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Skin toners are magical skin care products that help to take care of your skin the way it should be. It helps to moisturise, cleanse, and maintain even skin tones. Toners for the face are one of the essential skin care products for your everyday skincare routine. These liquid products remove every grain of dust and impurities from your skin. They provide hydration, soothe, and prime the skin to evenly absorb the moisturisers after proper cleansing. Skin toners have been used for the past two decades and have been a crucial part of any skincare routine. Earlier, they were made with harsh materials that could harm the natural condition of our healthy skin. But now, suitable toners are made with harmless, all-natural products that rejuvenate your skin and provide moisture benefits. Dirty skin is not favourable for soaking moisturisers or other skin care treatments. But when cleaned by applying toner, every skin pore gets cleaned, which helps it absorb moisturisers entirely. In simpler words, we can say that the main benefit of toner is that it makes your skin ready for every kind of skin treatment that follows. A wide range of best skin toners is available online on Zivame. The products are classified based on your skin type, making it easier for you to respond to your specific skin concern. There are toners in Zivame that suits all skin types. At the same time, some are especially beneficial for dry, oily, sensitive, acne-prone, and sensitive skin types. With just a click on your device's screen, you can order your preferred skin toner and start caring for your skin more appropriately than ever. less

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Skin toner is a skin care staple and a multipurpose product that a lot of people don’t realize serves two primary purposes. Toners aren't just for blackheads and breakouts anymore. From revitalizing to pore minimizing, there's a toner for just about every skin type out there nowadays.

To help you navigate the new sphere of this forgotten step in your skin care regimen, let us tell you exactly what it does, how it can benefit you, and our favorite formulas. There's a reason there's so much variety when it comes to toners. It's because they can do everything from brightening to soothing, oil control to pull double duty as a cleanser. Each one has different benefits, uses, and formulas. The right toner for you will vary based on your skin care needs.

Types of Toners

There are several types of toners out there, each with its function and intended use depending on your skin type and skin issues. But the main three types of toners for face are as follows:

  1. Exfoliating Toners
  2. Exfoliating toners are made with active ingredients that unclog pores and dissolve the dead skin cells from the top layer of one's skin and deeply clean the skin with minimal irritation. They nourish your skin by gently lifting the dead cell and eliminate dullness, roughness, and flakiness from the skin to reveal a healthy, clearer complexion. Salicylic acid toners and glycolic acid toners are among the most used exfoliating toners.

    Exfoliating toners are best suited for normal, oily, and combination skin types. They can be irritant on dry and sensitive skin. However, certain very mild exfoliating acids can be used for sensitive and dry skin types. Poly-hydroxy acid toners or lactic acid toners have a slight exfoliating effect and usually sit much more gently on the skin. An exfoliating toner for oily skin will contain highly concentrated glycolic acid. These are also beneficial for acne-prone skin.

  3. Hydrating Toners
  4. Humectants like glycerin and hyaluronic acid present in hydrating toners help provide a boost of hydration to parched skin while getting rid of residue from your cleanser and any environmental pollutants that may have gotten onto your skin. Hydrating toners replenish the skin’s surface with moisture. They also leave a calming and refreshing effect on the skin.

    Hydrating toners do not deeply cleanse your skin. They just put on new layers of hydration and moisture without stripping your skin of oils. It can be simply pressed onto the skin and left to absorb without any rubbing required.

    Although hydrating toners can be applied to all skin types including, normal, oily, or combination, they’re best-suited for dry skin. The added layers of hydration and moisture right after cleansing helps make your skin go back to its normal state and plump it up for other beauty products. Because these toners help retain the natural moisture on the skin, many people use hydrating toners as a substitute for moisturizers.

  5. Treatment Toners
  6. Treatment toners with specific skin concerns, such as brightening, soothing, balancing, and anti-aging, also tend to be hydrating. They use potent active ingredients and nice-feeling oils to soothe and hydrate the skin.

    Treatment toners for brightening the skin are formulated with vitamin C as the key ingredient – it fixes the discolouration of the skin. Soothing toners are made up of soothing plant extracts such as allantoin or chamomile that eliminate redness and irritation on the skin. Anti-aging toners use antioxidants to neutralize free radicals that cause wrinkles on the skin.

    Treatment toners are used to solve certain skin problems. So, they are fit for all types of skin and resolve skin issues like enlarged pores, excess oil, sensitivity, scarring, etc.

Choosing the Right Toner for Your Skin

It is pretty essential to choose a toner that suits your skin type perfectly. Some skin toners can be applied to any skin type, and it does a beautiful job of rejuvenating the skin. On the other hand, some skin toners are designed to work wonders for specific skin types such as oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, etc.

  • Toners for All Skin Types
  • As we mentioned, some toners are applicable irrespective of the skin type. Zivame has a wide variety of skin toners that easily suits any skin type perfectly. Finding a good product will not be challenging if your skin does all kinds of toners.

  • Oily Skin Toners
  • The best toners for faces with excessive oil secretion must be rich in materials such as alpha-hydroxy acids, lower concentrations of beta-hydroxy acids, salicylic acids, and tea oil extracts. The best toner for oily skin must be a combination of beneficial acids and can fight excessive oil secretion.

  • Combination Skin
  • Finding specified skin types for combination skin is tricky as they provide a specified solution to the unique skin type. For instance, if you have the condition of dry as well as oily skin, then your choice must be a toner that boosts hydration and fights excess oil simultaneously. Toners with glycolic acid, rose water, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C can show great results.

  • Dry Skin Toners
  • Dry skin toners are specially made to provide the right amount of hydration to your skin. The common ingredients in hydrating toners are hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, glycerin, and cucumber extracts. The toners with glycolic acids help exfoliate the skin and provide proper hydration.

  • Sensitive Skin
  • The toners must have all-natural ingredients such as aloe vera, rose water, and chamomile for sensitive skin types. Avoid toners with even the slightest alcohol content if you have acute skin conditions.

Who Should Use Face Toner?

Skin Toners are a crucial weapon of your everyday skincare. Everybody should use them to bring back the lost charm or glamour on their face. Best toner for face prepares the skin for natural moisturizers or other suitable skin treatments to get absorbed perfectly. Especially if you have skin conditions such as oily skin, acne-prone skin, or use makeup products a lot, toners should be your all-time companion. They take out the last traces of dirt and cleanse your pores flawlessly.

What Are the Benefits of a Toner?

There are endless benefits that a good face toner provides to you. It refreshes and cleanses your skin without harming the natural hydration of your skin. The skin toner makes your skin ready to soak in any other skin treatments. Other uses of skin toners include providing care for oily, dry, acne-prone, and pH imbalance skin types.


Applying skin toners gives your skin the care and rejuvenation it deserves. As we already mentioned above, the uses of toners include cleansing, reducing pores, hydrating dry skin, combating excess oil, fighting skin conditions like acne, skin exfoliation, balancing pH levels, and so on. Zivame has a wide range of toners that can be easily ordered online. Besides toners, they have many other helpful skin care products, such as foundations, hair waxes, face washes, and shower gels. Buy skin toner online.


  1. When should we apply toner?
  2. Apply the toner after rinsing your face and patting it dry gently. After thoroughly drying your face, the toner can be applied to the face and neck area with a cotton ball or pad. Let the toner get fully absorbed before applying any facial serum or moisturiser.

  3. Should I use toner every day?
  4. Applying a skin toner every day should not be harmful to your skin but using an exfoliating toner once or twice a week is a safer option. Using toners daily can disrupt your skin's pH balance and hydration.

  5. Can I use toner and serum together?
  6. Toners and serums are different skin care products and serve other functions for your skin. Toners serve an entirely different purpose than serum. However, using them is fine and will work together if you like it.

  7. Is toner good for wrinkles?
  8. Toners are magical skin care products that can do something extraordinary, a mile ahead of their well-known benefits. And one of them is disappearing skin wrinkles and fine lines. However, it is not one of the primary benefits of a skin toner.

  9. What do toners really do?
  10. Toners are beneficial for naturally tightening uneven texture, reviving the look of dull skin, improving hydration, toning the skin after cleansing, treating acne or sensitive skin conditions. They can also work as a PH balancing toner for those with oily skin types.

  11. Are toners necessary?
  12. Toners were originally used to maintain the pH balance of the skin after using a cleanser. You can think of it as a moisturizer with a slightly acidic pH. However, with so many cleansers being very mild and pH balanced these days, a toner in a routine has become skippable. However, since toners these days have more than just one function, they still have a use for other skin concerns.

  13. Which toner is best for skin?
  14. There are different kinds of toners used for different skin concerns and skin types. Depending on your skin, you should choose a face toner.

  15. What are examples of toners?
  16. Thayers Witch Hazel Toner with Lavender, The Bodyshop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner, Thayers Rose Petal Facial Toner, Pixi by Petra Glow Tonic, etc.

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