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Tankini Collection Online

Gorgeous Tankini Trends You Definitely Need to Try Out!

If you are planning to slay the pool party or if you are planning to hit the beach while looking your best, you must try out a trendy tankini and have a fun time flaunting it. As you browse the internet, you will come across different varieties of tankini online. We will help you pick the one that best suits your style.

Tankini styles for you to try out

  1. The cross straps:
  2. Stylishly and vogue, these tankini tops are perfect for a pool party. They come with bust pads and under-bust lining, and the floral designs are sure to grab attention. These are perfect for looking beautiful, elegant, and stylish!

  3. The casual tops:
  4. If you want a tankini top to wear over your bikini bottom or over your shorts, these are the best. You can sit around the pool or take a splash without any effort. Just slide into these smart tankini sets and turn your party mode on.

  5. The midriff tankini:
  6. Show off that waist in these amazingly designed tankini tops and let out the diva in you. These tankini tops can be worn with any bikini bottom. For a unique style statement, slip into a mini skirt and flaunt your legs.

  7. The flared tops:
  8. These adorable flared tankini tops are for those who love to be playful and look cute. You can choose from a wide variety of designs, from floral prints to bold geometric patterns. Wear them over any bikini bottom of your choice and let the games begin.

  9. The string straps:
  10. String strap tankini tops are classy and elegant, perfect to get the right tan on your skin. Wear them over any bottom and make your beach trip a stylish affair. They come in a wide array of prints for you to choose from.

    When you plan to buy tankini online, be sure to take a look at the tankini designs. Be ready to splash some water in a trendy tankini. Let people adore you, as you enjoy all the attention in this beautiful swimwear style.

    Tankini sets by Zivame – Fresh, Adorable and Stylish!

    Zivame offers a wide range of stylish, cute, beautiful, elegant, classy, and trendy tankini styles. With bold bright colours, floral patterns, quality material and an amazing price range, fall in love with each one of them.

    Zivame brings forth trendy swimwear collection for different kinds of wearers. From bikinis and tankinis to one piece swimsuits, you will find them all. If you want quality product, Zivame is the place for you to be.

    FAQs on Tankini

    1. How are tankini supposed to fit?

      Tankinis are stylish and sleek and are an excellent alternative to your everyday bikinis. The tankinis’ seams or the neckline should not be digging into the skin, and neither should there be spillage over the tankini’s neckline. If there are any bands around the ribs or waist, they should provide some room so that your skin can feel comfortable and easy. Tankinis that comes with a built-in bra or support fit better.

    2. How to wear a tankini?

      Pick a tankini that you find suitable for your body type. Wear it just like any top you wear. Just make sure to buy good-quality tankini online that will provide enough room for your body so that you can move easily. You will find matching tankini sets and opt to wear the whole set; else, you may leave the undies and wear any panties that you like.

    3. Is tankini similar to a monokini?

      The significant difference between tankini and monokini is that tankini is a two-piece swimwear, whereas monokini is one piece. Monokini will be figure-hugging and will have different cut-outs than a tankini. A tankini will usually have a kind of free-flowing top with bikini underwear. A tankini will hide the abdomen area, making it perfect for women who don’t like to show much skin. On the other hand, a monokini will usually have more cuts, which will reveal more abdomen skin.

    4. What is the difference between a bikini and a tankini?

      Both tankinis and bikinis are two-piece swimwear, but the brief will stop right below the chest. Simultaneously, tankinis will be more of a tank top shape and will cover your whole upper body. In a tankini bathing suit, the brief will extend below the chest area. You can buy a tankini online to cover the upper part of your body.

    5. Can you swim in tankini?

      Of course, you can swim in tankinis. However, seasoned swimmers prefer swimming in swimsuits or bikinis. If you want to relax at the beach and don’t want to show too much skin, you can buy a tankini. But when soaked in water, tankinis can restrict the body’s movement since it will stay tight on the body.

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