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Since the pandemic of 2020, we have all either started appreciating home health products and self-care products, or have begun to develop a deeper interest in the same. Well, that makes you, and about a million other people to begin with. We have certainly been taught (by rather harsh circumstances) that home health products and self-care products are a must-have in these times when a raging virus is omnipresent throughout the globe (yes, it has not been eradicated. Yet).

However, for those who are new to the entire genre of home healthcare products or home care products, especially the ones getting their own homes, we have an entire guided tour to get you started! In this article, we would not just mention and recommend home care products, but also give you a few suggestions, to begin with. Moreover, for those who are already believers of home health products, a few extra suggestions won’t hurt a lot, will they?

Must Have Self Care Products at Home

In this section, we are going to take you through our favourite skin care and beauty products that we swear by. In this section, we are also trying to evangelize you to the products that we cannot live without as well! Hence, without any further ado, let us jump straight into the must-have skin care and self-care products to pamper yourself like the beautiful person that you are!

  1. Shower Cream:
  2. What is more satisfying than having a great shower, and coming out of your washroom feeling like an absolute diva? Investing in a good quality shower cream must be a priority to get rid of all the grub and dust and dead skin cells at the end of each day (or in the morning, whenever you take a shower!). We would highly recommend getting a shower cream that fits your skin type so you do not feel like a dried-out chicken after the shower instead of a refreshed demigod! We love the Clovia Botaniqa Energising Body Cream. The best part about this is the smell of the product which will leave you smelling fresh all day long!

  3. Face Packs:
  4. Next up, we highly recommend incorporating face packs in your skin care regime. They will not only make your skin feel better but also be a great way to relax and unwind after a tiresome day or week. Moreover, if you are an outdoorsy person, then face packs are a must-have to get rid of all the damages done by pollution and dust and dirt. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to get a pack that compliments your skin type and you’d be set! Our favourite is the Matra Dead Sea Mud Mask, which cleans your face from the inside-out and prevents breakouts and blemishes!

  5. Fragrance Oils:
  6. A lot of you might be wondering what are the probable uses of fragrance oils in your skin care regime, but it has got a lot to do with unwinding and relaxation (even more than you think). Furthermore, a lot of fragrant oils are essential oils and contain several benefits for your skin and mind. We have a bias toward the Vaadi Herbals Lily and Lemongrass oil which is perfect for a (sort of) all rounder.

  7. Sleep Mask:
  8. Sleep masks will be your best friend if you are someone who lives in a house that does not have heavy blackout curtains. Moreover, they are cheaper than actually buying blackout curtains and the soft fabrics of the sleep masks are going to be a blessing for your eyes!

  9. Peel-Off Mask:
  10. once again a skincare product that we swear by! Peel-off masks are not trending for no reason. They work wonders if you are looking for a simple solution to easily rejuvenate your skin and add something extra to your skincare routine.

Healthcare Products You Cannot Compromise On

Like we mentioned earlier, the pandemic has taught us a lot about home healthcare. Hence, these are the major products that we’d recommend everybody to keep in their homes.

  1. Liquid Hand Sanitizer:
  2. Sanitizers are a no-brainer in terms of home healthcare. They can be substituted for washing hands with soap and water if we are talking about water shortages. Apart from that, sanitizers can easily become a part of your regular healthcare routine before you touch your face to apply moisturisers or your makeup. All that we are saying is- get a sanitizer. NOW!

  3. Sanitizer Spray:
  4. while sanitizers can be used to disinfect your hands and arms, it might get difficult to sanitize someone who has come into your house. You certainly cannot pour sanitizer all over them. In that case, sanitizer sprays come in handy! You can disinfect someone coming from outside, or things that come into your house easily with a spray.

  5. Hand Wash:
  6. Very basic. But you got to have hand washes in terms of bacteria removal. Also, we do not have to tell y’all about the benefits of a hand wash. Go on, get one if you haven’t already bought one.

Best Place to Get Your Personal Hygiene Products

All that being said and done, we like getting all our skin care, healthcare, and home health care items online. You too can buy personal hygiene products online, on Zivame. They have the best offers all around the year, and what’s best is that you can avail bonus points after every purchase, and the next purchase will have some sort of discount based on the points of your previous order. How cool is that?

Lastly, we hope that this article has helped you with your checklists in terms of home care essentials; and if it has, then you can surely write back to us. We would love to hear from you!

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