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After spending the whole day in stylish garments, nothing is more relaxing than slipping into comfortable sleepwear. Sleepwear ensures that your skin breathes easily when you sleep or unwind. So, wouldn't you love to buy trendy sleepwear? Fashion always comes into consideration in whatever you wear. From workwear to nightwear, we all want to look our best. Also, there is no size limitation for fashion. Anybody of any size ranging from small to plus could look fashionable in nightwear. The plus size nightwear from Zivame, comes in various colours, fabrics and types. The biggest concern everyone has when shopping for nightwear is comfort. Make sure that the nightwear fits right and feels best on your skin. Plus size nighties from Zivame are created by keeping comfort and style in mind. From lingerie and camisoles to panties, there are various available products. In lingerie, multiple styles and designs give you a comfortable feel in every cut and fit. Also, you could pick something that caters to your need and expectation. Checking the type of fabric is essential before you purchase plus size nightwear. A range of plus size nightwear is available at Zivame in all kinds of fabrics like lace, cotton, or satin. Moreover, camisoles, pyjamas, baby dolls, jumpsuits, nighties etc., are available with the brand. So, remember your preference and pick something that makes you feel comfortable. Head on to Zivame to enjoy the correct-fitting and trendy womens nightwear of your choice! less

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Plus Size Nightwear:

Plus Size Nightwear

Fashion always exists without taking into consideration what activity it may be. From casual to workwear, we’re all committed to looking our best, but who stopped us from being fashionable in our sleep? ‘Nightwear’ is one word that holds the same meaning to people across states and nations. Night dresses is an item of clothing that everyone instantly links to being relaxed, comfortable, and in your own space.

Types of Plus Size Nighties

Check out the various plus-size nightdress for women:

  • Square Neck Camisole: Every woman requires the right set of lingerie to feel comfortable in ethnic or formal or informal western clothes. That's why Zivame offers everyday-wear square-neck camisoles. They are crafted with a unique blend of lycra and cotton and are a perfect fit to wear as an undershirt. The adjustable straps on the camisole help you get the right fit for your size. Also, the contour fit takes the shape of your body and ensures no see-through.

  • V-Neck Camisoles: Say bye-bye to awkwardly peeking bra edges and gaping shirt button holes with the Zivame v-neck camisole. It is a must-have in every wardrobe. It is crafted with ultra soft and feather light cotton-infused fabric. It comes in three different colours and offers day-long comfort. Even more — The strap sliders are easily adjustable from small to plus size, giving you a defined look. Up your style statement with V-neck camisoles today!

  • Plus Size Pyjama: Are you looking for breathable plus-size night dresses? A combination of top and pyjamas is a great option. Made with breathable and soft fabrics, pyjamas give a good night's sleep. You can always match the pyjama with a button-down shirt, t-shirt or a top. Also, you can stay coordinated by buying a matching t-shirt for your pyjamas. The best thing about wearing a pyjama as your night suit is it provides the maximum comfort in all seasons.

  • Plus Size Jumpsuits: Jumpsuits are always in trend, whether summer or winter. Summer jumpsuits are made of breathable fabric that also makes you look chic. At the same time, the woollen ones are great snuggle buddies. Do you know the best part about jumpsuits? They can be worn comfortably and trendily at resorts and pool parties.

  • Plus Size Baby Dolls: Why not flaunt your curves? Babydoll's collection from Zivame is both naughty and comfortable. The relaxed and accommodating fit makes it must-have plus size nightwear for women. The lace and mesh fabric gives you an oomph feeling on your special night. They are available in various colours, matching thongs, pretty lace and sheer tulle. Get your baby doll nightie now with just a click and up your plus size nightwear game!

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Plus size Nightwear for Ladies

It is important to understand certain factors that are very important to be taken into consideration while shopping for plus size nightwear or lingerie.

  • Comfort - This is one of the first and biggest concerns while shopping for plus size night dresses. Making sure that the fit is right and feels the best on your skin is of utmost importance. Zivame offers a range of plus size nightwear online, which is created with keeping your comfort in mind to enable you to have a good night’s sleep.

  • Style - Be it plus size lingerie or panties and a camisole, style is a factor that always plays a role in how you look and feel in that particular cut and fit. With multiple designs and styles in lingerie fashion, make sure to pick something that caters to your idea of style and comfort.

  • Fabric - As plus size nightwear is worn while resting your mind and body, the fabric is the last thing that should be disrupting your beauty sleep. Read up on products you purchase and understand whether it is lace, cotton, or satin and pick what makes you feel comfortable and also helps you rock the fit!

Buy the Latest Plus Size Night Dresses Now

We at Zivame have introduced plus size lingerie and nightdresses for women of all sizes. Everything is available on our website whether you want a small or a plus size nightwear. From camisoles and pyjamas to baby dolls, explore our range of collections with a click. What are you waiting for? Get a plus-size nightwear collection at affordable prices and in different colours that suit your choice of style. Buy yours now!

FAQs on Plus Size Nightwear

  1. Is plus nightwear expensive?

    Depending on the fabric used, the style, and the design quotient, the price of the nightwear varies as well. Even if your choice does fall on the size where you’d think it is expensive, it’s a great buy and will not fade with time.

  2. Which fabric is best for a plus size nightwear?

    While cotton is designed to take the shape of your body and hug it comfortably, satin is flowy and helps in air circulation and space. Depending on your preference and need, you can pick the fabric that sits well on your body and keeps you relaxed while taking a nap.

  3. What size is considered plus size in nightwear?

    Sizes starting at UK 16 corresponding to 2XL India size is considered plus size in nightwear and has a range of collections for sizes from XS to 4XL.

  4. Why go for plus size nightwear collection by Zivame?

    This plus size sleepwear collection comes in a wide range of prices which are very affordable and in a great many designs for everyone and in jubilant colours and designs to suit every woman’s taste and choice of style. To be able to put on a pair of cozy beautiful pyjamas and not having to look like a train wreck even at night is what every woman would love to experience. Zivame offers animal prints to monochrome, popping colors to cat designs, etc. on the sleepwear sets.

  5. The merit of the fabric used in the plus-size nightwear sets?

    It is very important to examine the clothes based on the standard of the material it is produced from. Especially, when it comes to sleepwear, the authenticity of the fabric is an essential thing to maintain so as to make sure the level of comfort desired by the customers is achieved. This collection of plus size nightwear is made of soft cotton, satin, and various other materials for different types of nightwear that hugs the body like a beautiful bedtime story, or a little token of empowerment.

  6. The inclusiveness of sizes catering to body positivity?

    Inclusivity is one of the most essential and one of the biggest steps towards progress and evolution of the way human minds think and the thought process of the constricted society. In the past and unfortunate times, most of the women’s lingerie and sleepwear came only in two or three basic sizes, colors, and shapes, which compelled all women no matter how different the types of bodies they harbor, to squeeze their joy and comfort in whatever clothing they could find to fit in. But now in the more recent times of improvement Zivame is a great example of body-positive progress. Zivame ensures to get rid of the stereotypical and unnecessary compromises that women had to make through the plus size nightwear collection.

  7. What is the maximum size of nightwear in the plus-size category in Zivame's inventory?
  8. Zivame's nightwear starts from XS and goes till XL- extra-large. If you want to buy a size that fits you, click on the size chart.

  9. Why is plus size nightwear comfortable?
  10. Since plus size nightwear doesn't hug your body tight and feels loose, it feels light and airy on the skin, making you feel extremely comfy.

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