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Ladies Underwear Collection Online

Importance Of Women Panties:

The importance of panties in our day to day lives has only increased with time. Earlier, it was initially a garment to protect modesty. But today, it can be a garment that can boost your beauty or aid your fitness regime. But most importantly, it is seen as an article of clothing that is essential to women’s hygiene. The fantastic range of panties on Zivame is all these points and a lot more. Be it the modest appeal of boyshorts, no stain period panties or the incredible comfort that cotton panties provide, it is all here.

Different Types of Women Panty Styles

With our focussed approach to providing the best in lingerie, Zivame has worked hard to provide the best in ladies underwear. Explore the various panty styles through this insightful list of the most popular styles available on Zivame.

Bikini Panties: Slim on the sides, bikini panties feature just enough material to cover the bottom. This gives it the appearance of a bikini bottom. One can call them a fancy cross between panties and briefs.

Boyshorts: Boyshorts go all the way down the hips and are seen as the most modest style in underwear. They are named after their similarity to men’s boxer shorts. They offer complete coverage on the sides and the front with a thong base.

Hipster Panties: This one is a medium coverage panty which is a cross between bikinis and boyshorts. Less bulky than boyshorts, hipsters are an excellent choice to wear under mid-rise pants.

Thong Panties: These panties have a triangle shaped front. This front then goes thin on the side. Due to which, it is able to offer minimal coverage on the back. You can also check out thongs and G-string panties which are similar in design. But when compared to thongs, G-strings are smaller and slimmer.

Tummy-Tucker: panties come in very handy for making tummy bulges disappear. They tend to make the stomach area look slimmer. The waist covers the entire abdomen such that it gives a perfect shape and a smooth finish to all your look.

Tips For Various Panties Styles

There is a diverse range of styles to explore in Zivame’s collection of panties online. This massively improves the scope of pairing them with a variety of outfits. So let’s explore those options with these style tips:

  1. Boyshorts offer complete coverage on the front and back. This makes them the ideal everyday choice in ladies panties. If they are seamless, you can even wear them under formal skirts and dresses. Also, they are often paired with camisole tops or worn as loungewear
  2. Taut and body-hugging, hipsters are an excellent choice for those with a preference for bikinis but for regular use.
  3. When you wish to look extra pretty, bikini panties can be paired with numerous combinations. But the most popular option is its pairing with two-piece bikini sets.
  4. Fabrics such as cotton, silk, lace and similar materials are usually used to make bikini panties. The most preferred colour choice in this style is white.
  5. Put your visible panty line problems away with thongs and welcome your choices in body-hugging outfits without a second thought. Also, soft, well-fitting cotton thongs can save you from great discomfort during the hot and sweaty summers.

Great Collection of Ladies Underwear On Zivame

When it comes to panty styles, Zivame also offers something special with their trending collections. Different women have different requirements. This called for a range of panties that addressed the specific innerwear needs that often go unaddressed. Hence, the creation of unique collections came into being. Here are some of the popular ones:

  1. Curvy - for curvy women
  2. Off-Duty - for that relaxed ‘me’ time
  3. Oh So Sexy - to add some spice to your romance

Buying Panties Online On Zivame

Zivame has always been pushing the envelope to provide the best in lingerie for its esteemed customers. As you have seen, it’s wide range of panties is no exception. Looking fabrics that feel heavenly on your skin? Or are you looking for some eye-pleasing colours and patterns? Whatever is your need, Zivame is where you got to be. Also, feel free to explore equally fantastic collections of lingerie, nightdress, tops and more only on Zivame.

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