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Makeup Removers

There is no denying the fact that makeup enhances your looks. But it can never be a replacement for healthy, naturally good-looking skin. If you take the time to carefully create a different look each day with the best makeup products online, it is a good idea to invest in quality makeup removers that should be used at the end of each day. Removing makeup from your face, eyes, and lips should be part of your daily beauty regimen. You might have the urge to simply wash your face. But a face wash (depending on the kind you’re using) will not remove all traces of makeup from your skin. Makeup products left overnight can cause acne and breakouts as these will block pores, not allowing the skin to breathe and regenerate. At Zivame, you will find a range of products to choose from, depending on your needs. You can pick a makeup remover based on your skin type. For example, one with salicylic acid will not only remove makeup from your skin but soak up excess oil. If you are the lazy type, you could just use makeup remover wipes. Makeup removal oils are great to deal with heavy makeup. Similarly, a micellar solution will work gently to remove all makeup and mascara. It will also leave your skin hydrated. Go for an eye and lip makeup remover to get rid of all traces of lip colour and eye makeup after a night of glamour. less

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Buy Makeup Remover Online

Based on your skin type and daily requirements, you can choose your preferred type of makeup remover. While you buy makeup products online, pick one of these to complete your daily skincare routine. Read the available description carefully before ordering a product. If you’re travelling and need to keep it light, makeup remover wipes can come in really handy. These will easily fit in your purse and save the hassle of carrying multiple products. As part of your daily routine, use makeup remover cotton pads to apply a small amount of the chosen product to your face. You can also use the palms of your hand to apply the product, but a cotton pad or wipe works gently to remove all impurities. Don’t be harsh while taking makeup off; else your skin may develop rashes or blemishes.

Types of Makeup Remover

Which kind of makeup remover should you choose? With a large variety of products available, both online and offline, it is natural to get confused. Whatever brand you pick or the type of remover you prefer, you must consider two things before making your choice, final. The first is the type of skin you have, and the second is the ease with which you can use the product. Here are the most useful ones that can be chosen based on your personal needs:

Makeup remover wipes

This one is for the lazy ones out there. Travel-friendly and hassle-free, makeup remover wipes offer a quick yet effective solution to get makeup off your skin at the end of a long, busy day. These are suitable for all skin types, but you might want to read the labels carefully in case you have sensitive skin. Some makeup remover pads require just a little amount of water to work, but most are pre-moistened to work gently on the skin, leaving it hydrated and fresh. You should avoid using the same face wipes more than once, as most of these are meant for single-time use.

Micellar waterb

Available under various brands, micellar water breaks down makeup to give you clean and fresh-looking skin. It latches on to makeup particles and gets rids of all stains and traces as you wipe your face with a cotton pad or ball. If you struggle with oily, acne-prone skin, micellar water will be a great addition to your skincare routine. It serves a dual role - cleaning out pores by removing dirt and makeup and toning the skin.

Cleansing foams

A cleansing foam may already be part of your skincare product collection. Working up foam on the face, this product deep cleanses the skin and rids it of most impurities. Select brands also offer cleansing foams specifically designed to remove makeup. Used in combination with a moisturiser and toner, cleansing foams can keep the skin looking fresh by removing excess oil and dead skin cells.

Cream and milky cleansers

Milk and cream-based cleansers are the perfect solutions for dry skin. These work by acting gently on irritation-prone and dry skin, leaving it hydrated. Cream and milky cleansers are usually enriched with vitamins to nourish the skin. These effectively remove all kinds of makeup, leaving your skin comfortably soft and free of residue.

Oil cleansers

If you don’t have oily skin, you can pick oil-based cleansers that are created using a mix of different oils. When massaged into the skin, an oil cleanser will gently break down stubborn makeup, dirt, and grime and make them easier to remove. These are thick blends, and usually require a double cleanse to avoid clogged pores. Enriched with nourishing oils, these cleansers also help the skin in the process of regeneration. If you have combination or oily skin, you can invest in a bi-phasic cleanser. These are a mix of water and oils and can remove the heaviest of makeup. Just shake the bottle to mix the oil and water, apply to the skin, and gently cleanse with a cotton pad or wipe.

Irrespective of the type of makeup remover you pick for your beauty regimen, don’t forget to follow it up with a facial cream. Night-time facial creams are designed to work on your skin as you sleep. They aid the skin’s natural recovery process and help with cellular regeneration. With the right combination, you will wake up the next day with fresher, younger-looking skin. If you find that a makeup-removal product is making your skin dry out, you can add a balancing moisturiser to keep it hydrated.

Role of Makeup Removers

Ever thought about all that your skin is subjected to daily? There is harsh sunlight when you step out, in addition to dirt and pollution. Even indoors, sebum and makeup can clog pores. If not removed properly, a combination of these will hamper your skin’s ability to breathe. Cleansed and hydrated skin can breathe and also absorb the nourishment from skincare products. The right makeup tools include essential makeup removers as well. Here’s why makeup removers should be counted among your must-have beauty products:

  1. Remove impurities: Makeup removers help get rid of dirt, impurities, and cosmetics from your skin. This is important to avoid irritation and avert premature ageing of the skin. A makeup removal routine is a must, irrespective of whether you wear light or heavy makeup. Even trace amounts of makeup can irritate the skin.
  2. Prevent breakouts:A great way to prevent and reduce the risk of skin allergies, blackheads, and acne is to remove all makeup from your face and neck before you go to bed. As mentioned before, a combination of dirt and makeup can clog pores, which is sure to cause breakouts. This is equally important for people with oily, acne-prone, and dry skin. Clear skin is attractive; sleeping with lipstick on is not!
  3. Help in cellular regeneration:Your body repairs itself while you’re sleeping. This process of regeneration includes the skin as well. As you cleanse and moisturise your face before you go to bed, you not only save your skin from infections and breakouts but give it a chance to renew and repair itself. The result is healthier, younger-looking skin. The result of a hampered cellular renewal process – due to dirt or cosmetic products on the skin – is lifeless, older-looking skin. And, you wouldn’t want that!
  4. Make skin look younger:A good remover breaks down makeup, making it easier to remove from the skin. It also helps get rid of dead skin build-up, further enhancing the process of regeneration. Additionally, makeup removers also stimulate micro-circulation. This gives you firmer, lifted skin by boosting the production of collagen, resulting in a youthful glow and even skin tone. Pick the type of makeup remover best suited to your skin type. An oil or cream-based remover works best for dry, irritable skin as it removes makeup without ripping the skin of its natural oils. Water-based or bi-phasic cleansers are good for oily and acne-prone skin, working to exfoliate and helping prevent breakouts or blemishes.

Remember to do a double cleanse when using makeup removal products, especially with oil makeup removers, to get rid of any excess oils. The first cleanse, using your chosen makeup removal product, will get rid of makeup, dirt, and impurities. Consider the second cleanse your routine cleansing. For this, choose a cleanser that you can use daily, even when you are not wearing makeup. Pick one based on your skin’s needs that can help exfoliate, hydrate, or treat acne if you are prone to the same. Double cleansing usually involves using an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser. The former can be your makeup removal product. The latter will ensure no product residue is left on the skin. Finish with a hydrating night cream.

Explore Makeup Remover on Zivame

Dermatologists and makeup experts agree that makeup remover products are essential parts of your vanity kit. If you haven’t already invested in makeup removal products, now is a good time to buy them. You may pick one from your preferred brand or choose from the variety of products available on Zivame. Here, you will find the finest quality products from brands, including Revlon, Denphor, Dromen and Co, Faces Canada, and Revolution.

You can pick up Superdrug micellar water enriched with vitamin E to provide the skin with additional nourishment. Revolution Skincare offers not only oil-based cleansers but eye makeup removers that get rid of heavy eye makeup by gently working on the delicate skin around the eyes without causing damage. Bella Voste’s eye and lips makeup remover is designed to remove long-lasting and waterproof eye and lip products. Lenphor’s bi-phase remover has a mix of oil and water to work gently on combination skin.

Don’t forget to combine your buys with skin-friendly cotton swabs or balls made of super-absorbent cotton wool that works gently on the skin to take off all impurities and cosmetics. These are convenient to use, eco-friendly, and hygienic. Avoid using medical-grade cotton to cleanse your skin, as it can cause abrasions and irritate the skin further.

FAQs on Makeup Remover

  1. Which type of makeup remover is the best?
  2. Choose a makeup remover that suits your skin type. You can pick micellar water or a remover with salicylic acid if you have oily skin. For people with dry skin, oil-based or milk-based or creamy makeup removers are suitable.

  3. Is makeup remover necessary?
  4. Yes, makeup remover is an essential part of your skincare routine. Using makeup remover before bed helps the skin get rid of cosmetics, dirt, and grime, allowing it to breathe and heal naturally. It also helps prevent breakouts and aids cellular renewal.

  5. What is better, a makeup remover cotton pad or face wipes?
  6. Face wipes are quick to use and easy to carry. However, cotton pads are easier on the skin and help you get rid of makeup easily with the help of a remover.

  7. Can we use makeup remover every day?
  8. Yes, makeup remover should be used every day, even if you are using light makeup. Any residue on the skin can affect the recovery process while you are asleep. It may lead to breakouts and blemishes and cause the skin to age faster.

  9. What is the proper way to remove makeup?
  10. Use a good quality makeup remover to take off makeup and remove impurities from your face each night. Start with the skin around the eyes, use an eye makeup remover, and follow up with the rest of the face. Finish off by washing the face with a gentle cleanser, and apply a nourishing night cream to complete your skincare routine.

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