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We get it. We all love nail polishes. One of the first things we notice after our face are the hands and nails. And nothing feels more away from an impeccable look than chipped nail polish. Polished and manicured nail polish completes our look and makes us feel more put together. It makes us feel like we are ready to take on the world. Nail polish is an essential part of our makeup that pulls and completes our look. Unkempt nails, chipped nail polish or a bad manicure do the opposite. Not only nail polish affects our mood and makes us look gorgeous, but it can also benefit your nails and cuticles, depending on which brand you choose. The colour we choose for our nail polish also, in some ways, represents who we are or what we are feeling at that moment. Quality nail polishes contain good ingredients like vitamin E oil and natural dyes that do not damage your nails. They also help to nourish and moisturize the nails. A wide range of nail polish products and brands is available at Zivame. From sophisticated and straightforward neutral to funky and fun, shiny, glittery nail polishes for a party night, whichever look and colour you are going for, Zivame has them all. You can also get a top coat, base coat, nail polish remover, and nail filer. At Zivame, you can also shop for other makeup tools and beauty products like eyeshadows, eyeshadow palette , lipsticks, liquid foundation , kajal eyeliner , etc. Whatever you are in the mood for, we got your back. less

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Your Ultimate Guide to Picking the Right Nail Paint Style!

Whether you are giving yourself an at-home manicure or you are headed to the nearest salon to try out the trending fashion nail art, the nail polish used is as vital as the nail polishing technique. And while checking out all the nail paints available, you may feel awe-struck by the sheer number of options available!

Gone are the days when you used to use the traditional nail polish formula. Time has changed, and today you have different types of nail paint styles to choose from. Some like glossy, while others prefer nail art, which could be new territory for you. Whatever the case, take this post as your guide to understand the different kinds of nail polish styles, and choose one that you like the most. Let’s begin.

Types of Nail Paint Styles
  • Matte
  • When you think about a nice manicure, what is the first nail polish type that strikes your mind? Shiny nails, right. Isn’t that what you have been using as the topcoat for so long? But don’t you wish you could try something else, something different?

    This is when nail polish comes into the picture. Matte finish, as you can imagine, is a nail polish type that is devoid of shine. Soon after Alexander Wang introduced matte nail polish in his Fall 2010 runway collection, it went viral.

    Matte nail polish looks good on everyone. It offers plenty of depth and gives your nails a distinct look. In addition, this one is enjoyable to use. Unlike the traditional manicure, this one looks modern and smooth. The only thing that you will have to keep in mind is that matte nail polish takes more time to dry.

  • Glossy
  • Glossy nail polish is the classic nail polish that has become a modern beauty mainstay. It is available everywhere and never fails to impress you. Moreover, glossy nail paint has zero risk of chipping, and it stays just like that for many weeks to come.

    The most significant advantage of glossy nail polish is that the ingredients used in them hold on to your nails tighter and can easily stand up to usual wear and tear. The range of available colours is limitless, and many women prefer it over matte.

    They last longer than matte nail polish, makes your nails look fresh and radiant, and they look excellent on longer nails. So, if you have longer nails, you should go for glossy nail polish. You can add a few gemstones on top of the glossy nail paint to spice things up.

  • Multicolour
  • When we say multicolour, we don’t mean a nail polish with multiple colours; instead, we are talking about the multicolour nail paint technique that you can try. The multicolour nail paint style combines a stylish and vivid colour scheme.

    Multicolour nail paint gives you the freedom to try different nail colours all at once. You can add multiple colours to one single nail or try out different colours on other nails. The idea is to make your nails pop up.

    All you will have to do is pick the colours so that they fit into the theme you are trying to achieve. For example, let’s say you like pastel colours; you can choose multiple shades of pink nail polish combined with a few reds.

How To Apply Nail Polish?

While applying nail polish, remember three simple rules:

  • First, one coat of base coat.
  • Second, two coats of nail polish that you picked.
  • Third, one coat of topcoat.

Now, follow these steps:

Step 1: Make sure that you have removed the previous nail polish altogether. Once done, apply one coat of the base coat

Step 2: Allow the base coat to be fully dry. It will hardly take a minute or two. Now, take the nail polish that you have picked, matte or glossy, and start from the area where your nail starts and keep coming down to the centre of the nail. Don’t flood the cuticle. Repeat the same process for the second coat of nail polish.

Step 3: Finally, finish the process by applying the topcoat. If you are using matte nail polish, ensure to use a matte topcoat; otherwise, use a regular glossy top coat for glossy.

When it comes to applying nail art, there are all kinds of things that you can do. The tips that we are sharing here are for beginners; try them out!

Bobby Pin Trick
  1. Take a bobby pin and pull the two prongs apart.
  2. Apply a glossy nail polish like you usually do and let it dry.
  3. Take a darker or lighter nail polish shade, insert one end of the bobby pin and start placing dots on your nail.
Nail Art Strips
  1. You can buy nail art strips and use them to give a new look to your nails.
  2. Place the strips diagonally and one right in the centre to give it a white and orange flaming effect.
Colour Splash Nail Art
  1. We will recommend using white nail polish as the base for the colour splash nail art.
  2. Apply two coats of white nail polish, and once dried, take a brighter colour nail polish, such as blue, purple, or pink, and splash the colour all over the nail using your thumb.

Now, let’s talk about a trend that everyone loves, the multicolour nail polish trend. Trying this trend is effortless. All you need to do is choose the colours that you like and apply each on individual nails. You can try different shades of green, neutral colours, colours inspired by autumn, and more.

Pick Your Favourite Nail Polish Colour from Zivame Today!

We have to admit that nail polish has made our lives a lot better. Nails without any colour look empty but add a dash of colour, and they pop up immediately. So, whether you want to try the latest matte or glossy nail polish colours, or you are thinking about giving nail art and multicolour a try, Zivame has nail polish colours that you can’t miss! So, grab yours now and don’t forget to take a look at Zivame’s wide range of lipstick and foundation too.

FAQs on Nail Polish

  1. Which one is the best nail polish?
  2. The best nail polish is the one you love at the movement that compliments your look, style and mood in the best way. It could be any colour or finish. One of the first things to look for in the best nail polish is a long-lasting manicure. Good nail polish goes on smoothly, providing consistent colour and finish. It should not streak or take many coats to fully cover the nail. The texture is also important. It should be silky and smooth, making it easy to apply.

    Harmful chemical substances can deteriorate the health of your nails very rapidly. We have nail polishes that are free of main harmful ingredients and breathable nail polish. Try to use nail polishes that are cruelty-free and are 100% vegan. Also, look for a brand that uses natural ingredients.

  3. What are the types of nail polish?
  4. There are many types of nail polish.

    • Regular nail polish is the regular nail polish that is widely available almost anywhere. They are also the most used ones. They most likely come in a glossy smooth finish.
    • Matte nail polish is similar to regular nail polish, but it does not come in a glossy and reflective finish. Sometimes matte nail polishes chip faster than the regular ones. If you don't want to buy matte nail polish separately, you can also get topcoats that turn regular nail polish into a matte one.
    • Glitter nail polish - best suited for a wedding or a party, these nail polish mostly come in a wide range of glitter colours and glitter sizes. Their base usually does not have any colour. This nail polish can be used as a topcoat or own.
    • Chrome nail polish - these also come in a wide range of colours. They give a metallic look and have an edgy vibe. They are also similar to regular nail polish but with a chrome look.
    • Gel nail polish is probably the longest lasting nail polish in the whole category. They also give a shiny glossy and best-manicured look. These used to be primarily available at nail salons. But these days, most brands are making them.
    • Five-free nail polish - regular nail polish contains many chemicals that can be harmful if you use them regularly. However, nowadays, brands are making five-free nail polish. It means that nail polish is free of the five most harmful chemicals. They do not contain these five chemicals in their formula: formaldehyde resin, formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, and camphor.
    • Breathable nail polish - nails need oxygen and sunlight for their health. Nail polish does not allow either of them to pass through. With new breathable technology, these nail polishes can now allow water, air and light to pass through them, and it is a healthier option for the nails.
    • French manicure is a classic manicure with a simple and stylish look. French manicure kits are available with everything you need for this look: a neutral base shade, classic white nail polish for the tips, and a nail filer for the clean and straight tip. You can do this at home.
  5. What is the most popular brand of nail polish?
  6. Colorbar, Miss Claire, Faces Canada are some of the most popular nail polish brands available at Zivame.

  7. What will most likely be the most popular nail polish colour for 2022?
  8. Bright colours with sophisticated looks like fiery red and dark or periwinkle blue can most likely be a popular nail colour of 2022.

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