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When thinking of updating your look, accessories are the best and easiest bet. Women’s accessories such as handbags, belts, headbands, scarves, earrings, etc. contribute to their overall outfit and help transform the look while adding extra chic and detailing to the attire. Zivame has a wide variety of accessories for women to explore, besides the usual handbags, scarves, and jewellery. These modern-day accessories not just enhance the overall look and charm of an individual but also provide added comfort. Accessories such as an anti-slip pair of women stockings make you feel comfortable. They also make it easier to wear heels and other footwear without compromising on the overall look. Similarly, lingerie accessories such as adjustable bra straps that come in various designs and patterns provide a better fitting to bras. These women’s accessories might sound unconventional but once you understand their utility, you would realise that they are a boon for the women of today. It is also vital to remember there is no right or wrong when it comes to lingerie accessories. As long as they keep you happy and comfortable, there is no need to shy away from them. Procuring these accessories at times may be easier said than done, especially if you do not have access to speciality stores in your vicinity. Sometimes people may not be comfortable buying them personally or struggle with getting the right advice or style suggestions. less

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Shop Women Accessories Online

Zivame Women Accessories

Life will be dull if there is no variety of clothes and accessories to choose from. It is true that clothes make you attractive but it is the accessories that do the magic of making you look stylish. An outfit is just a work-in-progress and is complete only if you add the right accessories to them. Women accessories are no longer a luxury that is meant for celebrities alone. As they enhance your natural beauty and add a sparkle to your looks they are an essential for every woman who wants to look beautiful. If you are planning to buy women’s accessories online, you should visit Zivame. When you visit the online Zivame stores, you will understand ladies accessories are not limited to jewellery, handbags, belts, and shoes. There are a plethora of items available. Let’s have a look at the various accessories available

Buy Women’s Accessories Online

These women’s accessories are now easily available online, making them available to the masses. Online websites such as Zivame offer easy returns and replacement, making the whole shopping experience comfortable and convenient. Not to mention, you are saved from the discomfort of buying women’s accessories in person since you can shop right from the comfort of your home, sitting in your PJs. Also, online websites offer a wider range of choices as compared to local stores. So all you have to do is, sit back, relax and browse Zivame for essential women’s accessories.

Types of Accessories Available on Zivames

Zivame has a plethora of options in this niche category right from sheer stockings in various colours to headbands to nipple concealers in many shapes and sizes to suit your preference.

  • Headband
  • Headbands are an age-old fashion in women’s accessories that have been used to wear around the head or forehead. These headbands are made of metal, plastic, or fabric and shaped like horseshoes. They can also be made of elastic material that goes all the way around the hair. They come in various colours and sizes, and some with added details such as sequins and bows, so you can choose the one that suits your face the most.

  • Intimate cleanser
  • Women know the importance of keeping their intimate areas clean, but it is not as easy as it seems to be. Lady parts are really sensitive and prone to infections and discomfort if proper care is not taken. Regular soaps and washes are loaded with harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances that can impact the pH balance of your vaginal area. This can lead to dryness and other allergies. An intimate cleanser can keep your private areas clean and not harm the pH balance.

  • Bra straps
  • Many times your bras remain uncomfortable due to ill-fitting straps. Many bras come with straps that are not adjustable and hence, remain uncomfortable. Bra straps are decorative and high-quality straps that can be attached to your bra and adjusted as per your comfort and style. These straps also help in lifting, positioning and keeping the cups from falling out. These women’s accessories are an ideal accessory for unlined bras.

  • Nipple concealers
  • Nipple concealers are excellent accessories when you need to add extra coverage in thin, light-coloured, or semi-sheer outfits. They are ideal for women whose breasts are prone to be affected by weather changes or are sensitive in general. These concealers give you the freedom to wear what you want to as they become virtually invisible under your bra. These also give an extra smooth appearance to your crop tops, T-shirts, backless clothes, and swimwear.

  • Shoe bags
  • Shoe bags are handy small-sized bags that are used to store your pair of footwear. These shoe bags come in various styles and colours and are meant to protect your shoes from dust. Shoe bags are also useful when you need to travel as they keep shoes protected and take less space in your luggage. These shoe bags are inexpensive and durable women’s accessories that last for years. These shoe bags come with a zipper to open and close, but some may also come with a drawstring. Some high-quality shoe bags also come with an extra layer of padding to keep your shoes safe.

  • Sleep eye mask
  • Staying exposed to light and artificial light can suppress the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin, in your body, which can impact the natural sleep cycle of your body. This may lead to insomnia and other sleeping disorders. A sleep eye mask can help block out the light and improve your sleep quality. The calming effect and gentle soothing feeling of an eye mask on your face can be relaxing and put you to sleep. These eye masks as essential women’s accessories also come in handy for people who find themselves travelling a lot. The masks come in various colours and patterns, so choose the one that fits your style the most.

  • Reusable face masks
  • We all were affected by the pandemic and switched to a new normal. With masks being a necessary accessory in our daily life, a reusable face mask is easy to use. As compared to one-time use masks, these are much more comfortable, breathable, and are also environment-friendly. Made of cotton, these masks come with a replaceable filter at times, helping them stay cleaner. These masks come in various colours and sizes and can be matched to your outfits. The masks have a string to tie at the back of your head, and many come with elastic that goes behind your ears. These women’s accessories must be washed regularly after every use.

  • Lingerie wash bag
  • This is an ideal women’s accessory if you wish to keep your lingerie and delicates in good condition. This is a mesh bag ideal for machine washing and drying your lingerie. These women’s accessories keep your bras last longer and retain their shape. These bags are ideal to use for underwear, bras, padded bras, and other delicates.

  • Invisible anti-slip socks
  • Some accessories are an important part of your wardrobe and women’s socks are one of them. Anti-slip invisible socks are important for slip-on shoes and sneakers as they avoid feet from sweating and stay invisible ensuring the look of the shoe is not hampered. These low-cut socks are super comfortable and can be worn for hours.

  • Arm shaping lace
  • Arm shaping laces provide compression to the arm area when you need to wear a long-sleeved

    gown or just need to look more in shape for your favourite dresses. These help in covering up bulges and sagging skin under the arm, making them appear more toned and shaped. These can be worn for hours at a stretch, provided they are made of a comfortable fabric.

  • Breast lift tape
  • Another very important women’s accessory, a bra lift tape is an ideal solution for women. It helps cover your breast in various ways and is perfect for lifting sagging breasts. It gives the desired shape, conceals wrinkled cleavage, and can be used in multiple ways. The tape is made with latex and cotton, ensuring your breasts remain irritation and rash free. Lately, this has become an important part of women’s lingerie accessories.

  • Knee socks
  • Also known as knee highs, these are stockings that reach until the knee. These are made with elastic bands and available in a variety of colours to match your outfit. These women’s socks can be worn by women of all ages with heels, boots, and flats. A pair of knee socks in winter offers an extra layer of warmth under your boots.

  • Lingerie pouch
  • These pouches are available in various sizes and are meant to store your bras, underpants, and other delicates. These pouches are ideal to keep your lingerie organised and protected in your wardrobe. These pouches are also an ideal option to use when travelling as they do not just keep your lingerie sorted but also take up less space in your luggage.

  • Sheer stockings
  • These kinds of stockings are worn under short dresses and skirts, especially in winters to keep you warm. These stockings also come in fun patterns and designs to create an optical illusion. These stockings are also available in nude shades so you need not worry about matching a pair with every dress.

  • Nursing wrap
  • Mothers with infants know that a baby can get hungry anywhere and anytime. A nursing wrap or nursing cover is useful at times when you need to feed a baby in public places. This cover acts like a cloak that covers your body and at the same time keeps you comfortable.

With a wide variety of women’s accessories available in the market, it may not be easy to pick the right one. But, rest assured as Zivame has your back. Zivame has style and size guides that not just help you pick the right accessory for your body but also offer a wide variety of accessories to choose from. If you are looking for fancy bra straps or stylish shoe bags, you can check out the website and explore the multiple available options.

FAQs on Women’s Accessoriess

  1. What are the must-have women’s accessories?
  2. With a wide variety of accessories available in the market, it is not easy choosing only a few. Bra straps, anti-slip invisible socks, and nipple concealers, however, are some of the most important wardrobe essentials for any woman. Plus-sized women may find bra tapes and arm tuckers as essential accessories.

  3. What are the different types of fashion accessories?
  4. Numerous fashion accessories are available in the market that add an extra oomph to your stylish outfits. Headbands, scarves, and stockings are some popular accessories that should be a part of every woman’s wardrobe. These make it easy to enhance your look with minimal effort.

  5. Which brand is best for women’s accessories?
  6. With a wide variety of brands coming into the market recently, it is hard to pick one that fits all. Every woman is different and has different style needs, hence, there is no one brand for all. However, brands such as Zivame offer a wide variety of accessories that can cater to women of various sizes and ages.

  7. What is the need of wearing accessories?
  8. Accessories are important tools that not just help you stay comfortable but also add an extra style statement to your outfit. The mere addition of a headband, for instance, can add a chic look to an otherwise boring outfit. Some accessories, such as bra straps and stockings, help you stay comfortable and aid in the better-fitting of outfits, making them important wardrobe staples.

  9. What are some interesting fashion accessories?
  10. Handbags, boots, heels, and hair accessories are the most common and interesting fashion accessories that can enhance the overall appeal of a dress. These accessories come in different sizes, styles, and shapes so you can pick the one that matches your style and personal statement.

  11. What do fashion accessories include?
  12. Fashion accessories include additions to your wardrobe such as handbags, clutches, jewellery, statement neck pieces, socks, and stylish footwear. These accessories add more charm and style to your outfit with minimal effort. Such fashion accessories come in all shapes and sizes so that you can pick the one that matches your body type and outfit.

  13. What is the purpose of a lingerie wash bag?
  14. It is useful to machine-wash your delicate lingeries safely and easily.

  15. Does breast lift tape work?
  16. It does work and it is great when you are braless. It gives support to your breasts and lifts them.

  17. Are breast pads reusable?
  18. Yes, they are. Some need to be hand-washed and some can be machine washed. They can be washed and used multiple times.

  19. When to wear a wristband?
  20. It is worn for better grip and to avoid injuries during workouts. It helps to wipe off your sweat while playing matches.

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