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Makeup Tools

From simple sponges, applicators to blackhead vacuums, and electric facial devices, the range of makeup tools available in the market is unlimited and innovative! While adding these makeup tools ensures the best results from the makeup products, it is really difficult to navigate through them to figure out easy at-home skin-care tools. Zivame is here to help you simplify your search with some of the most essential make-up tools that every woman should own! Yes, you read that right, Zivame, India's largest online lingerie brand has rounded up a host of brushes and blenders including kabuki brush, silicone blenders, powder brush, mascara brush, lip brush, blender brush, and more so that you apply your makeup the right way to get the most desired look. With the help of these makeup tools, especially brushes, you will now be able to perfectly apply those everyday foundation creams, the exotic-looking eye palette, or even basic kajal eyeliner! These tools also play an integral role in a makeup regime, as they help your favourite makeup products blend better into your skin. So, what are you waiting for? Step ahead with your makeup game and choose from an array of big brand names in the beauty market such as Proarte, Colorbar, Wet n Wild, Myglamm, Faces Canada, among others, and select the makeup tools that suit you the best. It’s time you truly Love Yourself Inside Out! less

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Makeup Tools: An Introduction

The evolution of makeup is an ongoing trend and the beauty industry has come far from using products that were laden with chemicals, lead, and even copper composition. Today, modern cosmetic products are made with advanced and complex formulas, which care for the skin while transforming your look completely. Moreover, with the easy use and application of at-home skin-care and makeup tools, men and women can perform intricate beauty hacks themselves, without even stepping out!

Makeup tools, therefore, along with your basic cosmetic products like lipstick, foundation cream, kajal, eyeliner, nail polish, eye palette, and so on remain an integral part of your makeup kit and are as important as the makeup itself! And as we talk about the must-haves makeup tools in your vanity kit, we aren’t referring to the complex beauty devices but a few makeup tools that will do the trick in a jiffy, like a powder brush, blender brush, mascara brush, contour brush, beauty blender, or a lip brush. These makeup tools are safe, user-friendly, and deliver the best results.

So, if you’re looking forward to levelling up your makeup routine, Zivame’s collection of makeup tools is the best place to get introduced to the new world of beauty tools.

Types of makeup tools

Try your hands on the must-have makeup tools and give your makeup a professional look. These face brushes and blenders ensure flawless makeup with their swirl, buff, and blend techniques. Let’s explore a few of these makeup tools from Zivame’s best collection, shop from the top-selling brands, for the best quality assurance!

General Face Brushes

Used for various facial applications, general face brushes include: Eyeshadow Brush, Easy Liner brush, mini tapered Kabuki brush, polishing brush, mini angled kabuki brush, angled eye, and lip brush, Small angular liner brush, precision fan brush, among many others. These general face brushes allow you to sculpt your face to perfection as you apply your makeup smoothly.

Powder Brush

Used for: Gently and softly dusting the loose powders across your face.

About the brush: Among the beginner brushes, the powder brush is the most common makeup tool and the easiest to use. These brushes are thick and versatile; they help you get done a lot of beauty jobs in a swish! They also allow you to add colour to your cheeks like blush to get dramatic, rosy cheeks, with deep hues.

How to use: This makeup tool works well in both pressed and loose powders. Dip it into your product, and sweep them in circles until you have achieved the desired coverage. For better results, start the application from the middle of your face and gradually move out.

Tapered Foundation Brush

About the brush: Made with a slight taper, these brushes are makeup tools that are flat, and not very thick. These brushes work best with water and ensure an even application or tone of the foundation. Also, the design of these brushes does not allow them to absorb any foundation or any other makeup products.

How to use: Dip the brush in water and squeeze out the excess water. Blend on the product that is to be used and then apply it to your face by evenly stroking the brush along your face. Take care that the brush doesn’t leave any noticeable harsh lines on the skin.

Stippling Brush

Used for: Getting a perfect look, similar to airbrushed makeup

About the brush: Among the various makeup tools, the stippling brush catches attention with its striking appearance! With fibres of two distinct lengths, long fibres are interspersed; whereas the shorter ones are tightly packed and fully fibred. These brushes can be used for layering several levels of makeup. You can work with foundation, primer, and even blush with such types of makeup tools.

How to use: These brushes work well with liquid products, you can also easily apply powders with them. To create a ‘stipple’ effect, take the product on the back of the hand and with slow motions push the brush across your face. After a few stipples, use the longer fibres of the brush by gently pressing it down on your face in swirling motions.

Kabuki Brush

Used for: Applying body/face shimmer and loose powder

About the brush: Being one of the impressive brushes, they are tightly packed with fibres. They are the best makeup tools to apply powders on the face and body

How to use: Dip the brush in the shimmer or powder and tap gently to remove the excess product and spread it gently across your face in an even manner by making large circular motions.

Contour Brush

Used for: Achieving a more defined and angular cheekbone and facial structure.

About the brush: Contour brushes, especially the ones that are slanted, enable you in contouring your face shape. By blending and applying contour powder very carefully beneath your jawline, cheekbone, and forehead, this makeup tool sculpts your face sharply.

How to use: Dip this brush into the contour powder, tap out excess product and glide the brush gently inwards and below your cheekbones. Doing so will help in showcasing a well-defined natural contour. For a chiseled or sharper look, repeat the process and swirl the brush along your hairline and under your jawline and as well.

Silicone Blender

Used for: These makeup tools are the best for applying foundation effortlessly and blending other beauty products

About the blender: Silicone blenders are flat and generally come in a teardrop shape or an oval shape. One of the main advantages of using this blender is that it does not waste any amount of your makeup products!

How to use: Dab the required amount of foundation and stipple it on your face. Ensure that you blend the foundation well on your neckline as well. The application process must be done with short tapping motions. Do not swirl the foundation or any other beauty product with a silicone blender, as it can smear up your entire look!

Beauty Blender

Used for: Application of foundation (both wet and dry), blush, concealer, and highlighter.

About the blender: The versatile beauty blender is the most loved makeup tool of beauty stars! With this blender, you can apply a host of products like topical creams, sunscreens, foundation, bronzer, blush, and highlighter. Additionally, it can be also used as a primer applicator for a solid and even base.

How to use: For liquid foundation, moisten the sponge and press it onto the foundation and start the application with soft dabbing motions. You can follow the same steps for using dry powders as well. Remember, to re-moisturize the blender as it can dry out during the application process.

If you wish to apply a highlighter to smaller areas of your face or add some shimmer to brow bones, use the tip of this makeup tool for a more detailed look. Furthermore, if your final makeup looks patchy, this makeup tool can help you! Simply use the sides of the beauty blender and roll it across your entire face to blend the makeup well.

Frequently Asked Questions on Makeup Tools

  1. What are the tools you need for makeup?
  2. Appropriate makeup tools are a must to achieve the desired outcome from your beauty products. Whether you’re a beginner in the beauty regime or a pro already, these must-have beauty tools must be in your makeup kit all the time!

    • Makeup brushes: While there are a plethora of makeup brushes on market, having two or three of them are enough to pull off a great makeup. Buffing brush or stippling brush helps you apply foundation flawlessly. For best compact powder application keep a big fluffy brush, simultaneously, for applying bronzer and blush bag some small round brushes. Finally, keep blending brushes to apply eye shadows like a pro!
    • Eyelash curler: This makeup tool gives your lashes an extra lift and curls, making your eyes look bigger and better.
    • Tweezers: This multipurpose makeup tool helps you pluck random facial hair, tweezer out eyebrows, and aids in applying false lashes.
    • Sponge: Makeup sponges are best used for the application of liquid cream, concealer, or foundation. By dabbing and stippling the sponge correctly, this makeup tool can give you a natural airbrush look.
  3. Which makeup brushes are used for what?
  4. A few basic brushes that constitute the best makeup tool that will help you to step up your makeup game are:

    • Powder brushes: They are big brushes with medium and fluffy rounded tips, best suited for the application of face powder.
    • Mascara brush: Get impressive, thick, and fluffy lashes with mascara brushes.
    • Lip brush: These brushes are round, flat, and come with a squared-off tip. They help in applying and blending lip products.
    • Blusher brush: These makeup tools are oblong-shaped brushes with medium density.
    • Bronzer brush: Condensed, round, and a brush with a flat tip helps in the application of cream or powder formulas.
    • Eyeshadow brush: These brushes come in a variety of sizes, and feature small and rounded tips for stamping.
    • Eyeliner brush: With a flat tip, this brush can be pointed, squared off, or rounded–depending on the preference of the application.
    • Eyebrow brush: These makeup tools allow you to fill and give a nice line to the brows of all shapes.
  5. How do I choose makeup brushes?
  6. Here are the three secrets of choosing these amazing makeup tools and brushes:

    • Quality matters: The classier the brush, the better it is! High-quality brushes can be identified by fine material, soft bristles, and those which do not feel ragged or frayed. Most importantly, a good quality brush will not shed out the fibres.
    • Characteristics to look out for:
      1. Brush head shape: Dome, square, tapered, slant, angled, tip
      2. Brush head size: Small, extra-small (fine), medium, extra-large, large
      3. Bristle texture: Coarse, soft, fine
      4. Bristle material: Natural hair, synthetic hair
      5. Bristles density: Dense, firm, stiff
      6. Handle length: Mini, short, long
      7. Ferrule: Metals including brass, aluminium, or others

    • Cost: The cost doesn’t always determine the quality! Therefore, be wary of cost while choosing makeup brushes. Instead of the price tag, analyse the characteristics mentioned above to get the best makeup brush.
  7. Why are makeup brushes important?
  8. Brushes are the most important makeup tools; the foundation of any beauty kit! These brushes ensure a precise makeup application, perfect coverage to blemishes, concealing spots, and even covering any makeup mishaps. Moreover, these brushes give you perfect makeup, so that you don’t need several touch-ups during the day.

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