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Triumph lingerie

Triumph lingerie is the most successful brand of intimate apparel across the world. The philosophy of Triump India has always been that it should produce fashionable, high quality and exceptionally comfortable lingerie. The design teams for triumph Bra are in Europe and Asia. They pick up global trends in art, culture, fashion and lifestyle and then they integrate these ideas into wearable and workable trends that form the basis of every collection. The Triump inner wear is one of the biggest producers of bras and underwear, especially in Japan and Germany. The Triump under garments are adorned with Laces, embroidery and additional fabric that is sewn and bonded in to the base fabric that creates a three-dimensional finish. Triump lingerie also has Lovely laces that are always elegant which is one of Triumph's most succesful fashion collections. Triump night wear is also refreshed with new colors and styles in every season. Triump panties also have a new procedure that has very fine micro threads which are worked into the edge of the lace further making the lingerie invisible when you are wearing tight-fitting clothes. Triump briefs have great elasticity which adapts to the body´s movements thereby ensuring that the lingerie retains its shape throughout the day and also guarantees a perfect fit. Our online store now has a huge collection of lingerie from Triump online which you can browse through and then buy at affordable prices with great discounts from our stores and ensure you have the best lingerie.