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Swim Dress - Made for Beach Vacations

What's better than a beach vacation when winter takes over? The sunny beach and slight warmth are all you need to refresh your mind when you're bogged down by pressure. However, with the recent escalation of beauty standards, beach vacations have become scary for a lot of girls.

If you are not comfortable in a solid V-cut bikini or feel that that traditional swimwear is too restrictive, Zivame has found just the solution for you. Our stress-free, frill-free swim dresses will make for beautiful additions to your wardrobe come beach-vacation time. These women’s swim dresses are maximised for comfort and making you feel gorgeous through and through. Whether it be a long island vacation or just a weekend getaway, these women's swim dresses will keep you feeling fit and wonderful all day long.

Why choose from Zivame?

We get it -- swimsuit shopping has become a stressful task lately. With a thousand and one different styles being offered at every shop, a swim dress seems like a needless addition to the growing list. However, how many of these swimsuits can promise comfort and chafe-free straps?

Zivame’s swim dresses, not only look gorgeous on you, they are also very easy to put on, and provide extra support to your body for a long day of fun at the beach. What’s more, these designs are made to be long lasting, providing you with comfort for hours at end. See it as a dress that you can carry off with elan and wear for years without splurging on a new one every time a vacation comes around.

Types of swim dresses

Women's swim dresses come in various shapes. Buy one with additional frills so that you feel like you're wearing your comfortable shorts, or buy a simple V-cut piece for extra-added comfort. Our swimsuits are padded for extra comfort and give you the chance to enjoy yourself for longer hours without any problem at all. You can choose dresses with cut-out designs if you are feeling adventurous or go for one of the frilly, sunny swimsuits in keeping with the beach weather. Whatever choices you make, you’d be hard-pressed to find as many options for swimsuits anywhere else.

The Colours

From bright blue to calming yellow, Zivame offers women's swim dresses in a variety of colours. Want to look like a swimmer out of the Victorian era? Choose a light sky-blue variant. Try out a floral print piece for those night parties at the beach with carefree dancing and merriment.

When you want to take long baths, there is nothing better than darker numbers with quirky prints.

Comfort and style

Everything that offers comfort in the lingerie section inevitably comes off as unstylish. However, with the rise of various fashion websites, you can embrace both aspects of your personality. While our swim dresses offer you modest design so that you feel comfortable in your skin, their variety is gorgeous enough for you to feel wonderful all day long.

With Zivame, you can continue experimenting with new colours and styles and never be in want of comfort with the fantastic collection of chic swimwear available here. So, go ahead and log in right away to explore amazing options in swimwear with eye-catching discounts and offers.

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