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Sleep Masks On Zivame

Eye Mask

Sleep masks are the eye covers that aid a person is sleeping. It generally happens that when you are sick, travelling or you are in someplace that is unfamiliar, you may not be able to fall asleep easily. In such cases, eye masks to the rescue. These are great for afternoon naps too. Zivame has a good collection of such eye masks of superior quality. When buying a sleep mask, it is recommended to opt for a brand that has a good track record like Zivame, so that you can get a value for money deal.

Reasons to use a sleep mask:

Here is why you need to opt for sleep masks:

  1. It is an excellent alternative to heavy and thick curtains:
  2. Such curtains are used by people to ensure that the room has low lighting to ensure proper sleep. But when you have such an adorable and elegant collection of eye masks, why should you invest in such curtains? Comparatively, eye masks are a lot cheaper and hence a wise decision.

  3. The science behind the enhanced sleep quality:
  4. The human brain is designed in such a way that it tends to fall asleep when there is darkness. It triggers melatonin production, which is the hormone controlling our sleep and wake cycles. Besides this, when you sleep by using a sleep mask or in a dark room, there is more REM and lower chances of remaining awake. Thus you will have a better sleep quality.

  5. Ward off your insomnia with an eye mask:
  6. Yes, you heard it right! Our stress levels often result in insomnia which wreaks havoc in our life. When you wear a sleep mask, the stress, excitement, anxiety and other such factors are shut off as you won't be able to open your eyes and get distracted by anything. When all distractions are gone, you can easily fight insomnia, and this mask helps you do just that.

  7. The best alternative to medication:
  8. People resort to sleeping pills for having a sound sleep, but an accidental overdose can be hazardous. However, sleep masks are a non-chemical alternative for the same purpose.

  9. Protection of eyes and skin:
  10. When you use heat or cool your room, there are chances that it can cause your eyes to become dry. By wearing a sleep mask, a protective barrier is formed that ensures its safety from HVAC. Your skin will also remain unaffected as you won't have wrinkles on your face when you wake up. Thus the chances of collagen breakdown are significantly reduced.

Now when you know the advantages of eye masks, try getting one which is made of breathable materials. Keep it clean by washing it regularly to avail of its benefits and avoid any discomfort. Masks with sliding straps are a good option as you can adjust it as per your convenience. Zivame is one of the best sites where you get the sleep masks online at a value for money deal.

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