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Girls Bra Online

One of the vital clothing for a young girl is her teenage bra. A teenage bra is designed to give comfort and coverage. A teenager should normally go for a bra when her breasts need coverage to protect them from excessive motion. These bras don't have any hooks, underwire, or padding.

Types of Bra for Girls

You will be amazed to know that there are a variety of bras for girls just like a variety of underwear for girls. Let's have a look at the same

  1. Slip-On Bra - One of the most comfortable bras for girls. This is just like a short crop top. It provides minimal support with just the right kind of coverage.

  2. Lightly Padded T-Shirt Bra - This is one of the major girls’ bras, which can be worn with most outwears. This hides the nipple bulge and also smooths out the breast area.

  3. Double Layered Bra - One of the most comfortable beginner bras, which will completely hide the nipples. It feels like a second skin without any padding or underwire.

  4. Sports Bra - One of the best bras for girls, which ensures minimal movement of breasts. Sports bra provides great support and is perfect for someone who is into athletic activities.

  5. Underwired Bra - Another beginner bra, which is preferred by teenagers who have fuller breasts. It gives a natural look to the breast and provides the much-needed protection and support.

How to Choose the Right Girl's Bra?

  1. Make sure that the girls bra is comfortable for you. The fitting should be breathable, neither too tight and nor too loose.

  2. You must know your bra size and your sister size. For instance, you might be 32D, but you might get the best fitting in 34A.

  3. Different fabrics in your bra might alter the fittings completely. Thus, make sure that while buying a bra for girls, you choose the fabric carefully as well.

Boost Your Confidence with Zivame Bras/ A Teenage Girl's Best Friend: Zivame Bra

Zivame is one of the premium bra sellers. They have a huge line of teenage bras available in a variety of fabrics and colours. Choose your first teenage bra from one of the most trusted sellers today.


  1. Difference between teenage bra and normal bra?

    A teenage bra, also known as a training bra or beginner bra is well suited for someone who has just started to wear a bra. They are mostly non-padded and non-wired. A normal bra can be padded and underwired at the same time. This is meant for girls who have well-developed breasts.

  2. How to find the right bra size for girls?

    Begin by measuring your band and then measure the fullest part of your bust. While measuring the bust, the tape should be parallel to your band area. Subtract the band size from your bust size. Here 1 inch is equal to 1 cup size. The result is your correct cup size.

  3. When to buy a training bra for girls?

    A training bra is a lightweight bra for girls and is preferred by teenagers whose breasts have just started developing. It is made of lightweight material and provides minimal support but great comfort.

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