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Explore PeeBuddy Products Online

Reasons to Make Pee Buddy Your New Intimate Hygiene Partner

There are ample times when one needs to use the washroom urgently but may not have access to a clean washroom. At moments like these, Pee Buddy is a great way to avoid unhygienic toilet spaces and the infections that come along with them. It is a girl’s best weapon in her fight against the dirt and germs often found on the toilet seat.

Pee Buddy is owned by the popular brand, Peesafe, and makes one-of-a-kind feminine hygiene products for women. Its products are designed to help keep one’s private parts safe and clean while peeing. The Pee Buddy brand’s series of products is dedicated to making day-to-day travel easy. With Pee Buddy, women do not have to squat their way through urgent nature calls or control so hard that their bladder cannot take it.

Don’t Leave Home Without Pee Buddy Products

All products by Pee Buddy are priced reasonably so that they are as affordable as they are useful. Here is a quick list of their bestsellers:

  1. Pee Buddy Disposable Toilet Seat Covers: These are disposable, one-time-use toilet seat covers that help you pee in public toilets at train stations, airports, aeroplanes, and basically on the go wherever needed. They are waterproof and can help you sit comfortably, even in washrooms that have wet or dirty toilet seats.

    A Pee Buddy disposable toilet seat cover is lightweight and easy to carry - it is a very convenient way of protecting yourself from UTIs by avoiding germs. It eliminates the need to squat or control your pee when not in the vicinity of a clean toilet. It serves as a helpful, compact tool that can sit nicely in a corner of your handbag and be conveniently laid out for use whenever needed.

  2. Pee Buddy Female Portable Urination Device: Standing is another way you can avoid being in contact with a dirty toilet seat that may cause infections, pimples, or irritation in the genital area. Women’s bodies are not naturally designed for peeing while standing but modern technology has made it possible for them to do so. The Pee Buddy female portable urination device can not only come in handy in dirty public places but is super convenient for women who are pregnant or have arthritis. This device is great for single-time use and serves as an alternative to sitting on unclean toilets to pee. It is waterproof, of course, and helps you avoid holding your pee for long.

Buy Products by Pee Buddy Online on Zivame

Using these healthy urination accessories and devices will help you maintain personal hygiene, irrespective of circumstances. Hence, consider signing up to Zivame to buy Pee Buddy products online. Explore the intimate care collection and take your pick as per personal preferences. While you are at it, also check out the range of other accessories, lingerie and apparel. Designed keeping the modern women’s needs in mind, you are sure to love the collection in store.

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