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Set The Trend With Fashionable Cage Bras

A bra is that part of a woman’s wardrobe where she can experiment endlessly. There is always the option to pick and choose from a variety of different types of bras, depending on the attire you are donning. One of the more stylish ones among them is the super trendy cage bra.

What are cage bras and why are they so popular?

A cage bra has the elements of both classic and contemporary styles at once. Having made popular itself in the 80s, it has recently resurfaced as a popular choice among women looking for something different and exciting. The web of crisscrossing strings in cage bras, either in the front or at the back, or on both sides, adds a dash of stylish edge to a normal bra, and makes wearing them feel a thousand times more gratifying. What makes this type of bras even better is their sheer variety available to you to choose from.

Types of Cage Bras

Any number of bras can be called cage bras, as long as a portion of them has strips in a crisscross, forming a literal cage. Sometimes the strips are at the back, sometimes in the front, and sometimes along the side as well. However, when you boil it down to a basic aspect, cage bras are a more common occurrence in the following types of bras:

  1. Seamless cage bra: The quintessential seamless bra, bought to be worn under anything and everything, is transformed into a superb piece of lingerie as a cage bra. Moreover, the strips of the cage help in providing extra support to the bra, over and above the single narrow strap of a seamless cage bra.
  2. Underwired cage bra: What’s better than a bra that provides a hundred percent support and gives you a fuller bust line simply with the help of underwired cups? An underwired bra is one that features all of that and has the additional attraction of a cage. The simplest of underwired lingerie pieces can become unique and out-of-the-box by becoming a cage bra.
  3. Cage bralette: A bralette is a classic cross between a sports bra and a normal all-time use bra. It comes with a wide strip of cloth around just beneath the cups to provide more shape and contour to the wearer’s body. A cage bralette would certainly add more definition to the entire look and further enhance the support a bralette already provides.
  4. Sports cage bra: Whether you hit the gym or not, sports are an essential element of your wardrobe. It helps protect the ligament tissues in the breasts, which can get hurt and damaged when subjected to excessive shock movements. But a sports bra does not have to be bulky and boring. A sports cage bra is a perfect twist to your otherwise typical gym and fitness gear.

Explore The Stylish Cage Bras Online At Zivame

The best thing about cage bras is that even the most mundane design can look like a thousand bucks in this style. The crisscrossing pattern has a certain undeniable allure that invades into your fashion aesthetics and makes its presence felt. Once you get the taste of wearing cage bras, that’s all you will be opting for, because of its classic appeal and superior style.

So the next time you are on the hunt for quality lingerie and want something well within your budget with vague and style, you know what to go for.

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