Lingerie Sets

A lingerie set is typically the first piece of clothing that you put on in the morning after your shower, so it isn't surprising that it can significantly impact how you feel about yourself. Wearing a comfortable pair of lingerie that you adore can make you feel beautiful and put together. After all, feeling good and comfortable comes before looking pretty or nice. The right lingerie set can enhance your appearance and give you that extra boost of confidence. Whether it’s for a date night, a formal event, or any day you want to feel a little more special, a beautiful lingerie set can set the right tone. Different kinds of outfits need different styles of lingerie. For example, if you’re wearing an off-shoulder dress, you’d want a strapless lingerie bra and matching panties under it. Likewise, with low-waist jeans or skirts, you’d need low-rise panties with a matching bra for a complete look. So buy lingerie sets online, keeping in mind your outfit style, comfort, and preferences. Zivame brings you a wide selection of the best lingerie sets from popular lingerie brands, including Dancing Queen, Gelato, Heartstopper, Hand Drawn, and Firefly Dreams. These beautiful lingerie set collections cover all styles from sexy silk babydoll nightwear lingerie, plus-size lingerie, lace lingerie sets, and sensuous bridal lingerie for wedding nights to the most comfortable soft pure cotton, cotton elastane, and polyamide lingerie sets. Explore the wide range of the best designer lingerie sets online at Zivame and choose your favourite lingerie sets today! less


Lingerie Sets

Lingerie sets are essential for every woman; however, the idea of doing lingerie shopping can turn out to be quite intimidating because of the plethora of options one has. Beautiful lingerie sets make a woman feel sexy and special in her own way. If you want to buy an online lingerie set, here’s a simple buying guide for you. Now shop for bra and panty combo effortlessly.

Buy Lingerie Sets Online

Lingerie is a wardrobe staple, but the market for lingerie businesses is still young, making it difficult to decide where to focus your attention (and money). Lingerie sets can make you feel just as amazing as your regular clothes: confident, sensual, and empowered. They are often misunderstood as only a trick to impress a lover on certain occasions—in many cases, even more so than the actual clothing. Indulging in and buying a few pairs of the best designer lingerie sets is more of an act of self-care. And it is undoubtedly as important as buying a nice set of pyjamas or a pair of high-waisted trousers. Your lingerie set serves as the building blocks for each piece of clothing you wear and can affect your daily comfort and mood.

Tips for Choosing the Right Lingerie Set

  • Comfort

    Even if you are buying a set just to surprise your man, you won’t want to wear something that will irritate your skin. Try out a few pieces first, such as lacy pieces, and see whether you feel comfortable in them. Along with this, try out some basic collections too. The crux is to pick something comfortable.

  • Body type

    Your body type has to be the deciding factor while shopping for a lingerie set. If you have beautiful curves, our suggestion would be to pick a full cup bra. Whereas if you are a petite woman, try a padded bra or underwire half cup bra, which will enhance your appearance. Get to know your body type, and shop accordingly.

  • Occasion

    Just like you have varieties of clothes for different occasions, lingerie, too, is designed keeping in mind different occasions. If you simply want to be at home feeling comfortable, camisoles will be perfect. But if you wish to try something exciting for your honeymoon, try out some sensual designs, such as bralette.

  • Availability of options

    Before buying, make sure to go through the catalogue. You will find a bodysuit, bralette, corset, bustier, chemise, romper, and robe. These are the most popular ones. Once you find your perfect piece of lingerie, go on and make a purchase.

Benefits of Having Lingerie Sets

  • Better posture - When you wear an ill-fitted lingerie set, you may experience pains and aches in your shoulders, spine, and neck, rashes on the groin, waistline, and under the breasts, and poor posture. In contrast, a perfectly fitting lingerie set can offer perfect shape and support to your breasts, bottoms, and shoulders, further improving your body posture. Zivame provides a vast selection of beautiful lingerie sets that promise to support your natural curves and improve your posture.

  • Enhanced confidence - Wearing a well-designed lingerie set that fits well, looks luxurious, enhances your body curves, and makes you feel beautiful can instantly boost your sex appeal. But did you know that a lingerie set can also tweak your confidence and self-esteem, even if nobody sees it? Lingerie sets can make us appear more confident and physically attractive to others.

  • No need to shop for bras and panties separately - Another important benefit of shopping for lingerie sets is that it saves money. When you shop for lingerie bras and panties separately, you often end up spending extra, whereas lingerie sets are a little less expensive than loose undergarments. Plus, the best lingerie sets are coordinated and can be worn as one single outfit, while putting together different styles of bras and panties give a mismatched look.

  • Support - All the lingerie sets available online at Zivame fit snugly and offer great support to your body. Moreover, they give every outfit a strong foundation and maximise comfort. Lingerie bras with underwires offer much-needed hold and support to the bust. Lingerie sets with full-coverage hipster panties and underwired bras are an excellent pick for optimum support.

  • Skin-friendly - Lingerie sets available at Zivame are breathable, stretchy, and skin-friendly. Wearing these skin-friendly lingerie sets prevents you from allergic reactions and skin sensitivity. Quality lingerie sets are often designed from a natural blend of cotton, soft lace, silk, and tulle. These fabrics are free of harmful chemicals and are gentle on the skin. Choosing a skin-friendly lingerie set can reduce chafing between the thighs and under the bust. Plus, wearing skin-friendly briefs can also protect you from vaginal infections.

Things to Consider Before Buying Lingerie Sets

  • Colour - In addition to a wide range of styles, lingerie sets come in a wide range of colours in each style, making every piece as beautiful as the last. Although you can always purchase the lingerie set that appeals to you the most, you should also think of how the colour will appear on you. For instance, brightly coloured lingerie sets can make darker skin tones appear sexier, and some soft, neutral, and vibrant colours can bring out the sex appeal of people with lighter skin tones. So, keeping in mind your skin tone, you can pick the right colour set to complement your complexion perfectly.

  • Fit - Make sure you measure yourself properly using a measuring tape before buying the lingerie set online. If you want to feel comfortable and wear a perfectly fitting lingerie set, it’s important to note down your size and refer them to the brand's measurement guide. Some body parts, such as the bust, hips, and tummy, have measurements that fluctuate often. So, it’s best to measure them before every purchase.

  • Fabric -You might spot a stunning model of the best designer lingerie set online. It might tick off all your boxes of everything an ideal lingerie set should be. But, what about the quality of the fabric? Sometimes lingerie sets may appear great, but the material might be awful. You can risk getting severe itching, allergies, and skin irritation if you choose a bad fabric. Hence, it's crucial to know the fabric of your lingerie set before buying it. This way, you save yourself money, time, and the risk of getting any kind of skin problems. Always choose lingerie sets made of high-quality fabric, even if they are a little expensive, especially with lace lingerie sets. The safest lingerie set fabrics are pure cotton, cotton elastane mix, or polyamide.

  • Budget - The lingerie set should fit your budget, whether well-crafted or not. The price of the lingerie set should be in line with its quality to avoid splurging on expensive lingerie sets that look like they were made from cheap fabric. If you like a lingerie set that is out of your price range, try looking for something similar in your budget. There are many affordable, expertly crafted, stunning lingerie sets available today that look and feel excellent.

Shop from a Wide Range of Collections Online

Zivame offers a selection of designer lingerie sets for every style, taste, and preference. Kokum Sherbet, Heartstopper, Summer Blooms, Gelato, Hand Drawn, Beautiful Basics, and Dancing Queen are some of the most trending collections of beautiful lingerie sets available on Zivame. The platform also offers plus size lingerie sets in different styles, colours, prints, patterns, and fits. The most popular type of lingerie sets on Zivame is the padded non-wired bra with low-rise hipster panties. Shop Now to buy beautiful lingerie sets from Zivame’s lingerie category—simply add them to your cart, and get doorstep delivery!

FAQs on Lingerie Sets

  1. What is the difference between women’s underwear and lingerie?

    Women’s underwear is specifically designed for everyday usage and is something that you can wear all day long, whereas lingerie focuses more on design and aesthetics.

  2. Do you always wear a matching bra and panties like a set?

    That will depend on the wearer. Lingerie sets will always come in a pair with similar prints, colours, and styles. But you can buy a bra and panty separately.

  3. Can lingerie be machine-washed?

    You can wash your lingerie in a washing machine provided the lingerie sets say so. If you have lacy lingerie, we will not recommend a machine wash; however, for cotton lingerie sets, you can.

  4. Which type of lingerie set is suitable for a honeymoon?

    There are must-have lingerie sets for a honeymoon, such as a bikini set, bralette, babydoll dresses, strappy swimsuits, and robes.

  5. Should bra and panty styles vary with different outfits?

    You should buy bra and panty styles that will suit your body type and the clothes you are wearing. For example, a t-shirt bra is not recommended for saree or Kurti; just like that, a lacy bra and panty style won’t go well with a formal outfit.

  6. What is the ideal lingerie set to wear under a skirt suit?
  7. The ideal lingerie set to wear under a skirt suit could be a seamless low-rise panty with medium coverage push-up bra. This would give you natural coverage under a low neckline, and the seamless panty would save you from embarrassing panty lines.

  8. Where can I buy fashionable and elegant lace lingerie sets?
  9. You can buy fashionable and elegant lace lingerie sets at Zivame, the one-stop destination for all your lingerie needs. Zivame brings you beautiful lingerie set collections that include all types of lace lingerie sets.

  10. What are the beautiful lingerie sets ideal for the wedding night?
  11. You can’t go wrong with a romantic lace lingerie set for the wedding night. It leaves enough to the wild imagination of your partner. Lacy red or white are the ideal colours for the wedding night.

  12. What lingerie set styles are recommended in plus size?
  13. Plus-size lingerie sets such as lingerie sets with a full-coverage bra and high-rise hipster panty are the most recommended option for daily wear.

  14. Can women wear net lingerie sets during pregnancy?
  15. Yes. You can definitely wear net or lace lingerie sets during pregnancy. Being seductive is still possible even if you are pregnant. You can put on a beautiful net or lace lingerie set without thinking too much. Having said that, keep a close eye on the fabric of the lingerie set—avoid artificial fabrics like elastin, synthetics, chiffon, and georgette.

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