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A necklace is a piece of jewellery that has been an emblem of beauty in society from time immemorial. A typical necklace is a mélange of stones and gems cut beautifully and set in precious metals, such as gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum, or silver, and polished to perfection. They enhance your feminine beauty tenfold by adding to the charm of your apparel. You can avail of a wide variety of necklace designs and create your own custom-made necklaces just at one of India’s topmost online stores, Zivame.com. It is launching its newest jewellery section where you can get hold of contemporary and classical necklaces in the topmost quality costume material. At Zivame, you will be spoilt for choices. From a medley of chains, pearlies, chokers, bib styles, festoons, lariats, plastrons, and charm necklaces to collar neckpieces, pendants, lockets, and danglers, you will have a wide range of options to choose from. Be it traditional or modern, Zivame has it all. You can also purchase personalised necklaces for yourself or your loved one, including lockets with photos, engraved crystal necklaces, name-plated gold or metal ones, and heart necklaces. They make for the perfect gifts, adding a personal touch and making you memorable to the person you are gifting it. You can team your necklaces with a matching pair of earrings or bracelets and be forever fashionable when you step out of the house every day, be it for any occasion or profession. Always remember - a necklace a day keeps a monotonous style away! less

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Necklace Collection on Zivame

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The oldest forms of necklaces found in history were made of seashells or ornate stones. A precious stone, too large to be worn in as a ring or as nose rings and earrings, was dangled as a pendant or embedded into a necklace. The earliest form of necklaces dates back to Egyptians who wore them with beads and glazed pottery, remnants of which can be still in their tombs. Fascinating terracotta necklaces have also been excavated from the Indus Valley Civilisation sites.

With time, ornate necklaces have turned into a symbol of power and authority, worn mainly by kings and royalty as their badge of honour. Clergymen and regular people started wearing celestial stones and charms around their necklines to ward off the evil. Particularly since the early Renaissance and in the late Gothic era, necklaces came into vogue and became a household symbol of wealth, status, and hereditary.

Nowadays, necklaces for women have become an integral part of fashion. Women prefer statement necklace designs in precious and semi-precious materials, rather than spending a fortune on only one expensive necklace. Various statement pieces are available online at Zivame.com, from an exclusive variety of chokers, chains, pendants, pearls, Kundan, and luxury neckpieces with matching earrings. You can scroll through a wide range of the latest necklace designs, and select the one that fits your style, preference, occasion, and budget.

Different Types of Necklaces

Today, most of us believe in sustainable fashion and reuse our fashion jewellery to style each of our attires. However, this means that you must own a prototype of every necklace. For example, you would not want to wear a layered pearl necklace with a black ballroom gown unless you don’t have a statement minimalist, plain necklace in your possession. Before you mix and match your wardrobe, learn about the different styles of necklaces available on Zivame, so that you can easily pick and choose what you need from their vast catalogue. Always know that there’s no piece of jewellery better than a necklace to add a distinct flavour to your fashion profile.

Traditional Necklaces

Traditional neckpieces are generally worn at family functions, pujas, marriage ceremonies, festivities, and family reunions. They are normally long necklace designs or of mid-length and are heavy-set with multiple layers of stones, gold, or silver, often plated with minakari designs (coloured enamel fixed on the gold-coloured plate). Some traditional necklace designs are described below:

  • Rani Haar: As named, Rani Haar is a long necklace as regal as royalty. A single piece can adorn the full attire of a person. It can be crafted in floral, minakari, beaded, or traditional designs like temple and mango motifs, etc.

  • Satlada: It is a seven-tiered necklace that extends from neck to navel and has a length of about 30 inches approximately. It is a popular Nawabi design that has been copied by other cultures due to its sheer beauty and elegance.

  • Addigai: This is a classical collar hugging necklace worn especially in South India. Though traditionally it is embedded in kempu stones set in close proximity.

  • A pearl opera necklace and a byzantine gold chain are some traditional designs worn with western formal dresses.

Bridal Necklaces

The biggest occasion in an Indian family is marriage, and how can it ever be complete without bridal jewellery, especially an exclusive bridal necklace?

Every bride has a vision of her bridal look which is in sync with a bridal jewellery set of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and often a nose ring.

Apart from lengthy traditional neckpieces, a tight-fitted choker necklace is in vogue these days. A choker is generally 14 to 16 inches in length and encircles the neck at the base of the throat region. An example is the gulbandh, which has pearls set in parallel droppings of 3 to 7 slayers attached to an embellished gold plate filigree covering the neck. Chokers in Kundan Polki pieces with a heavy stone setup are also very popular at Indian weddings. Some other varieties are chintaak and jadavi laccha of Hyderabadi Nizam gharana-inspired designs.

A princess necklace is a similarly luxurious necklace that lies on the top of the collarbone area. It is often styled with a central drop as the focus.

Modern Necklaces

Modern necklaces are an amalgamation of traditional and trending styles. Their speciality is their versatility, i.e. they can be worn with a traditional sari, lehenga, and sharara as well as with cocktail dresses.

One such trending necklace for women is a bib necklace. As the name suggests, a bib necklace covers most of the neck to chest area. It is hung by a relatively thinner chain in the back, like a baby’s bib. Bib necklaces can be extravagant ones studded with gems, pearls, and stones. You can don it with a simple off-shoulder dress or a sari with a sleeveless blouse.

You can also choose a charm necklace as long as 24 inches for any attire.

Collar necklaces are another trending new necklace designs that highlight the collar bone and can go perfectly with a boat neck dress.

A lavaliere is an adequately embellished necklace 14 -16 inches long. They typically have a chandelier drop in the centre and can be worn with a plunging neckline. They make for a lovely date night dinner ornament.

A reverie is a sleek necklace of stones set in gradual sizes or same dimensional cutting with a set of matching earrings, and bracelets can adorn a V-necked or a strapless gown beautifully.

Plain Necklaces

A plain necklace makes a minimalist and versatile statement. A simple gold chain with various patterns, such as box, Figaro, mariner, rolo, curb, cable types, or a double-chained snake style, can make a statement piece from teenagers to mature ladies.

A plain chain made of platinum or gold accompanied is preferable for working ladies and busy mothers as they are practical and easy everyday wear.

Pendant necklaces with a diamond, cubic zircoin or a moissanite drop or celestial design depicting the sun, moon, and stars make plain fashion jewellery.

Locket necklaces with an embedded photo, memento, and nameplate necklace can serve as loving memory and add a personal touch to the whole apparel.

Casual Necklaces

Casual necklaces are one of the new necklace designs that are made from beads, woods, metals, wire, ropes, fabric, or other recyclable materials and often with vibrant hues. These make for fun fashion jewellery that can be sported in a merry picnic, beach trip, a visit to an amusement park, and can be donned with practically any dress. A matching anklet can be the perfect accessory with such neckpieces.

A boho plastron necklace covering the whole neckline is one of the latest necklace designs that can snazzy up a simple dress into an attractive costume. If you are not in for flashy designs, you can opt for a dramatic Y-shaped lariat without a clasp or a long necklace design like a negligee with asymmetrical tassels.

Another type is the festoon necklace, which is assembled with chains, gems and laces cascading as a garland around the neck. It was very popular in the 18th and 19th centuries and is still popular among women of all ages for its vintage charm.

A necklace with intertwined colourful threads or rope necklaces is perfect handmade jewellery that can be teamed with casual t-shirts, boho skirts, and Kurtis.

A metal hasli necklace inspired by the Indian tribal look is made of an engraved thick metal ring that fits snugly into the collar region.


Necklaces are an important part of jewellery that has ornamental and practical uses. Today, magnetic necklaces are also available to help people with neck pain and spondylitis problems. Necklaces are available in many styles and of varying lengths and can be used to brighten up your look by adding some extra bling. They have been worn from the dawn of civilization all around the world - from the Masai tribes of Amazon to the king and queens. Necklaces create an impression of the wearer to the onlookers, about their personality and distinct style statement. Hence, necklaces should be your most prioritised accessory.

FAQs on Necklace

  1. What are the different types of necklaces?
  2. Pendants, Rani haar, Salada, choker, opera, matinee, adding, lariat, negligee, locket, chains, threaded, rope, bib, bridal, collar, and reverie are some of the most popular types. There are well over 20 different styles of necklaces.

  3. What kind of necklaces are in style?
  4. The most-hyped heavy necklaces are now chokers and collared necklaces. The minimalist neckpieces have always been the chains and pendant ones ideal for daily wear. Also, casual necklaces are getting more fashionable owing to their uniqueness and recyclability.

  5. Is it fine to wear a necklace every day?
  6. Of course. The neck is a beautiful part of the body and adorned with a necklace makes you feel and look beautiful. Also, it doesn’t pose any health hazard unless made of any toxic metals, except regular wear and tear will make the necklace lose its colour and shine. This can be easily fixed by polishing it again.

  7. What are necklaces good for?
  8. Necklaces are elegant pieces of jewellery that can make or break any outfit. They represent your fashion sense, personality, family heirloom, and even societal standing in some instances. A necklace compliments your dress and figure and completes the whole look of the wearer.

  9. How do I choose daily wear or a plain necklace?
  10. You can choose your every day wear necklace depending on your fashion style and figure. A plain necklace is a subtle and elegant choice but can be inconspicuous if you like to flaunt it a little more. Choose a solid lariat or negligee or a statement pendant in this case for more attention.

  11. What length of the casual necklace is best?
  12. This is dependent on the shape of the face, neckline, and dress. An oval face will compliment necklaces of any length. A round face will suit any necklace, in between or below the bust line, and are common 20 -24 inches long, whereas a long face will compliment shorter neckpieces from 12 to 16 inches. The most common length is 18 inches, where the necklace will end just below the collar but above the bust.

  13. How long is a traditional necklace?
  14. Traditional necklace lengths can span from 16 inches choker to 36 inches Rani haar. You can also layer more than one necklace from top to mid-waist without overlapping it over another and bring out a more regal and fuller look.

  15. How do you wear modern necklaces?
  16. Modern necklaces should be accessorised as per occasion and attire. An elaborate neckpiece is best situated for festivities and better to be worn with dresses with a simple neck design or exposed neckline. Choose an elegant lariat or reverie with flashy gowns and embellished earrings to tone down the look. The whole look should be in harmony and not overpowering to the beholder.

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