Who doesn’t crave healthy and glowing skin? We are sure everyone! While following an effective skincare regime might sound daunting to a few folks, it remains a simple task. With a few right products and some basic knowledge, you can have nourished and flawless skin. And, what better way it could be to kick-start your skincare regimen with face moisturizer? Zivame offers a wide range of face moisturizers, moisturizing creams, and some of the best face creams for the day and night respectively. From the best moisturizer for oily skin to body lotion for dry skin and the best moisturizer for dry skin, Zivame has great skincare brands and products for every skin type. If your skin feels dry and tight after a face wash, you can try VLCC Honey Moisturizer, which is one of the best moisturizers for dry skin. On the other hand, if your facial skin is oily, Brillare Oil Away Moisturizer is your go-to product. Furthermore, to get a non-sticky, soft, and supple skin tone, you can opt for mCaffeine Latte Coffee Moisturizer, which is touted to be the best face moisturizer. Zivame is a one-stop online destination for the best face moisturizer as it hosts the best brands in the skincare business, including Votre, VLCC, L'Oréal Paris, Ozone, Sugar cosmetics, Brillare, Manish Malhotra, mCaffeine, Faces Canada, Jovees, Dot & Key, and many others. So, click here to behold Zivame’s exclusive range of the best face creams and face moisturizer online. Avail of the best offer and discounts and enjoy a seamless online shopping experience with us. less

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Explore the Absolute Best Moisturizers Here at Zivame

For glowing and healthy skin, moisturizer is a must. No matter your skin type, age, and season, your skin needs a moisturizer. A good face moisturizer is the emulsion of water and oil that keeps dryness at bay and helps replenish hydration. According to skin experts, keeping your skin hydrated is crucial. And even if you don't have dry skin, your skin needs moisturizer. The healthier the barrier you create for your skin, the better it will fight against damage and inflammation.

For best results, always moisturize your skin as soon as you clean it. Be it in the morning, soon after you wake up, or in the evening when you are back from the office. And while applying a moisturizer, ensure to massage it thoroughly. This will allow your skin to absorb the ingredients of a moisturizer even better and improve blood circulation. Find a moisturizer as per your skin type and keep it supple and soft.

Find a Moisturizer at Zivame to Keep Your Skin Young

Moisturizing your skin daily is prudent. As per dermatologists, human skin type can be segregated into five types: dry, oily, mature, sensitive, and combination/normal. While choosing a moisturizer, you need to pick one that will suit your skin type. For example, a water-based and light moisturizer will not suit dry skin. Simultaneously, oil-based and heavy moisturizers won't suit oily skin. So, before picking one, take a simple test at home, and learn about your skin type.

All you need to do is take a few tissue papers and start pressing them in different parts of your face. Wait for some time and take a look at the tissue papers. You can determine your skin type based on how much oil the tissue papers have absorbed. Once you figure out your skin type, you can browse through the wide range of moisturizers Zivame has stored for you.

It can be challenging to wade through an array of moisturizers, but finding one will become easy once you get to know about your skin type.

Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin gets irritated easily by different factors. Even skincare products can irritate sensitive skin along with low and high temperatures. Sensitive skin will benefit from moisturizers that have soothing ingredients. If you have sensitive skin, our recommendation is to try Votre Micro-Dermabrasion Face Crème, made of 100% vegan and botanical ingredients. It improves complexion, makes the skin tone even, keeps the skin hydrated, makes it supple and soft, and reduces wrinkles.

Moisturizer for Dry Skin

A dry skin type produces less sebum, and because of that, this skin type lacks the lipids to retain moisture. Dry skin will benefit from a moisturizer that is oil-based and heavy. If you have dry skin and are unsure which moisturizer to use, you can buy L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Crystal Micro-Essence. It penetrates up to ten layers and allows the skin to glow from deep within. It has active ingredients, such as salicylic acid, which refines pores, accelerates skin renewal, and improves skin texture.

Moisturizer for Mature Skin

A person with a mature skin type has pale and dry skin with a duller complexion. It has hyperpigmentation, open pores, and noticeable wrinkles mainly because the skin is dry and thin. Try Faces Canada Hydro Face Moisturiser to improve your skin texture and mask imperfections. It has anti-aging properties, which fight against wrinkles and make your skin feel soft and smooth. In addition, Faces Canada Hydro Face Moisturiser provides the right amount of hydration that your skin needs.

Moisturizer for Oily Skin

Oily skin, as you can guess, produces excess oil. This skin type has a persistent greasy and shiny appearance. Someone with oily skin should be careful about choosing the right moisturizer because otherwise, the ingredients in the moisturizer can cause pimples, blackheads, and different types of acne. We recommend using Votre Acne Clearing Mousse Antioxidant Actives Cream. It's a clinically tested and proven moisturizer that controls excess oil and reduces pimples and acne.

Moisturizer for Combination/Normal Skin

Combination skin will have both oily and dry skin. This is the most common skin type. It's mostly the T-zone (chin, forehead, and nose) that remains oily while the rest stays dry. Because it's a combination of both, one should choose a moisturizer typically made for this skin type. For example, try Prolixr Very Berry Moisturiser. It is made of berries that keep your skin protected and makes it silky-smooth.

Types of Face Moisturizers

Apart from knowing your skin type and choosing the right moisturizer as per your skin type, learning about the types of moisturizers is also essential. Once you find out what type of face moisturizers there are, picking one will become convenient. So, a moisturizer can be categorized into three different types:

  • Emollients: Emollients are oil-based moisturizers. They come in ointments, lotions, and gels. This one is suitable for dry skin that requires the rebuilding of lost lipids. Emollients are made to keep your skin hydrated and minimize inflammatory issues.
  • Humectants: Next, you have humectants. This type of moisturizer is good for acne-prone and oily skin. Humectant moisturizer doesn't leave behind a layer of film on the skin and won't clog pores. They contain soaps and alcohol and keep the skin dry, which is why they are ideal for oily skin.
  • Occlusives: Occlusives moisturizers are for people with sensitive and extremely dry skin. Someone suffering from eczema is often recommended to use occlusive moisturizers. These prevent water loss and are available in oil, silicone, and wax-based. Since the consistency is thick, they are suitable for excessively dry skin.
Zivame Has Moisturizers for All Skin Type

A good moisturizing cream is a skincare staple. If you are looking for a moisturizer that will make your skin beautiful and better than before, pick one of the moisturizers here at Zivame. You can search for a moisturizer using filters, such as skin type, skin tone, price, skin concerns, brand, formulation, benefits, and more.

Go on and look at our moisturizing cream collection and choose one that suits your skin and makes your skin brighter, softer, and healthier. Apart from moisturizers, you can also buy face creams , concealers , and toners from Zivame's skincare collection. Shop today!

FAQs on Moisturizers

  1. What should you do before applying moisturizer?
  2. No matter the skin type, before applying a moisturizer, you need to prepare your skin. First, wash your face properly with lukewarm water and use a mild face wash. Next, gently pat your skin and remove excess moisture. Don't dry your skin completely. Now, use an almond-size amount of moisturizer and dap it all over your face and neck. Then start spreading it evenly.

  3. Is moisturizer really necessary?
  4. Yes, moisturizers are important for your skin. The ingredients found in a moisturizer keeps the skin hydrated, fights against environmental damage and keeps your skin healthy.

  5. How do I know what moisturizer to use?
  6. The rule of thumb is to know your skin type. Always choose a moisturizer based on your skin type. For example, if you have dry skin, choose an oil-based and heavy moisturizer, and if you have oily skin, pick a light and water-based moisturizer. Read the ingredients and product description of each moisturizer carefully.

  7. Should you moisturize every day?
  8. Skincare professionals always recommend using a moisturizer twice daily. By doing that, your skin's moisture content will remain intact throughout the day and night, so, yes, you should moisturize your skin daily.

  9. What does a moisturizer do?
  10. The skin is exposed to environmental conditions with pollution and dirt. Moisturizers create a barrier for the skin from the climate. It enhances the capacity of the skin to retain water and keep them hydrated. Moisturizers also preserve skin's natural oils.

  11. Are moisturizers good for your skin?
  12. Moisturizers are good for the skin as it helps the skin retain its youthful look. The massaging action of applying moisturizing cream helps increase the circulation of blood in the region and stimulates the generation of new cells. Using it daily can help conceal blemishes as well.

  13. Should I use a moisturizer every day
  14. Moisturizers can be used every day to prevent dry and dull skin. It can help prevent acne breakout and skin damage. Face moisturizers can help prevent wrinkles and lines. However, one should refrain from applying a lot of moisturizers as they can interfere with the natural hydration of the skin.

  15. Can I sleep with moisturizer on?
  16. Yes, you can sleep with moisturizing cream at night. This will keep your skin hydrated, softer, and better looking the next morning.

  17. How do I choose a face moisturizer?
  18. The basic rule to buy a facial moisturizer is to choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type. People with oily or combination skin must choose a light lotion-based moisturizer. If you have dry skin, cream-based moisturizers will show good results. Furthermore, consider the season as well. While a light moisturizer works wonders in hot summers, you would need a hydrating one for colder months.

  19. How do you apply moisturizer?
  20. After washing your face, you can apply moisturizer. Take the desired amount of face moisturizer and start the application from the collarbone and gradually move up towards the forehead. Circular and upward strokes are the best ways to apply moisturizer.

  21. When should I apply moisturizer?
  22. As moisturizers prevent your facial skin from drying out, they must be applied quickly after you have cleansed your face with soap and water. For better and more effective results, you can apply moisturizer on slightly damp skin so that it seals moisture. You can also moisturize your skin during the evenings by repairing night creams.

  23. What type of moisturizer is best?
  24. The best moisturizers are those that are enriched with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, SPF, and glycerine. Other ingredients that best moisturizer include are Occlusives (oily substances that prevents evaporation of water, such as paraffin, petrolatum, alcohol, and mineral oil), Humectants (water or moisture attracting substances, such as glycerine and honey), and Vitamins (substances that stimulate collagen and helps in reduction in wrinkles and fine lines).

  25. What is the best natural moisturizer for the face?
  26. Raw and organic honey is considered to be the best natural moisturizer for the face. To reap its benefit, apply honey to damp skin and remove it using a warm washcloth.

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