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Fancy Underwear Online

Zivame fancy panties

We all need a good pair of lingerie, be it for practical reasons like supporting our physique, or personal reasons like feeling pleasant and confident. And if you’re a woman who loves fashion and style, then investing in the right type of lingerie makes all the difference in the world. The right pair of fancy panties and bras can give you a boost and make you feel gorgeous.

Our website has an impressive collection of fancy underwear in diverse material, shapes, and sizes. What you wear under your clothes matters as the outfit itself and our collection is a testament to that. Our line of fancy women's underwear is designed to fit you snugly and let you feel comfortable throughout the day without worrying about unwanted dig-ins. Be it lace panty or thongs or designer panty, whatever your mood, we have the right style and fit for you.

  1. Lace Panties - Probably the most feminine piece of lingerie, the lace panty takes the usual underwear and transforms it into something delicate and gorgeous. Be it completely lacey, or partial lacey or lace trimming the edges, this panty style heightens the underwear’s appeal. Also, these fancy underwear for ladies have an elastic band and the tight fabric will help shape your body for that perfect little black dress you’ve been thinking of wearing.

  2. Low Rise Bikini Panties - If you’ve had trouble hiding your underwear strapline, and have to wear long tops and high waist jeans to cover it, worry no more. Low rise bikini panties are the best fit for low rise jeans and crop tops. The minimal style makes it functional but keeps it hidden from sight. We love calling these panties “more than a thong but less than a brief” because that’s what they are.

  3. Sheer Panties - Sheer panties are a tease because they make you feel elegant but also risqué. Boy shorts sheer panties are the in-thing in fancy women's underwear because while they do cover your bottom completely, the sheer layer makes the underwear exciting and intricate. Also, the seamless design and the sculpting elastic shapes your bottom while hiding the underwear under any fitting dress with ease.

  4. Thongs - When it comes to fancy panties for ladies thongs are the trendsetters. The lack of rear coverage makes this piece of lingerie extraordinarily sexy and perfect for a night out. It fits snugly and is comfortable like a second skin, so while you’re on the dance floor you don’t have to worry about your panty riding-in. With new designs having lace and sheer incorporated, the thong is versatile and fancy.

  5. Seamless Panties - Underwear has come a long way in terms of design and seamless panties are the newest addition to our collection of fancy panties for ladies. This style is smooth and has an invisible panty line, making it an excellent choice to wear under your body-hugging dress. The low waist, the modest coverage, and the tight fit will hold your bottom in place under that dress while supporting it through the night.

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