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Hair and scalp require hydration and nutrients, just like the skin. While a normal haircare regimen consists of hair oil, hair shampoo and hair conditioner, adding a hair cream for additional nourishment and moisture can be better. Heavier than mousse but lighter than gel, hair cream can be used as both a no-frills conditioning treatment and a styling product for the look you desire. It is excellent for styling any kind of hair. Moreover, it offers several advantages, like less frizz, light grip, and more shine. However, it is important to remember that hair creams are for casual hairstyles and high-maintenance hairstyles like spikes, mohawks, and pompadours cannot be maintained with them. When shopping for hair creams, always look for products that are made with natural, organic ingredients. Zivame offers hair creams for women from the most loved hair care brands like Plum, Biotique, Jovees, Newsha, Keracai, Tucuma, and more. From hair cream for dry hair to hair cream for frizzy hair, and other products like hair growth oil, serum for hair, and hair conditioner, Zivame provides a wide selection of haircare products. They help restore shine, promote strong, healthy and frizz-free hair, and are best for styling hair. You can pick the best hair cream from the haircare category based on your preferences and taste. So, what are you waiting for? Buy the best hair cream from Zivame’s hair care collection, and get it delivered to your doorstep. less

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Buy Hair Cream for Women Online

With an extensive selection of hair creams on Zivame, you can style your hair as desired. Zivame has a wide variety of hair creams for every hair concern. From products packed with organic, natural ingredients to protein-based keratin creams, you will surely find what you need on Zivame. Pick your ideal hair cream from the extensive collection to maintain and style your hair. For dry and frizzy hair, you can opt for the Volamena all-natural nourishment cream; for colour preservation, you can go for Tucuma colour preservation hair treatment cream. Moreover, you can also choose hair creams from famous haircare brands like Plum, Biotique, Jovees, Newsha, Keracai and Tucuma, to name a few.

We have options of hair cream/hair lotions. Hair cream for women works as blow-dry lotion and makes your hair healthy.

How to apply hair cream & lotions

After a brief introduction to hair cream for women, the next obvious question is how to use hair creams & lotions?

We will take you through different ways to use hair creams and make the best out of this product.

  • Hair Styling Lotion
  • The best hair cream for women should protect your hair from damage while styling with heat. The lotion acts as a protective layer for your hair. Hair lotions additionally set your hair so that you can try out different shapes or styles, be it straight hair or curls. Did we mention your strands won't dry out with this product?

  • Hair Detangler
  • Is your hair unmanageable, or are you experiencing the after-effects of hair colouring, straightening or other hair treatments? Managing your hair in any of these situations can be tedious. Not to forget the painful experience of combing through tangled hair. Straight or naturally curly hair - combing through knotty hair is no easy task. Now that you can relate to such a situation, here is the solution - hair lotion for dry hair! Hair creams and lotions are great detanglers that will ease combing to achieve smooth hair.

  • As a moisturiser
  • The best hair cream for dry hair is formulated to give lustre shine to your hair and provide a coating of protection from harmful elements. If you have curls, you must be very well aware that curly hair grows healthily in the presence of moisture and hair lotions keep moisturiser locked in.

  • For a spa experience
  • Save some bucks and time for hair packs and hair spas by using hair creams at home. Try using hair cream as a hair mask before the shower. Massage the cream for dry scalp softly into the roots and hair, put on a shower cap and cover the head with a warm towel. Leave it on for 40-50 minutes to allow the product to deeply penetrate the scalp, making your hair visibly luscious. For extra conditioning and managing rough frizz, hair cream for women can also be applied after the shower.

In all the above methods to use the hair cream, you must know how to apply hair cream or hair lotion.

  • You need to start using a pea-sized amount through dry hair and style using wet fingers or a comb to apply hair cream. Apply hair cream or hair lotion to slightly damp hair and style as required for a clean look. It is also safe to use daily.

  • For a more methodological approach, divide your hair and comb it into four to six parts after working in the formula, and scrunch each section that will give you a voluminous look.

  • If you’ve got curls, the above technique to apply hair cream is excellent to add volume and gloss.

  • If your hair is fine, thin, or straight, the hair cream can be applied using your fingers. Run the fingers through your hair by sectioning it and by loosening the knots, gently detangle the hair.

Now that you know all that is to know about the wonderful world of hair cream for women. Remember to make this product a part of your everyday hair routine. Use it to tame your frizz and bring back life to your dull hair. All you need is to select the one which has ingredients that meet your hair needs, such as nourishment and moisturise, damage control, etc.

Choose the best hair cream for your curls

  • Coloured hair
  • Hair cream for coloured hair can make porous coloured hair look healthy and shiny.

  • Daily style
  • Curl-defining hair cream protects your hair and can also be used to define curls, add volume at the roots and keep them neat.

  • Treating issues
  • Hair cream can help eliminate all curly hair concerns like dryness, frizz, shine, tangling, etc.

  • Weekend self-care
  • Adding the best hair cream to your weekend hair care can help maintain and improve the condition of your curls significantly.

Types of hair cream

  • Hair cream for dry hair
  • Hair cream for dry hair keeps your hair from getting dry throughout the day.

  • Hair cream for frizzy hair
  • Hair cream for frizzy hair helps control frizz and adds shine to your hair.

  • Hair powder
  • It is excellent for adding texture and volume, and styling hair. Plus, it makes your hair less greasy as compared to cream and gel.

  • Hair cream for damaged hair
  • It helps restore the moisture in hair and reverse hair damage.

Benefits of hair cream

  • Adds natural shine
  • Hair cream adds a natural-like shine to dry, dull, and frizzy hair.

  • Smoothens rough hair
  • Hair cream smoothens stray hair and prevents them from falling.

  • Prevents hair damage
  • Daily use of hair cream can help prevent hair from getting damaged.

  • Layer against pollutants
  • Hair cream protects against harmful pollutants like UV rays and dirt.

  • Keeps the scalp healthier
  • It fulfils your styling needs, adds moisture, and helps restore natural oils.

  • Reverses hair damage
  • One of the key benefits of hair cream is that it reverses hair damage.

  • Treats split ends
  • Last but not least, it helps prevent split-ends.

Shop from a wide range of hair styling cream collection online

Zivame brings to you different types of hair creams for women. Explore an extensive selection of hair styling creams online at

FAQs on Hair Cream

  1. Is hair cream good for daily use?
  2. Yes. You can apply hair cream daily to style your hair, protect it from heat damage, smoothen the frizz or impart superior shine.

  3. What is hair lotion used for?
  4. A good hair-styling cream does not have one but multiple uses such as

    • Adding moisture, shine, and essential nutrients to the hair.
    • Quickly look well-groomed by taming baby hair whenever stepping out
    • Create different styles for hair and give a frizz-free look.

    The perk of hair cream for women is that it doesn't grease your hair or make it feel oily afterwards.

  5. Which is the best cream for hair?
  6. With several hair creams in the market, such as the Loreal blow-dry cream, a number of factors come into consideration when selecting the best cream.

    Here is what you can consider when selecting hair lotion for dry hair or hair cream for dry scalp

    • Ingredients:
    • One of the essential ingredients of hair creams is oil. The hair cream will vary based on the base oil. The hair cream might have oils like coconut oil, argan, jojoba oil, hemp-seed oil, etc., with varied effects. So, research and understand the properties of the oils before buying one.

    • Hair type:
    • A number of hair creams cater to every hair type. However, certain hair creams will work specifically for a particular hair type. Suppose someone might require a hair cream that aids in keeping the hair soft, while another person may need a hair cream to fight frizzy hair.

  7. What is the use of hair cream?
  8. A hair cream helps manage the hair while providing shine, smoothness, nourishment, moisture, and hold. It is normally used for styling different types of hair.

  9. What is the best hair cream to use?
  10. Volamena hair cream is an all-natural hair cream for styling and hair growth. It is packed with organic and vegan ingredients like keratin, green tea, argan oil, olive oil, and red onion.

  11. Is hair cream safe?
  12. A hair cream from a good brand causes no damage to hair and is safe to use on a daily basis. However, you may suffer from dandruff if you have a delicate scalp.

  13. Can I use hair cream on dry hair?
  14. Yes, hair cream can help reduce the dryness of hair and add shine. Most hair creams are packed with moisturising ingredients that are great for dry hair.

  15. Which is better, hair oil conditioner or hair cream?
  16. Hair oils are great for nourishment, but make hair look greasy and sticky. On the other hand, hair cream is not only a great styling product but also a great hair conditioner.

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