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10 Types Of Women Bra:

It is extremely important to pair the correct bra type with the outfit that you are wearing, to get a seamless – well-fitted look. Deciphering the assorted bra styles can become a confusing task, so here is a simple bra guide for you from Zivame.

Bra Guide: How To Buy Ladies Bra From Zivame

Do you often confuse between a t-shirt bra and a balconette bra? Or strapless and a backless one? This will help you make sense out of them, and the best part is that we, at Zivame, offer all these options from popular bra brands across sizes and colours. Here are some of the popular bras on Zivame:

T-shirt Bra: It can also be termed as a seamless bra, due to its smooth finished look. It is typically worn under t-shirts, kurta and blouses. The smooth, seamless and moulded cups of a t-shirt bra give it a perfect finish under the everyday tees.

Padded bra: Typically, this bra, is worn to lend some volume to the bust and prevent and nipple show-through. It is highly recommended while wearing sheer tops, or formal wear.

At Home Bra: These type of bras are loose and comfortable and give a bra-free feeling, so you can slip into one when at home and relax. These bras are often worn while sleeping and thus are also known as sleep bras.

Push up Bra: A push up bra accentuates the bustline, giving a fuller look. Push up bras are great for pairing with a shirt or an off-shoulder dress.

Strapless Bra: These bras typically have invisible straps, or you can buy stick-on ones which cling to the body. They can be worn with any kind of neckline and are the most versatile of bras.

Wired Bra: A wired bra is recommended for larger busts, as it provides support and prevents sagging. This bra is a great option for an uplifted look. It is generally lined to prevent nipple show.

Miracle Bra: A Zivame innovation, this bra type allows for 24-hour style and comfort. This ladies bra can be worn for yoga class, office, evening party and nap. The bra is extremely light, which ensures perpetual comfort.

Backless Bras: This bra design works best for low cut back dresses. They can have an invisible back-band or also be stick-on. These are essential to ensure a comfortable evening outing.

Bralettes: These are a cross between a crop top and a bra, they have inbuilt cups but look like a top. Wear them as an innerwear, or flaunt them as outerwear!

Sports Bra: With gyming and athletics becoming an integral part of our daily lives, the support and comfort provided by sports bras have become essential. Depending on your fitness activity, you can pick from low, medium and high impact variants in sports bras.

From Our 'Truecurv Collection': Curvy Bras Online

Curvy women face a lot of problems. We understand this very well! Our lead designer is curvy, and she swears by the Zivame true curve range. This collection has minimiser bras that give a smaller looking bust, super support bras that provide high strength to your curves and No Sag bras that prevent sagging. We also have a maternity/nursing collection which is a boon to young mothers. In short, our Truecurv collection gives you many reasons to embrace your curves!

Buy Bras For Women Online On Zivame

You wear a bra every day, but do you really pay attention to it? Give yourself a few seconds and try to remember which bra you are wearing right now. Hmmm… did you realise that you probably take more than a couple of seconds to actually realise what bra you are wearing? It may stay hidden under your outfits all day, but it deserves a lot more credit than it gets.

It's very important that you wear the right bra size and style to get the best comfort. We have often seen at our Zivame stores that women walk in with either the wrong bra style or the wrong size. Did you know that two women with the exact size need not necessarily wear the same style? Now that's the details of fitting that we get down to when you walk into our Zivame lingerie studios. At Zivame, every lingerie type like bras, panties, night dress etc. is crafted with immense care and passion so that you feel beautiful the very second you wear them. So, begin your shopping experience with Zivame right away and avail the best offers on various ladies bras and other lingerie types in few clicks.

Fabrics such as cotton, silk, lace and similar materials are usually used to make bikini panties. The most preferred colour choice in this style is white.

Put your visible panty line problems away with thongs and welcome your choices in body-hugging outfits without a second thought. Also, soft, well-fitting cotton thongs can save you from great discomfort during the hot and sweaty summers.

Something For Everyone - The Collection On Zivame

When it comes to panty styles, Zivame also offers something special with their trending collections. Different women have different requirements. This called for a range of panties that addressed the specific innerwear needs that often go unaddressed. Hence, the creation of unique collections came into being. Here are some of the popular ones:

Bras - FAQ's

  1. Which is the best bra to wear?
  2. A: All bras can be considered as the best when seen from the lens of what purpose they serve. A strapless bra would be considered the best for off-shoulder outfits whereas push-up bras would be considered the best for a hint of extra cleavage.

    That said, the T-shirt bra, made of delicate material and elastic, is best for everyday wear. It is constructed with fabric that goes invisible under clingy and knitted material of usual clothing. The cups of the T-shirt tend to retain their shape (making them look perfect from the outside) and make it comfortable to wear under any kind of clothing.

  3. Is it better to wear a bra to bed?
  4. A: The old wives’ tales say that sleeping with a bra on makes the breasts sag, but that isn’t true. Sagging is caused due to many reasons such as smoking, breastfeeding, aging, genetics, weight gain or weight loss and so on. Sleeping with a bra on is absolutely okay as long as you are comfortable with it. Please remember, sagging of the breasts is inevitable due to the downward pull of gravity on the mass of your breasts.

  5. What is the difference between a wired and a non-wired bra?
  6. A: An under-wire bra has wire under both the cups to give extra support to the breasts, thus, enhancing their shape. A non-wired bra is not wired under the cups, thus, making it comfortable, less structured, and softer on the breasts.

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