nighty, you can swoon over your man and make him weak in the knees! So, are you ready to grab a charming look even as you sleep? Zivame will help you do just that. With our exquisite range of lace nighties, you can choose the one that will showcase your inner diva the most. Regardless of your shape and size, you can look flattering in a camisole lace nighty. Pair it up with a short, thongs, or bikini panty to add oodles of kinkiness to your look. You can also opt for babydolls, the sexiest and bold clothing out there. Robe lace nighties make a great option and provide more room and coverage than others. While bridal nighties & lace nighties are all about sexy style, Zivame prioritises comfort and fit, and therefore we guarantee nightwear made with high-end fabrics including polyamide, nylon, and polyester. So, ladies, add some feminine fun and order your favourite lace nighty now! less

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Twirl In The Lace Nighty

Women were clad in loose-fitting robes that gave no shape to their bodies. Still, they used to be the ultimate nightwear due to the comfort factor. However, gone are the days when the only comfort took the front seat. The modern woman craves for clothing that is stylish yet comfortable and what better than a lacy nighty for that. So, what is that makes the lace nighties better than any other outfit? Below are the pros are described below:

Types of Lacy nighties

Lace nighties lend a feminine and sensual vibe. They help women to embrace their bodies and love them, regardless of shape and size. These are available as:

  1. Camisole; Camisoles are chemise that can also be worn beneath dresses during the day time. But, the lacy camisoles paired with shorts are the comfortable options for night time. Even thongs can be paired with these. A pair of black lace nighties with thongs is a must-have in every wardrobe.

  2. Babydoll; Unarguable the sexiest piece of clothing, a babydoll in lace is a super comfy nightdress for women. It is sure to make you adore your body. Babydoll with thongs or bikini panties can be the perfect companion on those nights when sleep seems to be the last thing on mind.


Though, the lacy nighty is meant for sensuousness and style, comfort too is a predominant factor. Hence, designers make sure that the straps, lace, and body are made of high-end fabrics that do not cause any pricking or rashes. The most preferred fabrics are:

  1. Polyester; Polyester doesn’t wrinkle or fade. Hence, your favourite nighty will stay new till a substantial amount of time. Also, the silky material will embrace all the curves and lend an empowered feel.

  2. Nylon; Nylon is lightweight, easy to dry, and resilient of shrinkage or abrasion. The colours are going to stay, and the lace detailing done on nylon fabric will not be damaged in the long run even if it goes through severe torment under the sheets.

  3. Polyamide; Polyamide is used as an alternative of silk and has all the properties that can make it a darling material for sexy clothing. It hugs the body in the right places to enhance curves and also lends the illusion of a thin waist.


Be it the formal office wear or a babydoll to slay the nights, a correct fit is crucial. Lacy nighties are available in both hugged and lose fit.

  1. Loose fit; The loose-fitting nightdress for women will be an airy option for those hot and humid nights. Adorning these is like not wearing anything and apt for times we do not want a piece of cloth on the body.

  2. Snug fit; These will hug the body as if there is no cloth and the amount of self-confidence they instil is beyond measure.

Lace nighties are for everyone. Someday ditch those pajamas and adorn a babydoll or lacy camisole. Stand in front of the mirror and look at the beautiful diva staring back at you, full of confidence and embracing all her curves.

FAQs on lace nighties

  1. When should you wear a lace nighty?
  2. Lace nighties are the best sleepwear and must be worn while sleeping. You can also wear lace nighties during the daytime while lounging, idling away, or enjoying some alone time in the house. As Zivame’s lace nighties promise the ultimate comfort and ease, you can adorn them anywhere suitable, as per your choice.

  3. Is lace nightwear comfortable to wear every day?
  4. Lace nighties are absolutely comfortable to wear every day! Lace nighties are made with high-end fabrics that keep any pricking or rashes at bay. Plus, the practical loose fittings give you ample room to move around comfortably, making them the aptest clothing pieces that can be worn every day.

  5. Why do people wear lace nighties on a honeymoon?
  6. Lace nighties, especially bridal nighties for honeymoons, are much sought-after clothing pieces for the best experiences of the first wedding night of togetherness. They are integral to the wedding night, as they play an essential role in setting up a sexy mood. A perfect bridal nighty helps both men and women fulfil their expectations and take their first night on a new journey to greater heights, making the wedding night memorable.

  7. What is the use of lace nighty?
  8. Like other sleepwear, a lace nighty is a comfortable dress for sleeping. However, it is tailored to make you look more sexy, saucy, and sensual. With variations like lace transparent nighty or lace and frills nighty, you can win over your man every night! Lace nighties, therefore, help in embracing your curves and instilling more confidence in you.

  9. What is the difference between lace nighties and pyjamas?
  10. Skirted at the bottom, a lace nighty is a one-piece sexy garment that can be coupled up with panties like a bikini, thongs, or even hipsters. On the other hand, Pyjamas are two-piece garments, with a shirt (short or sleeved) paired with pant-style bottoms (short or long).

  11. What should I wear to sleep at night?
  12. There is an array of sleepwear for women. Depending on your comfort, you can choose from: Pajamas, lace nighties, babydolls, chemises, tops, shorts sets, maxi, or long night dresses. For the best sleep, however, you must focus on fabric. Lightweight and breathable cotton is an ideal fabric for bedtime. Linen, too, keeps you comfy enough.

  13. What makes a lace nighty a suitable sleeping garment?
  14. There are numerous benefits of lace nighties that make them an excellent sleeping garment. It showcases your feminine side and helps you embrace yourself in a way no other sleepwear does. Secondly, it is super comfortable and feels ultra-light on the body. Finally, lace nighties enable you to woo your man night after night.

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