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Panties add a feminine touch and lovely designs to your selection of women's underwear to satisfy your inner fashionista. It's a fantastic opportunity to replace your worn-out underwear with precisely designed types including hipster underwear, boyshorts, thongs, bikini underwear, and more. Zivame offers you looks that are transitioning from basic to fashionable while yet preserving the comfort factor. Select the look that best fits your wants and wardrobe choice because we are here to offer high-quality products. less

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Panties for Women Online

Buy Panties for Women Online

Panties are an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. It’s an invaluable piece of innerwear that makes a woman feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time. Today, there is a wide range of beautiful panty designs available to fit all types of shapes and sizes. Women can now find the perfect panties in various sizes, colours, styles and fits to suit all types of outfits and occasions. 

Picking the right panties is important as it not only helps you stay comfortable but also plays a major role in the way your outfits will look. With tight-fitting clothing a popular choice nowadays, wearing the perfect panty is essential for a smooth, seamless look. Women can find different styles of panties specially designed for specific outfits and occasions. So, whether it's a party, the beach or just loungewear, Zivame has a wide collection of panties for every woman. Seamless panties, shaper panties, and boyshorts are some of the popular types of panties that women are increasingly opting for.  

Comfort level and fit are important when shopping for panties for women. At Zivame, our panty collection includes hipster panties, boyshorts, maternity panties, shaper panties, seamless panties, and more. These panties are available in soft, breathable fabrics for the utmost comfort. Cotton, spandex and lace are some of the most popular fabrics used for panties. Plus, on Zivame, you can easily buy panties for women online without a hassle. So, whether it’s a panty for a grand occasion or daily wear, at Zivame, we have it all!  

Types of Women’s Panties Available at Zivame 

At Zivame, we offer a wide range of panties that women can pick according to their style, fit and comfort. Available in different styles and fabrics, these panties are designed keeping comfort in mind. Here are some of the different types of panties for women to check out: 

  • Hipster Panties: One of the most popular types of panties for women, hipster panties are designed to sit low on the hip to give a comfortable and relaxed feeling. Similar to bikini panties, hipster panties help to give your bottom the perfect lift and shape. Hipster panties are also designed to sit well on the abdomen, helping to minimise the appearance of extra flab or love handles. These panties are ideal to wear with denim, high-waisted pants and dresses. From lacy designs and printed styles to multi-pack options, we have a large collection of ladies' panties for all occasions. Check out Zivame's hipster panties in a variety of designs, colours, and fits to pair with all outfits. 
  • Boyshorts: These are another popular type of panties. Also known as panty shorts, boyshorts are designed to give full coverage, making them a great option for tight-fitting outfits. Boyshorts help eliminate panty lines and give a smooth and stylish look to all types of outfits. They are also great to pair under short dresses or skirts as they are designed to fit like tights. Boyshorts are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe and can be paired with all clothing. At Zivame, you can find a wide range of comfortable and fashionable boyshorts or panty shorts for women in various colours, fits and sizes. 
  • Bikini Panties: Bikini panties are a great option for not only the beach, but can be worn under all types of outfits for a relaxed and comfortable feeling. Bikini panties have high-cut leg openings and sit low on the hips, making them the perfect choice to wear under low or mid-rise jeans. Bikini panties are available in stretchable fabrics, allowing you to move freely without any discomfort or restrictions. Zivame has a great collection of bikini panties in various colours, sizes and fits to suit all body types. 
  • Thongs: Thongs are a stylish type of panties that are made from a blend of spandex and cotton for a soft and comfortable feeling. Thongs come in a seamless design, making them perfect for tight-fitting clothing. It’s a great choice for women who need that ‘no-panty line’ look when wearing tight-fitting outfits or dresses. Zivame has an exciting collection of thongs available in lace, mid-rise and low-rise patterns that women can pick and choose from for various occasions. 
  • Seamless Panties: Seamless panties have become a popular choice among women looking for a smooth look with all their outfits. Visible panty lines can often spoil the look of an outfit and hence seamless types of panties are specifically made to eliminate this wardrobe malfunction. Some types of seamless panties are also designed to offer smoothening and compression benefits that give the body the perfect shape. They are made to hide extra flab in all areas, giving the body a toned look. 

Seamless panty designs are great to wear under tight-fitting clothing such as bodycon dresses, skinny jeans and leggings. They can also be worn under daily wear outfits. At Zivame, women are spoilt for choice when it comes to seamless panty options as we have a variety of beautiful prints, colours and fabrics. Check out our collection of seamless panties online in different fabrics, styles and fits, and pick the right one for any occasion. 

  • Maternity Panties: Our maternity panties are designed to give women the extra comfort and care they need while they are pregnant. These panties help provide support for the baby bump, ensuring optimum comfort. Made with soft, breathable and stretchable fabrics, Zivame's maternity panties deliver extra support without putting pressure on the tummy. Crafted in comfortable high-waist designs, these panties are antimicrobial and offer maximum hygiene during your pregnancy. At Zivame, you can find various cotton panties for women in maternity styles that are a dream to wear while you're carrying your little one. 
  • Shaper Panties: Zivame's shaper panties are available in a wide range of styles to give you the toned look you desire. Also known as tummy tuck panties, they help to hide bulges and saggy skin, giving your body a slimmer look. Shaper panties smoothen over the trouble areas to offer a flawless and firm appearance. These panties have become a popular choice for women who are looking for a flawless look. Available in various styles, shaper panties effectively tighten the waistline and instantly smoothen the silhouette around the tummy, thighs and hips. It's a must-have panty in every woman's wardrobe. At Zivame, you can find excellent shaper panties or tummy tuck panties designed in a wide range of colours, styles, and sizes. 
  • Period Panties: These types of panties are designed to replace pads or tampons, and can also be worn with them to provide extra protection for women during their monthly period. Period panties have become very popular among women who want to stay comfortable and stain-free during their period. We have a great collection of period panties designed in various styles and fabrics for a comfy and relaxed feeling no matter what your outfit.  
  • Full-coverage Panties: Full-coverage panties are comfortable and functional, making them a great choice for all types of outfits. These ladies’ panties help keep your bottom in place and are an excellent choice to wear under skirts, high-rise trousers and jeans. Full-coverage panties are a must-have panty style when it comes to comfort. They are designed with a high waistband and sit perfectly on the waistline. Check out our full-coverage women's panties available in bikini, hipster and tummy-tuck styles. 
  • Medium-coverage panties: These types of panties for women offer maximum comfort and are perfect for all body types. Medium-coverage panties are designed to support your rear and give the body a smooth look. They are available in various styles such as bikini panties, hipster pantiespanty shorts and more. 
  • Low-coverage panties: At Zivame, we offer a wide range of low-coverage panties such as G-strings, thongs, transparent panties and bikini panties. These types of women's panties are a great addition to your wardrobe and are functional as well. Low-coverage panties are perfect to pair with low-rise jeans and trousers. Check out our low-coverage panties available in different colours, styles and fits today. From cotton panties to transparent panties, women have plenty of low-coverage panty options to choose from on Zivame. 

How to Measure Panty Size

When choosing a panty size, it’s important to pick one that fits you right. The panty should sit on your rear and waist perfectly, giving your body the perfect shape. To choose the right panty size, you must know your waist and hip size. Here are a few things to keep in mind when determining the perfect panty size:

  • Determine the hip size: Wrap a measuring tape around the fullest part of your hips and make sure the tape is not wrapped too tight around you while doing so. Note down the figure you get. 
  • Measure the waist: The next step is to measure your waistline. The part where the body curves marks your natural waist. Wrap the measuring tape around your waist and ensure the tape is not wrapped too tight around you. Measure about 5cm below the natural waist or where the waistband would normally sit. This will be your waist measurement. 

Now, choose the right panty size based on these measurements. Remember that each brand of panties has its own size chart, so make sure to check this out before picking the right panty. A panty size chart will usually include sizes such as small, medium, large, XL and XXL.  

Pick a Panty According to your Need

Having a wide collection of panties is always a great idea if you’re looking to pair your innerwear with different outfits. Here are a few tips on how to pick the right panties for women

Choose according to the occasion

  • Daily wear: For daily wear, bikini panties, hipster pantiespanty shorts, full-coverage panties and cotton panties for women are great options. These types of panties can be easily worn with any type of outfit for utmost comfort. 
  • Special occasions: G-strings, lace panties, bikini panties, tummy tuck panties, seamless panties and thongs are excellent choices for weddings, festivals, honeymoons, and grand occasions. 
  • Holidays: Thongs, G-strings and bikini panties are great options for holidays, honeymoons and fun vacations. 

Choose according to the outfit

  • Bikini panties: These types of panties are perfect not only for the beach but also to wear under skinny jeans, low-fit trousers and shorts. 
  • G-strings: Choose a G-string to pair with tight-fitting outfits or when you’re looking for a seamless look. These panties are great for that perfect no-panty line look. 
  • Hipster panties: When it comes to everyday wear, hipster panties are a great option. They sit low on the hips, giving a relaxed and comfortable feeling. Available in various prints, colours, and fits, hipster panties are perfect to pair with jeans, skirts, trousers and more.  
  • Boyshorts: For tight-fitting clothing such as bodycon dresses, panty shorts are one of the best options. Designed to give full coverage, these panties for women eliminate panty lines and give a smooth and seamless look to all outfits. 
  • Thongs: This is another popular type of panty that is best paired with tight-fitting outfits. Thongs are available as lace panties or designed with other fabrics to give a seamless, attractive look to all types of outfits.

How to Choose the Right Ladies' Panties

Women must determine their body type to choose the right panty size that will fit them perfectly. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right ladies' panties based on body type: 

  • Triangle: If the bottom part of your rear is fuller than the top part, then boyshorts or hipster panties will fit you perfectly. These panty shorts will help to lift your bottom and give it a perfectly round shape. 
  • Circle: For women with round bottoms, G-strings and thongs are a good option. Full-coverage panties may not fit as well, so opting for seamless panties is always a great idea. At Zivame, we have a huge collection of thongs, G-strings and seamless panties in various fabrics and colours to suit all types of outfits. 
  • Square: Women with square rears should go for high-rise panties that have a hemline in the middle. These panties are designed to give the bottom a full and curvy appearance. 
  • Inverted triangle: This type of body shape means the rear is narrow below and broader at the top. Hence, women with this type of body can opt for briefs and panties that offer full coverage.  

Why Choose Zivame Panties

Zivame is a popular destination for women looking to shop for high-quality ladies' panties online. From panties, bras and shapewear to nightwear and activewear, women have a wide range of options to pick from. The panty collection at Zivame is designed to give women a comfortable feeling all day long. Our collection includes high-quality cotton pantieslace pantieshipster pantiespanty shortsseamless pantiesmaternity panties, G-strings, thongs, and even tummy tuck panties for every occasion. 

Women can choose from full-coverage, medium-coverage and low-coverage panties available in various prints, styles, fabrics and sizes. From lace panties and silk seamless panties to cotton maternity panties and spandex tummy tuck panties, Zivame offers comfortable lingerie that women love! We offer all types of fashionable and daily wear panties that women can choose for every occasion. Scan through our wide collection of panties online and pick the perfect one that suits your taste and preference.  


1. What is the difference between hipster panties and brief panties?

Hipster panties sit low on the hips, while brief panties are designed to offer full coverage for your bottom and come with a higher waistband as well. Hipster panties are a great option for tight-fitting clothing or low-rise jeans and trousers. Brief panties are an excellent choice when you're looking for a smooth and seamless look. They are great to pair with tight-fitting outfits or short dresses or skirts. 

2. What are the most comfortable panty styles?

For everyday use, panty shorts, bikini panties, and hipster panties are great choices for women. On other occasions, the panty you choose would depend on the outfit you wear. For example, a bikini panty would be perfect to wear under low-rise jeans, while high-waisted hipster panties would be suitable to hide love handles and excess flab. Panty shorts can be worn under dresses and short skirts to stay comfortable and covered at all times. 

3. Which fabric is more comfortable for panties?

The most comfortable fabric for panties is cotton spandex. Known to be soft and stretchable, this fabric allows you to move around freely without any discomfort or restriction. Cotton spandex panties are the best choice for utmost comfort throughout the day. Hipster panties, maternity pantiespanty shorts and seamless panties are all available in cotton spandex. Cotton spandex panties are also a great option for summer as they keep you feeling fresh and clean for hours. 

4. Which panties should pregnant women wear?

Today, various panty brands cater to pregnant women. Expecting mothers can choose from a wide range of maternity panties, which are made with breathable fabric that is soft and stretchable. Maternity panties are the perfect panty size for expecting women and provide extra care and support to the baby bump without squeezing or putting pressure on the tummy. They are also made of antimicrobial material to eliminate the risk of infection during your pregnancy.

5. Which type of panty is highly recommended during periods?

Period panties are designed to be worn by women on their period. These types of panties are made with absorbent fabric, which helps to avoid stains and ensure you don't suffer a wardrobe malfunction. 

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