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Panties add a feminine touch and lovely designs to your selection of women's underwear to satisfy your inner fashionista. It's a fantastic opportunity to replace your worn-out underwear with precisely designed types including hipster underwear, boyshorts, thongs, bikini underwear, and more. Zivame offers you looks that are transitioning from basic to fashionable while yet preserving the comfort factor. Select the look that best fits your wants and wardrobe choice because we are here to offer high-quality products. less

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Panties for Women Online

Panties Online Shopping

Undergarments are essential pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. They not only provide much-needed protection to your private areas but also add comfort to your overall look. Panties play a vital role in making you feel right inside out. It's high time you gave your panty drawer a makeover. Depending on your body shape, choose the right lower shapewear that keeps comfort the topmost priority.

You will be happy to know that the panties not only come in various colors but also style, fabric, and designs. From the lacy panties to regular cotton wear, options are endless. Based on your personal choice and liking, you can have a great collection of panties for every dress and occasion. Before we make our next purchase first, let us briefly understand the various style options.

Panty Styles for Every Women

  1. Hipster Panties

    As the name suggests, it is intended to sit on the wearer's hips. The waistline sits comfortably below the navel, giving a figure-flattering fit. Hipster panties are an excellent option to wear with low or mid-rise jeans.

  2. Boyshorts

    Boyshorts fit tight around your core and provide good coverage, making you look slimmer. These are great to be worn with long body con dresses or even midis as you can avoid the visible panty lines.

  3. Seamless Panties

    If you are looking to show off a fitted bodycon dress or tight jeans, pair it with seamless underwear. Seamless panties don't have a thick border and hide away the panty line in body-hugging dresses.

  4. Bikini panties

    This type of underwear has low coverage, where the waistband fits around three inches below the navel. They come in many designs and colors to enhance the look as they are mostly worn coupled with the bikini top. They also come with side strings to add to the sex appeal.

  5. Period Panties

    They are designed to replace tampons or pads or can be worn along with them for extra protection. The popularity of period panties is ever increasing as it provides much-needed comfort for those intimate days adding a fashionable edge.

  6. Antimicrobial panties

    The antibacterial underwear is explicitly made with the treated cloth, which inhibits the growth of bacteria in the panties. They are usually made with cotton and are an excellent choice for anyone who has a sensitivity to certain kinds of cloth.

  7. Thong/G-string

    If you look to wear tight-fitted shorts or any form-fitting short clothes, thongs or G string panties can save you from any peek-a-boo moments. They have meager coverage and have thin strings around the waist to keep them in place.

  8. Maternity panties

    The proper support to meet the needs of a growing belly is extremely important to feel and dress right while you embrace the beauty of motherhood. These full-coverage, high-waisted cotton panties give your back much-needed support. They are designed to provide the abdominal area a good coverage while tumbling down the pressure on the pelvic muscle.

  9. Shaper panties

    Shapewear panties are designed to give a slimmer look to your figure. They are seamless, making the panty lines invisible and making thighs, hips, back, and stomach looks thinner.

  10. Full coverage

    With a self-explanatory name, they provide a full range to your intimate area and add all-day comfort to your look.

  11. High Waist Panty

    Panties with a high waist help you make the stomach area look slimmer. This type of panty goes well with any dress and provides day-long comfort.

How to choose the Right Ladies Panties

  1. Based on body shape

    One of the most important factors while choosing the fitting panty. You might have a petite upper body, but you might need bigger-sized panties in comparison if you are heavier around the hips. Let's look at how to decide what fits you the best.

    1. Measure your waist below the lower abdomen. That's where most of the panties sit unless you are going for the full coverage high-waisted underwear.

    2. It should not be too loose around your hips; otherwise, it hangs around and causes discomfort while walking.

    3. If you pick something too tight, that might cause too much pressure on your stomach, limiting the blood circulation in that area. It can become a health issue in the long run, which you should avoid at all costs.

  2. Based on the outfit

    Your outlook is the critical factor of what you choose to wear inside. For those tight-fitting body con dresses on your dinner date, choose the one where panty lines are visible. While donning low-waisted, tight shorts or a mini skirt, go for a thong or a g-string style to avoid anything protruding from the sides. Pick nude underwear when wearing light-colored summer clothes to avoid any fashion faux pas.

  3. Based on the occasion

    If you want all-day comfort, basic cotton panties work well. A lacy, sexy-looking lingerie is sure to impress your better half if dressing up for a cozy dinner date. Period panties can take the leakage stress off your head when you are out and about during the crucial days of the month.

  4. Carefully Picked Undergarments and Panties for Women Online on Zivame

    It is never too late to have an excellent women's underwear collection. Color, comfort, occasion, and material there are many options available these days. Do check out the brilliant variety and colors that Zivame offers, where comfort meets style. You can pick as per your budget, too, without burning a hole in your pocket.

FAQs on Panties

  1. How to measure panty size?

    To help you find the right panty size, every product on Zivame comes with a size chart. You can choose the size based on the hip measurements provided in the size charts.

  2. What are the most comfortable panty styles?

    For maximum comfort and daily wear, bikini cut, hipster, seamless, and high rise panties are your best choices. For all-day comfort, opt for panties that are made in organic, breathable fabric like cotton.

  3. Which type of panties are best for office use?

    While bikini cut, seamless panties, and hipsters are the most comfortable options, you must also consider your outfit. If you are wearing fitted cotton trousers or pencil skirts, for instance, a thong is a great choice to avoid unwanted panty lines.

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