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Are you ready to visit your favourite sea beach this summer? The most essential item for your beachside vacation is the swimming costume. If you are in a hurry and have no time to visit the store, explore the online store at Zivame. Zivame is ready to offer its huge collection of swimming clothes for women this summer. If you want to flaunt your curves and steal the limelight, then Zivame is your one-stop destination. Zivame offers you the best swimming costumes without affecting your budget. Women’s swimwear is available in plenty of styles, therefore choosing the best style for yourself is the ultimate challenge. Your swimsuit should complement your body type in the best possible way. So when you hit the swimming pool or sunbathe with these beachwear or women , you look the most charming and elegant. The icing on the cake is the fact that Zivame’s collection of swimwear is budget-friendly without compromising on quality. You can invest in Zivame’s collection of swimming costumes with no guilt because they offer comfort with style. You can flaunt yourself in Zivame’s Zelocity Padded Swimsuit with Zipper which is a one-piece swimsuit covering your torso and crotch. You can also go for Erotissch Beachy Babe Swimwear which is a monokini in vibrant colours, specially made for the colourful souls. Try out Zelocity Padded Slip-On Swimdress in Amparo blue for the perfect sleek look. Browse through Zivame for more such fashionable swimming costumes from the comfort of your home. less

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Buy Women Swimming Costume Collection on Zivame

Chic Women’s Swimwear That Will Win Your Heart

Ladies’ swimming costumes were created in the middle of the 18th century, with loose-fitting, ankle-length gowns with full sleeves being the first-ever swimwear. Since then, there has been quite an evolution in swimwear, in terms of comfort and designs. So, if you love spending time by the pool or at the beach and going for a dip every now and then, you will need sexy yet comfortable swimwear that boosts your confidence. This is where we come in – we now bring to you our all-new swimwear range for women with varying style preferences, body types and shopping budgets. Come treat yourself to fashionable yet practical swimsuits before stocks vanish!

Types of Swimming Costumes for Different Body Types

When it comes to swimming costumes for women, there are myriad choices from o-shaped or U-shaped backs to polyamide and polyester swimming costumes. Therefore, to avoid confusion, you should choose your swimming costume according to your body time. Since Zivame believes in celebrating all body types, they offer swimwear in all shapes and sizes.

  • One Piece Swimsuit
  • If you don't like to experiment with your style quotient, then one-piece swimsuits are best suited for you. A one-piece swimsuit is not at all boring with the numerous designs and styles available online. You can choose from a host of designs while maintaining your style quotient intact. A one-piece women’s swim dress is not only comfortable but looks stunning on all body types. A one-piece swimsuit is perfect for your sea beach vacation as well as for hitting the swimming pool. They are also known as monokinis and are available in different styles. You can try out Zelocity Padded Malliot with Zipper from Zivame’s swimming costume collection. Zivame's one-piece swimming costumes provide tummy control because they have a power net mesh panel used for tummy smoothening. Zivame's swimsuits are available in various sizes, colours, designs and patterns keeping in mind the requirements of all its customers.

  • Full Bodysuits
  • Zivame knows that all women are not comfortable wearing monokinis or bikinis. That is why they have curated special full-body swimsuits that offer more coverage. Zivame's full-body swimsuits are also available in fully covered or halter necklines for women who are not comfortable wearing plunging necklines. A full-body swimsuit is used by many women because it protects their whole body from the ill effects of chlorine in the water. They are made of polyester and resist water while swimming. Moreover, it is also preferable for women who do not like to expose their body parts on the beach or in the swimming pool. You can try out Zelocity Padded Swimsuit with Zipper for the ultimate comfort.

  • Tankinis
  • If you want to be a fashionista, go for a tankini women's swimsuit. A tankini is a two-piece swimming costume consisting of a tank top and bottom wear that can be a bikini, hipster or boyleg. A tankini is specifically helpful for women with a tummy. The tank top subtly hides the tummy while giving you a flattering look. Tankinis are specially curated to provide more comfort and security. Tankini swimming costumes are also comfortable for women who find bikinis revealing or uncomfortable.

    The tankinis offered by Zivame's online store come in bright colours, floral prints, bold designs and perfect fit and style. Zivame's tankinis are crafted keeping in mind the requirements of all age groups. Tankinis are available in two types:

    • Skirt style: A skirt style tankini offers a flared skirt as bottom wear. If you are in love with skirts, skirt style tankini swimwear is the best for you. Skirt style tankinis are not only stylish bikinis , but they also offer you the required coverage.
    • Boy shorts style: If you want to flaunt your figure while giving adequate coverage to the bottom, then go for boy shorts tankini style. Boy shorts tankini style offers you a rare combination of comfort and style. Zivame offers a huge collection of boy shorts and tankinis for you to choose from.
  • Slip-on Swim Dress
  • A slip-on swim dress is making quite a buzz in the fashion world nowadays. A swim dress is more like a one-piece swimming costume but with more coverage. It provides coverage to the upper portion of the thighs. Therefore, they are chosen by many women who are not comfortable in revealing swimming costumes. A slip-on swim dress is a one-piece women’s swimming costume that is styled like a dress. If you want to hit the swimming pool while maintaining your style quotient, a slip-on swim dress is your ultimate choice.

    Zivame offers a superb range of swimming dresses which are not only comfortable but gorgeous and high quality as well. You can try out Zelocity Padded Slip-on Swim dress in the shade confetti from Zivame’s collection of stylish ladies' swimming costumes. Try out Zelocity padded Slip-on Malliot from Zivame to look different from the crowd.

  • Bikini Set
  • A bikini is a two-piece swim which is a favourite among women. You can set the swimming pool on fire by choosing the perfect bikini set from Zivame's curated collection of swimming costumes. Bikini seta is available in various cute and sensuous styles that can make you look hot and glamorous. They are available in halter, bandeau, push up and many more styles.

    Zivame’s collection of bikini sets is curated for women of all body types, hourglass figures, small bosom sizes, heavy bosom sizes or heavier bottoms. If you are looking for a bikini to lounge at the beach or for swimming in the pool, Zivame is your ultimate destination. So, what are you waiting for! Try out Zelocity Padded Bikini Set with Hook or Erotissch Rosie Bikini Co-Ord Set for the perfect hot look.

How to Take Care of Swimming Costume

Whether you are a regular swimmer or occasional, you need to take proper care of your swimsuit. If you do not take the needed care, the fabric will be damaged from the harsh chemicals, salt water, high temperatures and sand. Since bathing suits do not come cheap, they should be taken care of in the best possible way. You can follow certain measures to take care of your swimming costume:

  • Rinse your swimming costume under cool tap water whenever you use it. If possible, soak it in cool water for at least thirty minutes. This will remove all the harsh chemicals, sand, salt, sunscreen lotion and body oils.
  • Plain water is not enough to remove all the chlorine. Therefore, you should wash your swimming costume with a mild detergent. You can also use a little shampoo to wash your swimming suit but do not use shampoos that contain conditioners in them.
  • You must remove all stains while washing your swimsuit, be it some ketchup or food. You can sprinkle some baking soda on the stain and let it sit for some time. Then you can wash it in cool water. It is very difficult to remove the stains of self-tanners. Therefore, you should always wear an old swimming costume while applying self-tanners. Another great way to remove stains is to wear your swimsuit to the shower. The stain, sand and chlorine get washed away with the force of water.
  • While washing your swimsuit, you should turn it inside out. Follow up with swishing it for several minutes before rinsing.
  • Do not wring your swimming costume after washing it. Just remove the excess water and squeeze the swimsuit gently to avoid any damage.
  • Do not put your swimsuit under direct sunlight. UV rays can damage and fade your swimsuit. It is advisable to air dry your swimsuit.
  • It is advised not to hang your swimsuit as the fibres might get stretched out. Better store it flat in your cupboard. Never store your swimming suits in plastic bags because it can lead to the growth of bacteria and mildew.
  • Never use chlorine bleach to remove stains from your swimming costume as it can damage the fabric.
  • If you do not have mild detergent at home, you can use distilled white vinegar to wash your swimming costume. Distilled white vinegar can deodorise your swimsuit as well as remove all bacteria from your swimming suit.
  • If you have a broken strap or there is a small hole in your swimming suit, there is no need to discard it. Just use a polyester thread and sew your swimsuit to perfection. For bigger repairs, you can go to a professional tailor.

How to be a Poolside or Beachside Diva

Swimming is a great way to keep fit; it is also a stylish way to beat the heat during the summer months. Whether you love it as a recreational activity or are training hard to win various professional swimming competitions, having fun yet functional swimming attire is key. If you are a first-timer who is baffled by all the great swimwear options available on Zivame, here is a list of quick questions to help take the edge off:

  1. What can you wear to the swimming pool?

    Swimming costumes for ladies have evolved over time and are now available in myriad figure-flattering styles, be it a one-piece, bikini, tankini and more. Choose swimwear that is comfortable for you while also keeping in mind the community pool or beach dress code (if there is one).

  2. What are the different types of swimwear?

    There are numerous swimwear designs to pick from for maximum style and comfort. You can pair a longline bikini top with swim shorts or an underwire bikini bra with bikini briefs. You can also simply go for a strapless one-piece or a solid-colour monokini – the options are endless!

  3. Should you wear a bra while swimming?

    Many swimwear pieces come with the built-in support of a bra – some even boast of underwired cups for the torso. Hence, it is totally your choice to wear a bra under your swimsuit – decide based on your comfort levels with your new buy.

  4. What material is swimwear made of?

    Swimsuits can be made from nylon or polyester blends, neoprene, Lycra, and a combination of other materials that are water-resistant and do not sustain much wear in it.

  5. What are swimming accessories?

    Swimming costumes and accessories are add-on items that help make swimming easy and enjoyable. Swimming caps, goggles, ear and nose plugs and towels are a must-own if you love going swimming often. Many swim clubs allow bathing before and after swimming, in which case you will also have to carry showering necessitates like a bathing bar, shampoo, etc.

Buy Swimwear Online on Zivame

From floral-printed cross-back tankinis with padded support to criss-cross lace swimsuits in bright fuchsia shades, our swimwear collection is worth checking out for the sheer variety it offers! We also provide 24-hour order dispatch, robust customer care, cash on delivery, discreet packaging, 15-day returns, and irresistible deals and offers. Take to the water for fitness and relaxation and shop for swimwear online on Zivame today!


  1. Are swimming costumes supposed to be tight?
  2. Yes, a swimming costume should be tight because it helps improve free movement in the water. But it should be perfectly fitted to let you breathe and move properly. Your swimsuit should feel like your second skin and the fabric should not dig into your skin. You should be able to fit two fingers between your skin and the elastic bands.

  3. How long does a swimming costume last?
  4. The longevity of a swimsuit depends on various factors. But if you purchase a good quality swimming costume, it should last for five months to one year or more. The quality of the fabric, usability and the amount of chlorine in the water where you swim also determine how long your swimming costume would last.

  5. Do we need to wear a bra under a swimming costume?
  6. Swimming costumes are generally made with materials that are appropriate for water use and can also absorb less water and dry faster. A bra will absorb more water and make swimming difficult. Most swimming costumes are available with built-in underwire cups or the support of a bra. Therefore, there is no need to wear a bra under your swimming costume.

  7. What types of clothes are allowed in a swimming pool?
  8. Snug fitted clothes made from lycra and nylon materials are allowed in swimming pools. Materials such as cotton tend to break down while swimming which might cause the fibres to clog pores. Moreover, cotton absorbs a lot of water making the swimming costume heavy and difficult to swim with. Lycra and nylon are non-absorbent materials that aid in better swimming.

  9. Why do swimmers wear tight swimsuits?
  10. Swimming requires the efficiency of movement in the water. Tight swimsuits reduce friction and help the swimmer in forwarding motion. A tight swimsuit helps reduce muscle vibration and reduces drag. The swimsuits should be like your second skin but they should not dig into your skin. They should be breathable and provide maximum comfort.

  11. How should I care for my swimsuit?
  12. Although you can machine wash your swimsuit, to increase longevity, you should hand wash your swimsuit. It is recommended to wash your swimsuit in cold water with a mild detergent. You should never tumble dry and bleach your swimsuit. You should also rinse your swimsuit after swimming and never leave it wet.

  13. How often should you wash your swimming costume?
  14. Wash your swimming costume after every use to remove the chlorine from it and avoid the build-up of mould. Moreover, washing your swimming costume after every use prevents damage to the elastane.

  15. Can swimsuits be machine-washed?
  16. Although swimming dresses for women are machine washable, it is recommended to hand-wash them with cold water and a mild detergent. Also, do not tumble dry or bleach to make them last longer.

  17. Does washing swimsuits after every use impact the quality?
  18. No. It is, in fact, advisable to wash swimsuits after every use to remove the extra chlorine. This prevents the elastane from being damaged.

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