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Women Health Products

What are Akiva Activated Charcoal Health Shots?

Women health products are usually looked upon as an added expense, but female health products are as important as any other medications. There are a plethora of health drinks and supplements available on the internet today, but we would like to bring to your notice the Akiva Activated Charcoal Health Shots that are made with natural products like aloe vera and are highly recommended for digestion and detox. They cleanse the body by eliminating the toxins from the gut. It helps in accelerating the digestion process, hence improving the bowel movements and metabolism.

These shots are a composition of ayurvedic and herbal mixes, and hence have no artificial or synthetic flavors and colors are added. The activated charcoal and aloe vera cleanses the stomach, thus leading to a smoother digestion process.

Benefits Of Akiva Activated Charcoal Health Shots

  1. Made with a composition of natural ingredients like activated charcoal and aloe vera, these shots make for one of the best women health care products, since they do not contain any synthetic materials.

  2. They help in cleansing the toxins from the body, hence making you feel fresh and light.

  3. They help in improving the digestion process, the bowel movements and the metabolism.
  4. They work as a great detox agent for your body.

How Should You Consume These Health Shots?

These health shots are recommended for anybody above the age of 12. Exceptions can be made in case of previous medical history or allergies.

As per the consumption is concerned, one can have these shots in the morning with an empty stomach, or in the early evening hours, when it has been a while since you consumed your last meal.

Buy These Health Shots Online On Zivame

Zivame has a variety of women’s health products that are healthy and beneficial for your body. Akiva’s health shots are a suitable female health product for almost everyone who wants to improve their digestion and live a healthier life. You can simply buy them online on Zivame from our website

FAQs on Akiva Activated Charcoal Health Shots

  1. What are the side effects of these health shots?
  2. Because the composition of these health shots are natural, there are no apparent side effects. Unlike other women health care products, these shots do not contain any artificial flavoring or coloring. But still factors like allergies, previous medical conditions, amount of consumption, adaptability, etc. should be considered.

  3. Which is the best health shot for weight management?
  4. Akiva Activated Charcoal Health Shots with Aloe Vera for Detox and Digestion are the best health shots for weight management as they accelerate and smoothes your digestion process. They remove the toxic substances out of the body and help in detoxification.

We hope we were able to resolve most of your queries and give you a better idea about the best women’s health products that you need to get your hands on. You can simply buy them by ordering them on Zivame and experience a hassle-free delivery experience.

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