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Buy Brag Teens Seamless Non Chaffe Super Comfy Short Slip - Navy Blue
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Women's Slips and Camisoles For All-Day Comfort, Inside and Out!

Beautiful Women’s Camisole And Slips For You

What do you think is the most versatile piece of clothing in a wardrobe? It is camisole and slips. These serve as a good substitute for spaghetti or tank tops for women and occupy the key place in the closet. Earlier these were used as innerwear only. But after the 1990's, these have been trending as the most sought-after garment. Camisoles are available in fabrics such as cotton, nylon and lycra suitable for the Indian climate.

Zivame offers a wide range of cleverly crafted ladies camisoles and slips, right from nude shades to the more esoteric ones, across all sizes – enabling you to mix and match with your clothes.

7 Types Of Camisoles For Women:

Camisoles also known as cami-tops, perform the dual tasks of outerwear and innerwear (underneath a top or shirt). These sleeveless garments come in many functional forms - maternity camisoles for women, high neck lace camisoles, square neck, V-neck and many more.

  1. Maternity ladies camisoles - Mothers-to-be need not worry! Zivame brings you maternity camisole made of cotton fabric which is skin friendly and body-hugging. It has been designed to provide you with hassle-free and comfortable clothing experience. Moreover, it has adjustable straps which give you extra flexibility.
  2. Ladies Lace camisoles - Undoubtedly, lace camisoles are extremely beautiful and serve as attractive lingerie. These can be paired with bright tops to give stunning looks, our clubbed with denim and worn as outerwear.
  3. Built-in-bra camisole - If you don’t feel comfortable wearing bralette all the time, switch to built-in-bra camisole. These come with inbuilt bras which provide full support to your bust. These are easily available in all sizes and various padding options.
  4. Cotton camisole - These are the preferred choice during sizzling summers when you need to let your skin breathe. For girls, who feel skin-irritation wearing other fabrics, this is the best option. Moreover, working women who sweat a lot can opt for this camisole too.
  5. Silk camisole - The most elegant of all! It serves as the most comfortable nightwear. The soft and silky fabric ensures you a good night sleep. Pair it up with pyjamas and sleep well. Camisole under the sweater is the cosiest garment to wear. Another option you should consider is long slips for dresses at night.
  6. Women’s Cami tops - Planning a day out with friends. Just put on a cami-top and jeans for a youthful look. It is a proven favourite amongst women and girls.
  7. Plus size camisoles - These are tailored for curvier women; extremely chic and soft – they look and feel great.
  8. Slips For Exercise - For adventure lovers, women practising yoga, trekking or even formal walks, women’s slips and camisoles teamed up with pyjamas and pants ensure great comfort and beautiful outlook.

Shop Camisoles & Slips Online At Zivame

Zivame is the one-stop destination for all the women out there looking for suitable camisoles at affordable prices. Zivame promotes safe and secure transactions right from your home and delivery of products at your doorsteps on placing any order. A simplified shopping procedure is offered to all the customers.

What are you waiting for then? Order camisoles now from Zivame for an enriching experience. You can also buy dresses, t-shirts, bras and more on the platform. So, sign up now!

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