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Night Robes

A robe is a piece of loose garment for informal wear, worn by men or women alike. There are different kinds of robes like bathrobes, nightwear robes, or dressing robes. Night robes are specifically meant for before and after bedtime. So, when you change into your nightgown and want to spend some time lounging or watching TV, sipping that hot chocolate for a cosy evening with your partner, a nightwear robe works well. It can be put on over nightwear when you wake up, or you can wear it over your pyjamas or when you are partially dressed.

Features of Night Robes

Let’s look at the essential features to look for in a good night robe before investing in one:

  • Comfortable Fabric: When it comes to robes, the comfort of the fabric is paramount. Night robes are made of soft satins or modal material. It gives a comfortable feel without being bulky, unlike bathrobes. Considering the contemporary factor in the design details, the fabric is usually breathable and relaxing. They are designed with a tie-up at the waist for an excellent grip to remain in place, perfect for those romantic evenings.
  • Loose Fitting: A sleeping robe or a night robe are mostly loose-fitting, open from the front, and this opening is kept together with a fabric belt. These are particularly designed to wear on any nightwear.
  • Stylish: To keep the trendy look and chic feel even at home, these are made in different lengths and designs. Night robes can be paired with baby dolls or strappy night tops or even with pyjamas since they provide coverage and come in lacy highlights.
  • Sleep Like a Baby in Night Robes from Zivame

    Are you looking for stylish yet comfortable night robes? Well, your search ends here! Zivame has a vast collection and variety of options to shop from. At Zivame, you can find your perfect fit for the lounging needs from our wide range of robes for women.

    FAQs on Night Robe

    1. Is it comfortable to sleep in a night robe?

      Night robes are worn on top of your nightdress and must be taken off before bed or worn after getting up in the morning. The night robe fabric and the tying knot might not be comfortable to sleep in.

    2. How to wear night robes?

      Night Robes have an open front with a fabric belt to wear on top of your chic nightdress with the tie-up belt or when partially dressed during the day.

    3. What is the difference between a sleeping robe and a bathrobe?

      Bathrobes are made of towel material and worn when you get out of a shower or a leisure bath. Night robes are made of satin or modal fabric and are soft on the skin.

    4. Are night robes warm?

      That depends on the material; if you choose the modal fabric, it does keep you warm.

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