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Buy Grey Leggings Online At Zivame

Know your Grey Leggings

The one staple piece in our wardrobe that we can’t even think of parting with is leggings. These are comfortable and can be styled with any top-wear, aptly called as the no brainers by fashion bloggers. Leggings have evolved each year, but there has not been a time when these were considered out of fashion. This blog is about our very own grey leggings.

Grey leggings came as a breath of fresh air when neutral colours such as black, white and brown were regarded as bare necessities. These look better than black leggings as colour blocking works best with grey. A hint of yellow, pink or any other bright colour will accentuate more with grey and lend you a fashionable feel.

Grey leggings are not only casual wear that can be worn with hoodies or kurtas. These are extensively used as workout bottom wear. Women can be seen cycling, running, walking, performing yoga and aerobics in these super comfy clothes.

What makes the legging comfortable?

It all depends on what material has been used to create the grey leggings. When you invest in grey leggings online, remember to buy it from a renowned brand. Most of the brands use cotton and spandex. These kinds of leggings are comfortable as activewear as cotton is breathable and spandex lend the much-needed stretch to fabric. So when buying a grey gym leggings verify that it is made of cotton and spandex.

Nylon, polyester and polyamide grey leggings are great for a day out. One big plus point of investing in these materials is they are seamless, so nothing peeps out at wrong places. Also, they and quick-dry and spandex makes it super-elastic.

Things to remember before buying grey leggings for women

It is easy to buy a pair of leggings. Isn’t it? Just scroll through the pictures and select the most suitable grey. No, this way you may ruin the look. So here is a guide of how to choose the perfect pair of grey leggings.

Find the right size- Leggings should neither be tight to show off your cellulitis nor be loose like the cloth on a hanger. They should hug your legs snugly without revealing your curves. Measure yourself each time you buy a legging as sizes may differ with brands.

Length- We can find grey leggings in various lengths.

  1. Full length: These lie below the ankle and form soft pleats. Buy them to pair with kurta, tunics or long tops.

  2. 3/4 length: These grey leggings stop right at the calf muscles. These are best suited with short tops.

  3. Ankle length: The ones that stay at the ankle and do not form pleats. They are a beautiful amalgam of Indian and western wear, and you can pair them with anything under the sky.

  4. Knee-length: These grey leggings are used for workout purposes as they do not hamper the process with rubbing on calves or slipping unnecessarily.

Style it better with Zivame's Collection-

In India, leggings are the bottom wear for kurtas or maybe a tunic. Celebrities are giving us major fashion goals with leggings that can be easily replicated. Here are some latest pairings with the fashion-forward grey leggings.

  1. A crop top with a shrug or jacket with charcoal grey leggings for a friend’s day out.

  2. Pair the printed leggings with a basic top for a casual outing or to run errands.

  3. The blazer with brooch and grey leggings calls for a trip to the office.

These are a few things you can try with grey leggings. However, the possibilities are endless. Loosen yourself and wear everything you want.

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