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Nose rings and pins

Nose rings are a form of jewellery sported by women and men of the modern age. You can have different types of piercings on your noses, such as a bridge piercing, a septum piercing, or a nostril piercing. Nose rings have deep-rooted cultural significance in most Asian, Australian and African communities. In India, women get their nose pierced and start wearing a nose pin or ring after reaching puberty. But many people wear nose pins as a fashion accessory to enhance their look. It is striking and adds a touch of drama to your ensemble. This jewellery is made of metals like silver or gold. Oxidised silver nose rings are quite a popular choice. A diamond stud nose-pin is ideal for daily use. You can pick an ornamental, elaborate hoop nose-ring with a beaded chain to wear for your wedding. Nose pins using semi-precious stones, pearls, and Kundan work are also available. Since the demand for nose jewellery has increased globally, you can even find quirky nose pin designs like colourful hand-painted wooden clip-on or beaded hoops. On Zivame, you can find a variety of nose jewellery. We have a stunning range of oxidised silver nose rings & pins to suit any face type. Dainty florals, geometric studs, and trendy motifs, our range of nose pin designs will surely help you complete your look. Nose pins are a fashion accessory that you must have in your jewellery collection. We have you covered whether you are looking for a small nose pin or a clip-on nose stud. You can also find head jewellery, statement necklaces, and ornate rings on Zivame.com. less

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Nose rings and nose pins for all occasions now online at Zivame

Nose rings and nose pins

The tradition of wearing nose rings in India has been around for thousands of years and is also considered the second most popular piercing after ear piercings. In India, nose rings hold significance and are integrated into cultural aspects. A nose ring is seen as a beautiful accessory, a symbol of prestige, or even an act of rebellion. Recently, nose piercings are becoming globally famous with an increasing number of people getting them. In Western countries, wearing a nose ring is often seen as somewhat rebellious. Historically speaking, women had their noses pierced before marriage to wear the nose rings as a gift of luck on their wedding day. In India, brides are never fully dressed without an elaborate nose ring or nath accompanying their bridal jewellery.

Choosing the Right Nose Pin

Nose rings or nose pins can make your face look slimmer and attractive. If you pick a specific nose ring style according to your facial features or structure, it can help enhance your features and make you look more attractive. For instance, almost every nose pin will suit a round face. A small nose ring adds an element of elegance to a small nose. A big nathani is perfect for a long nose, as it enhances the structure and shape of the face and nose.

Stylish Nose Rings for All Occasions

The growing demand and popularity of nose rings as an accessory allows designers to explore creative designs and styles of nose rings. They are made to be fashionable and appropriate for all kinds of occasions: traditional, western, formal, or casual. Apart from having multiple styles to choose from, there are options for materials as well.Choosing a nose pin with the right kind of material can add a better touch to your look. Nathanis could be made of gold or silver or even as a piece of costume jewellery. Nose pins can be moulded in gold or silver and studded with diamonds, or for a more grungy ethnic look, oxidised material. Not just in India, but in the Western countries as well, the nose rings have become very popular and are considered to be a part of a rebellious look whereas in India, wearing nose pins speaks of culture more.

  • The basic designs include nose studs that everyone ought to have. These include the clip-on nose rings, which are popular for their longevity and usability. One need not have their nose pierced to put on this piece of jewellery as it is just clipped on. It gives women the option to not make the permanent decision of having a piercing while allowing them to accessorise themselves. Another must-have includes the studded nose pins, which are small and sparkly and help enhance the nose structure and look of someone with a round face shape and adds a little bling to the whole look. Another popular nose pin kind is the ones made of oxidized silver. Depending on your outfit, you can choose something larger in size with an elaborate design, or you can choose to wear a classic nose ring with minimal design. These are generally worn with western wear or Indo-western fusion looks.

  • Naths, exclusive for brides or an elaborate affair, are extremely popular in India. These nose rings are worn with traditional outfits or at traditional events. For their wedding days, brides in India like to wear nathanis of large size to enhance their looks. It can either be a clip-on or a permanent one. Naths come in different styles as well, typically more glamorous than the everyday go-to jewellery pieces. Pearl naths, one such example of exclusive nose rings, are made of classic pearls designed in the form of hoops with a long, pearly chain dangling from the nose to the ears. Another such example is the antique-designed nose rings. These are ornate naths, specific for brides, with a unique and elaborate antique look and design.

  • Silver oxidized nose pins which are currently very much trendy are also available as temporary clip ons or permanent studs. These kinds of nose pins are suitable for ethnic and western wear as well. Many people who follow the boho trend, often opt for silver oxidized nose rings to complete their looks.

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Zivame offers an exclusive collection of ornate and minimal jewellery pieces like nose pins, head jewellery, rings and necklace sets curated carefully and designed intricately for meeting the buyer’s expectations and allowing them to choose from a wide catalogue of quality, designer nose rings. Zivame has nose rings suitable for both ornate and traditional looks and even basic everyday nose pins. Check out Zivame for the complete catalogue of exclusive jewellery and nose rings that suits your style!

FAQs on Nose rings

  1. What value do nose rings & pins add to one's jewellery collection?
  2. Your jewellery collection is incomplete without a range of nose rings & pins. Nose jewellery uplifts the attraction quotient of any woman or man.

    As the world catches up with trends, Indian jewellery boxes have always had room for a collection of nose jewellery, as it is an integral part of our culture.

    So, you ought to have a few nose rings, studs, 1-2 ornate naths for special occasions, and a few clip-ons that you can throw on whenever your mood strikes.

  3. What does a nose ring symbolise?
  4. The symbolism of a nose ring varies based on how you wear it. It could be a simple fashion statement, a symbol of wealth, or represent family pride. Wearing a septum ring is considered rebellious in many countries.

  5. How do you take care of a nose pin?
  6. You can start wearing a nose stud or nose rings & pins once your nose piercing has completely healed.

    Please follow these steps to take care of your nose pin (or clip-on) properly:

    • Remove and spot clean it at least once every day using warm water and a mild non-fragrant soap.
    • Rinse it thoroughly and dry it using a clean paper or cloth towel.
    • If you use a nose pin only occasionally yet have your nose pierced, use a small 'neem' twig on your nose.
    • Store your nose pin in a clean, dry place.
    • Wear your nose ring after you have done your make-up.

    Immediately remove the nose ring if you develop an infection. Clean the area properly with an antiseptic liquid. If you find any adverse reaction like a rash or blister, it is best to contact your nearest doctor.

  7. Why do girls wear nose rings?
  8. Girls wear nose rings for various reasons, including some listed below:

    • As per traditional Southeast Asian culture, girls would wear nose rings after they reach puberty. The belief is that it eases menstrual pain and aids in childbirth. It is common in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India.
    • According to a United States survey done in 2006, 81% of managers hiring for hospitality industries view candidates having piercing and tattoos negatively. So, wearing a nose pin could be an act of rebellion.
    • In Central Australian culture, girls would wear nose pins after marriage. Their husbands did their nose piercings.
    • Wearing a nose ring is a personal choice. It suits most face types and makes the wearer look attractive.

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