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Amante Sports Bra

Every woman should own at least one sports bra. Unlike every day bras, sports bras are designed to contain breast bounce during various activities. Ligaments in your chest known as Cooper’s ligaments hold your breasts in place. They are only slightly elastic and become over- stretched and contribute to breast sagging. Constant downward movement, no matter what your breast size stretches these ligaments and is painful. Amante Sports bras are designed to contain breast movement and reduce ligament stretch. Infact sports bras have been instrumental in helping large breasted women participate in sports without concerning pain of breast tissue control. Sports bras are categorized as follows:

Design Type

The two design types are Compression and Encapsulation. A compression style sports bra keeps breast motion to a minimum by pressing the breast firmly to the chest. This style is most popular in A and B cup sized women. Larger cup sized women tend to not like compression style sports bras because they feel too tight and give a uni-boob look. Encapsulation style sports bra looks more like a full coverage bra. The cups are seamless with special support design to provide each breast reduced bounce. Therefore, they provide containment instead of compression.


Many women feel that a sports bra must pull out over their head and not have a back or front closure to be the most supportive. That is not true. The front or back closure does not make it lose its support. In fact, the easiest sports bra to get into are zip front sport bras. The hardest to get into are the no closure sports bras that pull out over your head. Your choice really depends on your level of dexterity and the willingness to wriggle in and out of one. Wider shoulder straps better disburse breast weight and offer greater comfort than narrow ones. The strap should not slip off or press into your shoulders during high impact activities. Adjustable straps allow you to customize the fit. Underwires are mostly found in encapsulated sports bra styles giving even more support to larger cup sizes. There are many sports bras with light padding, although one should keep in mind that these take longer to dry. Sports bras can be worn as inner wear or outerwear so colour plays a big part here. White traditionally is worn more like workout clothes. Coloured sports bras a worn more like outerwear. Different activities have different breast movement levels.

Fitting considerations

Sports bras should fit a bit tightly than a everyday bra but not so tight that one cannot take a comfortable deep breath with the bra fastened on the loosest hook. To make sure the size is right, raise your hand and if the elastic band rises above your rib cage, you need a smaller size. Test their support by jumping in one place in order to find it’s sufficiently supportive or not.

You just need a properly designed sports bra as per your desired impact level.

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