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Get the Best of 36 Size Bras!

Contour your bust with the right kind of 36B bra size

One of the major issues with women with slightly bigger busts is finding the right kind of bra. The right size and the right kind of bra however, can make things a lot easier. It also allows one to wear different kinds of attire on top, without making anything look awkward. If you wear a size 36B bra, this article may help you understand the types of bras that you can pick for specific outfits. Forget about uncomfortable fits and busty looks; it’s time for you to look elegant and feel comfortable at the same time.

Different types of bras in 36B cup size

  1. Lightly padded, underwired bras: These bras come in assorted colours and prints. The light padding and underwire provide good support and a slight uplift that makes the bust look firmer. The smooth, seamless cups let you wear any attire on top, including tight tops and dresses.
  2. Wireless bras: These are a bit softer than the above category. The wireless nature makes it easier for the bra to be worn throughout the day, without you feeling any discomfort or suffocation. Get this smooth 36B bra and wear them under your casuals to stay relaxed.
  3. Push-Up bras: If you want to enhance your bust and highlight your cleavage while looking elegant, you need to get a 36b bra size in the push-up category. You will find them in different colours and designs. Wear them under your deep-neck evening gown and look glamorous.
  4. T-shirt bra: Want to wear something casual? Pick a 36B bra in the T-shirt bra category, and wear it under your casual tops. These bras are very comfortable, and the light pads and underwire give the optimum support.
  5. Sports bra: The 36 bra size in the sports bra category comes with superior support features. These bras help in giving the bust firm support that is required during physical workouts. If you are into sports, don’t let anything hinder you from giving your best.
  6. Lacy bras: If you want something chic, you may pick a lacy 36B bra. These bras do not provide good support; however, they give a good shape to the bust. You can wear them under your evening gown and feel glam from within.
  7. Bralette: Sensuous and supportive at the same time, bralettes are designed to make your bust look good and keep you comfortable. The elegant lace trims in some designs are sure to take your heart away. However, make sure to get the perfect 36B bra size.
  8. Zivame makes sure every wearer is happy and comfortable

    The true beauty in a woman should be measured by the level of confidence she exhibits. At Zivame, we understand that a confident woman knows what she wants. Therefore, we bring forth women’s wear that are designed to provide optimum comfort. From quality bra and panty collections in assorted styles to sleepwear with cute designs, we have it all! If you are looking for superior quality innerwear and good value for your money, Zivame is the place to look.

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