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A well-dressed, well-groomed woman oozes confidence. Appropriate, complementary accessories elevate a person's overall look and style. Apart from shoes, bags and glasses, jewellery is essential for accessorising. Ladies' jewellery is full of options, including earrings, nose-rings, bracelets, girdles, brooches and more. One of the traditional but often overlooked accessories that makes a comeback in the fashion world is the anklet. Most traditional ladies jewellery adorns the upper half of the body—earrings and nose pins, chains and necklaces, bangles and bracelets, to name a few. There are tiaras, too, and one can avail the best head jewellery online . Jewellery for the legs and feet is mainly limited to anklets and toe-rings. As the name suggests, anklets are chain-like ornaments worn around the ankles. Anklets are made from various metals and materials, including silver, gold, shells and beads. Sterling silver anklets with delicate designs like hearts, snowflakes and flowers are trendy. These make excellent party-wear accessories and have become the wardrobe must-have for the in-vogue fashionista. You can pair the traditional gold or silver-toned anklets with sarees, suits and shararas. The funky modern ones look great with jeans, skirts or capris. Anklets offer a definitive look to your ankle and complete the look. You can check out the wide range of anklets online at Zivame and take your pick. less

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Anklets for Women

Anklets have traditionally been a part of every Indian woman's jewellery box. They were one of the 'solah shringar' - the 16 adornments for the idea of perfect beauty.

To this day, anklets are one of the most popular accessories for modern women. Anklets add grace to a woman's whole attire. If you pair it with sarees and lehengas, you could complete the traditional look with silver and gold anklets. If you want to wear it as a part of your daily outfits, you can go for sterling silver anklets, which add a chic look to your whole outfit. Since anklets fit snugly around your ankles, they highlight your beautiful feet and slender ankles. Many times, when you wear your rolled-up jeans, you might feel uncomfortable because of the empty area between your hemline and shoes. Well, anklets take that awkwardness away by offering some cover. The eyes are drawn towards the anklets, giving you a complete look.

With the fashion industry making significant progress, there has been a surge of intricate and unique designs that naturally appeal to the eyes. Regardless of your aesthetic sense, you will find something to suit your taste. Getting the perfect accessory to complement the ensemble can send your confidence soaring!

Anklets provide a graceful look to your being and highlight your slender feet. If you want to flaunt your new shoes, wearing an anklet is a great option to draw attention. Anklets are versatile and are ideal as both occasional and daily wear accessories. You can wear an anklet any day and every day if you want to, so long as it matches the outfit. You can always choose subtle anklets like charm anklets or silver chain anklets for daily wear.

Silver anklets are the most common form worn by women and offer numerous benefits to the wearer. Silver is considered an auspicious metal, and many people use it for talismans. Depending on the negative energy you are fighting, you can use different stones. Still, they are usually set in silver because silver amplifies the positive effects of the precious stones.

Silver anklets are believed to remove negative energy and encourage positive energy flow. Since your feet are touching the ground, there is always a loss of power. Still, the silver anklet prevents the loss of positive energy. It creates an energy barrier around you, protecting you from evil eyes and negative vibrations. Moreover, silver anklets improve blood circulation and are an excellent remedy for swollen ankles. The improved blood flow would prevent any swelling and remove any discomfort you face.

Types of Anklets

Now that you have decided that you want an anklet for yourself, there comes the following question: which anklet do you choose? The range of options when it comes to anklet designs can be overwhelming. If you are inherently indecisive, anklet shopping can be quite the task for you, given the sheer range of options. And it can be all the more challenging if you are hard-pressed for time.

We will attempt to somewhat simplify things for you. This section will list the broad categories of the types of anklets available.

  • Metal anklets
  • These anklets are typically made of metals, most often gold, silver and sterling. Silver and gold anklets are a bit heavier than sterling silver anklets. Moreover, you might think of them as traditional anklets and not choose to wear them with daily outfits. Anklets made of sterling silver are in vogue right now simply because of the wide range of designs that sterling silver moulds into and its durability. You need to take a lot of care if you wear gold or silver anklets because they are precious metals. But sterling silver is a durable metal, and you can use it without any worries.

  • Beaded anklets
  • Little girls mostly wear these anklets. The beads and other plastic charms give these anklets a very kiddish look and are mainly used to adorn the feet of children and infants. But there are no rules for fashion in this day and age of mix and match. If you suddenly feel like pulling off a cute look today, nothing should stop you from rocking one of these beaded anklets. And the good news is that the fashion industry understands the whimsical moods of women, so they have come up with beaded anklets that grown women can wear with elan.

  • Bridal anklets
  • These are heavy, traditional anklets made for the bride and her special day. It would be best to have something equally rich and intricate to go with the heavy lehengas. You can look at gold anklets to suit the auspicious occasion for your special day. A lot of bridal anklets also come with an attached toe ring. These kinds of anklets signify a woman's marital status. Brides deck up their feet with henna tattoos on their special day, and these are a perfect match for the traditional anklets.

  • Sterling silver anklets - Kada anklet
  • As mentioned in one of the earlier sections, sterling silver is a hugely popular material for anklets. While everyone loves the chain anklet affixed with charms, sometimes it is too light or subtle. You might need something heavier to amp up your style, which is where Kada anklets come in.

    Kada anklets are narrow metal bands, with self-design on the band itself. There are no charms attached to these kinds of anklets. These are inspired by tribal iron anklets and are pretty heavy. However, sterling silver Kada anklets are lighter and offer a classy look. These can be paired with Indo-western outfits like a shirt-Ghaghra outfit or a kurta-palazzo ensemble.

  • Ajmeri Payal design
  • Rajasthani motifs inspire these anklets. They are made of metals like silver or sterling silver and consist of an intricate net-like design, with pearls or beads attached at the bottom of the anklet. Due to its heavy look, it is always better to pair these with traditional outfits like sarees or lehengas. Try to go for a simple sandal if you wear this anklet, and avoid ankle-strap sandals at all costs.

  • Gold anklets
  • These are the most traditional anklets worn by Indian women. Since gold is considered an auspicious metal dedicated to the gods, women avoid wearing gold anklets since it is considered disrespectful to be worn on the feet. A practical workaround for these is gold-toned or gold-plated anklets made of other metals. These offer the classy look of gold but are not actually made from it.

FAQs on Anklets

  1. Why do ladies wear anklets?
  2. Wearing anklets has been a part of Asian cultures since time immemorial. Women usually wear silver anklets because it is believed that the metal accessory prevents the loss of energy from the body and hence helps to maintain positive vibes. Gold anklets are not worn unless it is for a religious ceremony. Gold is believed to be the metal of the gods, and many consider wearing gold accessories on the feet as disrespectful and inauspicious.

  3. On which leg can we wear anklets?
  4. Anklets are of two types: there are anklet pairs, and there are single anklets. Anklets that come in pairs have two anklets, meant to be worn on both legs. These are usually traditional anklets made of silver or gold and are considered formal jewellery.

    The single anklets are usually worn as party wear, and you can wear them on any leg you like. There is no set rule when it comes to wearing these single anklets.

  5. What are the most popular anklet designs?
  6. The good news is that anklets come in thousands of designs in numerous materials. When it comes to options, women are spoilt for choice. There are metal anklets, beaded and charm anklets, those made from shells and cowries and so on. Depending on the kind of look you are going for, you have a range of options from which to choose. The most popular anklet designs are listed below:

    • Ajmeri Payal design: These payals (anklets) evolved from the Rajasthani design of payals and are heavier than most others. These have intricate net-like designs and are usually made of silver.

    • Charm anklet design: These are the anklets that most women prefer for day-to-day styling. These anklets have small charms attached to a single chain. The treats range from metal charms like stars, hearts and snowflakes or intricate charms like beads or other pretty stuff.

    • Kada anklet design: These anklets have evolved from the traditional tribal anklets. These anklets, too, are made from metals and consist of thick metal bands. These pair well with Rajasthani lehengas or shin-length skirts.

    • Beaded anklets: These offer a cute and playful look and are best when paired with casual clothing.

  7. Which anklets are trending currently?
  8. Like every other fashion accessory, anklets too come in and go out of style. You can look up' anklets' online if you wish to stay updated with the current trending anklet syles. Most online shopping portals will give you insights into the styles in vogue. The most common anklets would be featured on the top.

    There are many options for choosing an anklet to go with your outfit. Currently, it is the sterling silver anklets with subtle metal charms that are in vogue. People are also going for gold-plated anklets because the gold plating complements jeans. So if you wish to accessorise your pair of ripped jeans with an anklet, go for the gold-plated ones.

    Ajmer anklets are in vogue in traditional anklets because they pair well with ethnic clothes and perfectly glam up an Indo-western ensemble.

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