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Shop Bodysuits For Women Online

Beautiful Bodysuits for Women by Zivame

Women bodysuits can create wonders and are one of the most versatile intimate apparel found in our wardrobes. Bodysuits for women might look like a bathing suit or a leotard but are far from it. While it is true that leotards inspired bodysuits, they were manufactured solely for fashion purposes. In the 1950s, Mildred Orrick and Claire McCardell introduced this path-breaking fashion product in the market.

Since its inception, the bodysuit has grown and become more than just shapewear. The torso shape can be anything between a turtleneck to a plunging neckline. Along with the torso, the bottom of the bodysuit has undergone a massive change. While the thong-cut still rules at numero uno, you can also get full bottom coverage or even extended legging till mid-thigh for a toned shape.

Common Questions Asked About Bodysuits for Women

If this is your first time buying shapewear ? Then, it is normal to have a few questions and doubts about the same.

Here are answers to some common queries that we get about bodysuits and shapewear:

  1. Do Bodysuits Help in Hiding Belly Fat?

    A bodysuit is a kind of shapewear that stretches from our torso to the lower crotch area of our body. A bodysuit does help in hiding belly fat effectively, especially if it's made of spandex. So, if you plan on wearing a tight dress with a bodysuit, go ahead with no worries.

  2. Is There any Difference Between Shapewear & Bodysuit?

    Not all bodysuits are shapewear, but all shapewear are bodysuits. There are kinds of bodysuits for women that are used as just a piece of fashionable clothing rather than shapewear. These bodysuits are generally made of lace, cotton, velvet, rayon, polyester, stretchable cotton, and many more different fabrics.

    These bodysuits are normally paired as tops with jeans, skirts, trousers, and shorts. Women bodysuit shapewear is usually made with spandex to compress the fat to give the body a toned shape. Bodysuit shapewear is strictly used as undergarments.

  3. What Kind of Bra can be Worn With a Bodysuit?

    This would depend completely on the type of bodysuit and dress you have decided to wear. Different bodysuits cover different percentages of our body.

    1. If you are wearing an underbust bodysuit, then choose a bra that would complement your dress.
    2. In case you are wearing a body control suit that covers not only the waist but also the upper bust, then you would not need to wear a bra at all.
    3. A corset shaped bodysuit can come with a bra or just a separate corset. In this case, again choose a bra that would complement the outfit you have chosen to wear.

Shop Women Bodysuits Online From Zivame

Unsure about buying activewear, shapewear, and bodysuits online? Zivame is here to help you out with all your intimate wear needs. Apart from the wide collection of bottom wear, swimwear, sportswear, and shapewear, Zivame also offers great offers and discounts on all its products. At Zivame, you will get your products in discreet packaging, 15-day return policies, and one day dispatch. Explore the world of intimate apparel with Zivame.

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