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It is Time for a Period Panty

A period panty is specially designed with the latest technology to provide women with leak-proof, odourless comfort all day long. Women juggle many demanding roles in their daily lives. We live in a time when women are making leaps and strides of progress in every field. Yet when it comes to menstrual health, many of them suffer setbacks. Things are slowly changing, beginning with the creation of better products such as the period underwear which we are going to tell you more about.

In the past, menstrual panties were synonymous with the dowdy, bulky and uncomfortable ‘grandma underwear’. Thankfully, all that will stay in the past as a bad memory because the period panties are here. They are sleek, fit snugly and are not unwieldy in any way. Once you use them, you will not go back because they also fit in seamlessly with other menstrual products that you use. Read more about period panties and why they should have a permanent place in your closet.

Reasons Why Period Panties Make Sense

At Zivame, we always have your back, and here is why we recommend period panties as your choice of underwear during menses:

  1. Save Your Delicates - It is a known fact that when you are bleeding, wearing materials such as lace or the likes is not wise. If you do, you run the risk of staining them and we all know how difficult washing becomes after that. With period panties, you have no such worries because they are very easy to clean. You can then reuse them multiple times and this will ensure that your other underwear stay pristine.

  2. Rescued in Time - When you have an inkling that you might start menstruating on a particular day, all you have to do is wear your period panty. If not, you could also keep a pair in your handbag or backpack to college or office. If you are caught unawares by your period and do not have any other product to absorb the bleeding, these panties will come to your rescue. You can free-bleed into them.

  3. Feel Your Best - Any woman would tell you that ‘the time of the month’ is not easy on their body and can be emotionally taxing as well. Keeping this in mind, the period panties are created in a way that keeps you extremely comfortable. They are high-quality cotton panties that are skin-friendly, will keep you feeling cool and are light-weight. This means you can go about your day not worrying about staining or having your underwear ride up.

  4. Available in Styles - All women have their favourite design of underwear that they prefer to stick to. While menstruating, looking to wear undergarments that are supportive in designs you are used to is a priority. This is why period panties have been created in styles such as hipsters, boy shorts, mid-waist and more so that you get your best pick. They come in cute prints, bright shades and also in neutral tones to complement your preferences.

Shop for Period Panties Online

We are sure that you are convinced about purchasing period panties and you can conveniently do so online on Zivame right away. That is not all, browse through many other designs of panties, bras, nightwear, activewear, shapewear, including an entire section for gifting. Our packaging is discreet, your order is dispatched within twenty-four hours and you get access to the best discounts. Head over to Zivame today to enjoy all this and more.

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